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Keto Breads & Keto Desserts: PowerPoint Presentation
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Keto Breads & Keto Desserts:

Keto Breads & Keto Desserts:

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Keto Breads & Keto Desserts:

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  1. Keto Breads & Keto Desserts: Keto Desserts​ is the one cookbook everyone needs to have in their collection. It’s a digital cookbook infused with dessert recipes that are keto-friendly and

  2. that have eliminated the unhealthy, traditional ingredients. Yes, that includes many things but what will surprise you is that the healthier alternatives provided are just as delicious, if not more so than the traditional versions. And since the average American teenager consumes 59 pounds of fructose EACH YEAR – and because we’ve all been teenagers before, it’s time to cleanse your body of the bad stuff without sacrificing your desire for desserts. So, if you’re ready to take a bite out of healthy, keto-friendly desserts, here’s what you can expect from Keto Desserts cookbook. What is Keto Desserts? Glucose is the root of all evil, as we all know but what will come to you as a surprise is that fructose isn’t any better either. Many people think that because it’s so low on the Glycemic Index (it’s even below chickpeas) that it’s healthy. However, your body is naturally programmed to burn glucose off and to use it as fuel; the same cannot be said about fructose. So, although it’s low on the Glycemic Index, it is not a better alternative.

  3. Keto Desserts​ is a digital cookbook that has taken this into consideration when designing keto-friendly recipes of your favourites – cupcakes, brownies, candies, ice creams, you name it. Here’s a list of the different categories: Cakes Cupcakes Cookies Brownies Bars Pies Ties Souffle, Mousse and Custards Candies Ice Creams Frostings Toppings None of the recipes have fructose in them because, not only will your body not burn it for fuel but fructose also converts into three dangerous compounds which are:

  4. Triglycerides (damage your liver and increases your risk of heart and stroke) Free Radicals (can damage genes and cells, accelerate aging and disease and mutate DNA) Uric Acid (can impair kidney function, raise your blood pressure and promote gout) Now, you may be wondering how the dessert recipes are any good if you remove the bad stuff (that’s what makes them so good, right?) Well, the creator has perfected the talent of making traditional treats, the healthy way. And no, that does not mean they’re gluten-free either because studies have shown that 81% of people who switch to a gluten-free diet end up weighing more in as little as two years. So, ​Keto Desserts​​is a cookbook full of delicious desserts that taste just as good, if not better than the traditional versions, and they’re healthier as they eliminate harmful ingredients such as fructose without subjecting you to other issues.

  5. The cookbook is also digital which means that you don’t have to find storage in your kitchen for another book, nor do you have to pay or wait for shipping. You simply sign in and download the cookbook onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This also makes it easy to bring the cookbook with you wherever you need to go, whether it’s to the grocery store, to the pantry or to the kitchen to start baking. Oh, and you even get some bonuses with the program, such as: The Truth About Sugar eBook Bacon and Butter ​Keto Cookbook 50% off Cacao Bliss How’s that for bang for your buck?

  6. Who is the Creator of Keto Desserts? Kelley Herring is the wonder woman behind the ​Keto Desserts cookbook​. ​She has her M.S. and M.B.A. and has spent years perfecting healthy alternatives to traditional treats that carry authentic flavor and texture. She is also the founder of Healing Gourmet, as well as the founder and author of Nutritionist Biochemist. Overview of Keto Desserts: Keto Desserts​ is a comprehensive cookbook that allows you to enjoy the treats you love, without all the harmful ingredients and effects that are common in the traditional versions. The author has infused all of the recipes with easy-to-follow instructions, nutritional content, list of easy-to-find ingredients, appetizing photos and more. Not only that but the author also takes the time to educate you on your food and health as a whole, which I’ll explain in just a moment.

  7. First, to you an idea of the type of treats you learn how to whip together with this cookbook, here are some of my favorites from each section: Our Verdict: Keto Desserts​​makes eating delicious desserts better for you. It eliminates the harmful ingredients, leaving you with authentic taste and textures that make you look and feel as good as they taste.