noc for v ehicle t ransfer in india n.
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NOC for Vehicle Transfer in India PowerPoint Presentation
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NOC for Vehicle Transfer in India

NOC for Vehicle Transfer in India

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NOC for Vehicle Transfer in India

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  1. NOC for Vehicle Transfer in India AkhilPuthenkot

  2. Why NOC for your Vehicle? India is a Quasi Federal country, and every citizen of this nation has the right to move any place for their living. In such conditions, Indian citizens time to time keeps moving from city to city and state to state due to different reasons.When someone moves from one state to another, they face many problems, but the biggest and most complicated problem they face is regarding their vehicles. Every state has its own RTO system and specifically registered number plate. Hence in such a situation when one takes their vehicle along with them, then they need to transfer its registration number from the previous state to the new state for the future conveniences. Transferring vehicle number from one state to another state is commonly known as NOC for vehicle transfer. The process for NOC for vehicle transfer (includes NOC for two wheelers and four wheelers both) involves two main stages given below:

  3. NOC from the original state registering authority where the vehicle is primarily registered: • For the NOC for vehicle transfer one required to apply to the RTO of the original registering authority state. These are the following documents one needs to submit with the application: • Form 27 and form 28. • A copy of RC. • A copy of the valid insurance certificate of the vehicle. • Original chassis imprint (pencil impression) of the vehicle. • Pollution under control certificate. • NOC from traffic police. • The address proof of the place where the vehicle is going to move. • Authorization letter.

  4. Note: If any bank finances the transferring vehicle then the NOC from the respective bank will also be required along with the form 35. • If all goes well and all documents will be found sufficient and ok, then the NOC will be released within a month. This process will remain the same for any vehicle. In some cases, RTO may ask the local police station for any case of crime and to avoid that, one can personally also obtain the NOC from the local police station to make the process fast. • Once NOC for vehicle transferis released, one is ready to move their vehicle from one state to another.

  5. Reregistration of the vehicle on the new location: • For this one needs to visit the nearby RTO office and submit the registration application along with the below-mentioned documents: • Form 29 and Form 30. • Original RC. • Copy of valid vehicle insurance. • Pollution under control certificate. • NOC from the previous state’s RTO. • Original chassis imprint (pencil impression) of the vehicle. • Any government issued Photo ID of the vehicle owner. • Local address proof of the vehicle owner. • Application fee and other charges like octroi charges, road tax, etc.

  6. Once the owner of vehicle Summit the application along with the above documents and RTO finds all documents valid, then the new registration number for the vehicle will be issued. • Note: Owner of the vehicle will be required to visit RTO someday for vehicle verification before the new registration number is allotted. The time involved in this entire process may vary RTO to RTO.

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