creation and the fall n.
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Creation and the Fall PowerPoint Presentation
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Creation and the Fall

Creation and the Fall

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Creation and the Fall

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  1. Creation and the Fall By: Caroline Seseri

  2. First, god created the universe and the heavens. He created the earth but it was dark and cold, so he said, “Let there be light,” and the earth was covered with light.

  3. On day two, god wished to create more. He created oceans and the sky.

  4. On the third day, god separated the water from the land. He created mountains, hills, and volcanos. He also covered the earth with vegetation.

  5. On day four, god marked off day and night by creating the sun and the moon. He used light to separate day and night. This would also serve as a sign to mark the seasons.

  6. On the fifth day, god created animals to fill the sky and the sea. He blessed them with the gift to reproduce.

  7. On the sixth day, god decided to create animals of all kind; including humans. First he created Adam, the first man and then Eve, the first woman. He blessed them and gave them the entire earth to watch over.

  8. On the seventh day, god decided to rest. He blessed the planet.

  9. God had only one rule for Adam and Eve. They were not allowed to eat fruit from a certain tree in Eden. But one day, the devil disguised himself as a serpent and convinced Eve who convincd Adam to eat from the tree. They suddenly felt ashamed to be naked, which they have never felt before. And later on, god faced the two and banished them from Eden forever.

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