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  1. Rules • We will draw numbers to see who goes first, second, third, and fourth. • Teams must write down their answers. • If a team member says the answer aloud, they lose 100 points. • If a team guesses incorrectly, the turn will go to the next team, and so on until a correct answer is guessed. Teams will not lose points for incorrect answers. • Teams that speak in a language other than English will lose 400 points for each time they use another language.

  2. What do Jonas’s parents do? What are their occupations? Mother-works at the department of justice Father-nurturer

  3. What are all of the qualities of a Receiver of Memory? You must name all 5. • Intelligence • Courage • Wisdom • Integrity • Capacity to see Beyond Bonus (20 points each): What do these words mean?

  4. During Jonas’s Ceremony of Twelve, the Chief Elder told a story about Asher. What was that story? Asher has trouble with words. When he was young he confused the word “smack” with “snack.” He asked for “smacks” instead of “snacks.” Bonus (10 points): why was this a problem for Asher? Smack=hit

  5. Explain the Giver’s and Jonas’s plan step by step. • Jonas leaves in the night—before the Ceremony • Leaves a note for parents • Jonas will go to the river • Leave bike • Leave clothes • It will appear as though he’s drowned • Giver will call for a driver and say that they’re going to another community • Jonas will hide in luggage • Jonas will be stored in the trunk of Giver’s car • They will go far away and Jonas will escape

  6. “Asher was Four, and sat now in the row ahead of Jonas. He would receive his assignment fourth.” (p. 51, paragraph 3) He: Asher

  7. “But when he looked out across the crowd, the sea of faces, the thing happened again. The thing that had happened with the apple. Theychanged.” (p. 63, paragraphs 9 and 10) They: The sea of faces/the community

  8. “’It was chaos,’ he said. ‘They really suffered for a while. Finally it subsided as the memories were assimilated.’” (p. 104, paragraph 5) It: Chaos

  9. “’The locks are simply to insure The Receiver’s privacy because he needs concentration,’ she explained. ‘It would be difficult if citizens wandered in, looking for the Department of Bicycle Repair, or something.’” (p. 73, paragraph 8) It: Refers to nothing. It is an existential ‘it.’ Ok, that was a hard trick question. Here’s a bonus for 200 points: Why would it be a problem if citizens wandered into the Giver’s house? He has stuff (books, access to videos of release, etc.) that other citizens are not allowed to have.

  10. Go to page 79, paragraph 2. What does astonishing mean? Causing a feeling of great surprise or wonder

  11. Go to page 53, paragraph 3. What does chastisement mean? Criticism for something that was done wrong

  12. Go to page 133, paragraph 6. What does surged mean? To move very quickly and suddenly

  13. Go to page 178, paragraph 2. What does fumbled mean? To search for something by reaching or touching with your fingers in an awkward or clumsy way. Bonus (50 points): someone in your group must act it out

  14. Fact or opinion: “When adults of the community became older their lives became different.” (p. 102, paragraph 3) fact

  15. Fact or opinion: “We really have to (should) protect people from the wrong choices.” (p. 99, paragraph 1) Opinion Bonus (50 points): How do you know this is an opinion? Modal: have to

  16. Go to chapter 6. Scan the chapter to find the answer to the question below: What name does Lily dislike? Bruno, p. 43 paragraph 6

  17. What makes a good summary? • Length must be proportionate to original text • Must cover main ideas, not details • Must be objective—do not put your opinion in the summary • Must use your own words, do not copy passages of the original text

  18. Pick a person from your team to draw. Only your team can guess—you may say your answer aloud. Release Frigid Drain Stung

  19. Pick a person from your team to act out a word. Only your team may guess. Precision Contribute Regret Instructor

  20. Provide a definition and an example sentence for this word: acquisition You MUST use the word correctly in your example sentence to earn points. Definition: the act or process of gaining a skill, knowledge, etc.

  21. Provide a definition, an example sentence, a synonym, and an antonym for this word: frazzle Definition: to make someone nervous or upset