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Essential qualities for a good director

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Essential qualities for a good director - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Essential qualities for a good director. Credibility & Independence. Listens to all stakeholders. Leadership. Receptive to information/Challenge. Talent. Delegates and manages. Thinks like an owner. Being accessible. Once in the boardroom. Creating and fostering the right culture

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essential qualities for a good director
NAME OF CLIENTEssential qualities for a good director

Credibility & Independence

Listens to all stakeholders


Receptive to information/Challenge


Delegates and manages

Thinks like an owner

Being accessible

once in the boardroom
NAME OF CLIENTOnce in the boardroom
  • Creating and fostering the right culture
    • “Barclays became complex to manage, tending to develop silos with different values and cultures. Despite some attempts to establish Group-wide values, the culture that emerged tended to favour transactions over relationships, the short term over sustainability, and financial over other business purposes”, Anthony Salz, The Salz Review, April 2013
  • Succession planning
    • Talent for future success
  • Diversity of thinking
    • “The key to business success is innovation and the key to innovation is diversity of thinking. (Boardroom) diversity alone does not guarantee innovation, but it increases the possibility”, Arnold Donald, CEO, Carnival, September 2013
  • Listen and engage with stakeholders
  • Induction for new Non-Executive Directors
    • Getting the best out of people
  • Embracing Board Effectiveness reviews
    • Linking back to the operation of the Board
  • Sustainable returns
  • Longevity – Less turnover of directors
  • Strong succession pipeline
  • Better able to navigate competitive environment
  • Good relationships with stakeholders
  • Lower cost of capital for companies
framework for directors
NAME OF CLIENTFramework for Directors
  • Majority board independence
  • Chairman/CEO split
  • Annual re-election of directors
  • Committees with responsibilities
  • Decrease in Board sizes in recent years
  • Over-boarding – Limiting the number of directorships held
  • External evaluation of the Board every 3 years
  • Lord Davies targets for diversity
  • Chairman and founder (c. 40% shareholding) made takeover approach for 152p per share
  • LGIM and others view that the offer did not reflect the value of the company
  • Met the Takeover Panel
  • On 18th October 2012 the takeover offer was dropped
  • At the AGM, LGIM voted against the re-election of the Deputy Chairman
    • 28% of shareholders did not support his re-election
  • Shares have now increased to 271p (22/11/2013)
  • New non-executive appointed to the board
  • Deputy Chairman announced intention to stand down in 2014

Bid made at 152p

what lgim is doing
  • Independent team
    • Used by companies for advice and support
  • Significant engagement
    • Up to the end of Q3 2013 held 345 meetings with 225 companies
    • Regular and constructive meetings as a long-term shareholder
  • Work with practitioners to help improve the current systems
    • Headhunters
    • Board Effectiveness reviewers
  • Pushing hard on diversity – 2011: 12.5% women directors FTSE 100; 19.5%: 2013
  • Vote against poor structures and directors
    • Voted against 51 UK directors (YTD 2013)
  • Collective engagement
    • Work with other investors to understand the issues
    • On Professor Kay Investor Working Group
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