outlook on gef6 proposed international waters strategy n.
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Outlook on GEF6 – Proposed International Waters Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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Outlook on GEF6 – Proposed International Waters Strategy

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Outlook on GEF6 – Proposed International Waters Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Outlook on GEF6 – Proposed International Waters Strategy. Astrid Hillers GEF International Waters Focal Area IWC 7 Barbados. International Waters Focal Area.

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outlook on gef6 proposed international waters strategy
Outlook on GEF6 – Proposed International Waters Strategy

Astrid HillersGEF International Waters Focal Area

IWC 7 Barbados

international waters focal area
International Waters Focal Area
  • Goal: to promote collective management for transboundary water systems and foster policy, legal, and institutional reforms and investments towards sustainable use and maintenance of ecosystem services.
  • Focus:joint management of shared water systems to balance competing uses and enabling sharing of benefits from their utilization.
  • Key approaches/toolsare still valid…

GEF IW investments through series of interventions

Delivering GEF International Waters Global Environment Benefits


Full-scale SAP Implementation

Transformational Change

Strengthening policy and legal and institutional frameworks


Foundational Capacity Building/Enabling environments, Basic Policy and cooperation framework


What have we learned & influence onGEF-6 IW Strategy approaches (1)

  • Water is key to development – balance water needs across sectors and borders continues to be key.
  • Cooperation across borders takes time – GEF 6 remains to aim at supporting series of interventions
  • Climate change - no longer is the past a predictor for the future; to be addressed in ALL new TDA/SAPs – update early ones
  • Cooperation needs investments & investments need cooperation – GEF 6 foundational activities will continue to build in tangible demonstrations

GEF-6 IW Strategy approaches (2)

  • Bridge science-policy gap – scientists and technicians need to produce information in a form accessible & relevant to decision makers
    • From perceptions to facts – game changer
    • Advance economic evaluation – implications of development decisions
  • Food demand likely increase groundwater use - Advancing conjunctive management in tb basins/basin organisations & on national level and strengthening groundwater governance
  • OUT OF THE WATER BOX - Supporting green growth/green economy through delivery on Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystem Nexus

GEF-6 IW Strategy approaches (3)

  • Melting High Altitude Glaciers - special challenge & attention –over 1 billion people dependent on water resources of Himalayas alone
  • Ocean Health – address key threats to oceans ecosystemhealth in an integrated way. Address multiple stresses on their shared LMEs and coasts through three interlinked programs:
  • Reduce Ocean Hypoxia
  • Prevent Loss and Degradation of Coastal Habitats
  • Foster Sustainable Fisheries

GEF-6 IW Strategy approaches (3)

  • Knowledge Management and Learning – build into all interventions. IW Learn has been an essential mechanism through GEF life & will expand into a wider partnership.
  • Targeted Research – staying ahead of curve
  • Results – clearer indicators to allow demonstrating impacts
  • Gender – more explicit attention & tracking access of gender differentiated indicators
proposed gef 6 iw strategy
Proposed GEF-6 IW Strategy

Goal: To promote collective management of transboundary water systems and implementation of the full range of policy, legal and institutional reforms and investments contributing to sustainable use and maintenance of ecosystem services

Objective 3: Rebuild Marine Fisheries, Restore and Protect Coastal Habitats, and Reduce Pollution of Coasts and LMEs

Objective 1: Catalyze Sustainable Management of Transboundary Waters

Objective 2: Balance Competing Water-uses in the Management of Transboundary Surface and Groundwater

1.1 Foster Cooperation for Sustainable use of Trans- boundary Water Systems & Economic Growth

2.1 Advance Conjunctive Management of Surface & Groundwater systems

3.1 Reduce Ocean Hypoxia

3.2 Prevent the Loss and Degradation of Coastal Habitat

1.2 Increase Resilience & Flow of Ecosystems Services in Context of Melting High Altitude Glaciers

2.2 Water/Food/Energy/

Ecosystem Security Nexus

3.3 Foster Sustainable Fisheries

+ Proposed Signature Program: Rebuilding Global Fisheries