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JES Safety Procedures PowerPoint Presentation
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JES Safety Procedures

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JES Safety Procedures
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JES Safety Procedures

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  1. JES Safety Procedures 2013-2014

  2. Emergency Drills • All JES students practice fire and severe weather drills once a month. • Administration conducts lockdown drills once a semester.

  3. Lockdown Drills • Modified Lockdown – Administration receives a report of a potential threat. All students will remain in class with no activity in the hall. Front door will be accessible and students can check out. • Full Lockdown – Administration has knowledge of an immediate, creditable threat. All doors locked, no one in the halls, and no one can check out.

  4. Severe Weather • Administration closely monitors any potential severe weather. • In case of a tornado warning, students will go to the hall and take cover. *If there is no immediate danger, parents will be allowed to check out students. Front office will call student’s name over the P.A. and parent’s will meet their child in the counselor’s office lobby. Parents must walk outside to the counselor’s office. No parents will be allowed in the hallways.

  5. Severe Weather Continued • During a tornado warning, parents can check out students, but parents cannot go to the classroom to be with their child. If you want to be with your child during severe weather, then you will need to check them out. • While students are on the JES campus, administration and teachers are responsible for all students and we must follow established safety procedures to protect them.

  6. Firearms on Campus • In 2013, Alabama passed a state law that allows citizens to carry a firearm with a permit. • Federal Law does not allow any firearms or weapons on a school campus. • If an adult brings a firearm into the building, we will ask you to take the weapon to your car or truck. Thanks for your cooperation.