national treasury presentation to portfolio and select committees on finance 13 may 2002 n.
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NATIONAL TREASURY Presentation to Portfolio and Select Committees on Finance 13 May 2002 PowerPoint Presentation
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NATIONAL TREASURY Presentation to Portfolio and Select Committees on Finance 13 May 2002

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NATIONAL TREASURY Presentation to Portfolio and Select Committees on Finance 13 May 2002 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NATIONAL TREASURY Presentation to Portfolio and Select Committees on Finance 13 May 2002. Strategic Focus. Macro and micro policies for economic growth and income redistribution;

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Presentation Transcript
national treasury presentation to portfolio and select committees on finance 13 may 2002

Presentation to Portfolio and Select Committees on Finance

13 May 2002

National Treasury

strategic focus
Strategic Focus
  • Macro and micro policies for economic growth and income redistribution;
  • Sound budgeting and financial management and equitable division of resources between the three spheres of government;
  • Ensuring that tax policy is fair and targeted, enabling Government to raise fiscal revenue efficiently, stable and equitably and in accordance with macro economic objectives;

National Treasury

strategic focus1
Strategic Focus
  • Sound management of Government’s financial assets and liabilities through prudent cash management, asset restructuring, debt management and public sector corporate governance;
  • Promoting and enforcing transparency and effective management of revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities in all spheres of government;
  • Further refinement of organisational structure and staffing and modernisation of human resource management, procurement and IT systems.

National Treasury

achievements 2001 02
Achievements – 2001/02
  • Sound fiscal framework:
    • Robust revenue performance
    • Moderate budget deficit
    • Growth-oriented MTEF
  • Improved budgeting and planning:
    • New format Estimates of National Expenditure
    • Provincial budget coordination
    • Publication of strategic plans
  • Debt management:
    • International bond of the year
    • Reduction in domestic longterm debt

National Treasury

achievements cont
Achievements (cont.)
  • Southern African Tax Institute
  • Development of Public-Private Partnerships:
    • Conclusion of Albert Luthuli Hospital contract
  • Development of asset management framework
  • PFMA implementation:
    • Treasury regulations in place
    • Monthly and quarterly financial reporting
    • Steady progress in decentralised financial management
  • International and regional engagement:
    • Promoting developing country interests in global economy

National Treasury

strategic priorities 2002 03
Strategic priorities – 2002/03
  • Supporting economic growth
  • Renewed focus on poverty reduction and strengthening infrastructure investment
  • Framework for procurement reform
  • PFMA implementation:
    • Focus on measurable objectives
    • Enhanced expenditure monitoring
  • Public sector policy coordination
  • Consolidation of internal organisation and capacity building initiatives

National Treasury



Maria Ramos

Budget Office





Andrew Donaldson

Ismail Momoniat

Ismail Mamoojee

Public Finance

Economic Policy &

International Relations

Asset & Liability


Andrew Donaldson

Lesetja Kganyago

Brian Molefe





Coen Kruger

Simone le Hane

National Treasury

staff profile as at 31 march 2002
Staff Profile as at 31 March 2002

Management Employees below


National Treasury


Programme 1

Corporate services – core capacity building initiatives

  • Restructuring near complete
  • Recruitment of new staff underway
  • Revised HR systems to be developed – focused on performance management and training
  • Chief Financial Officer appointed on 1 June 2001
  • Interim Financial Manual in place
  • Fixed Asset register in place
  • The audit committee has been established
  • Risk assessment has been undertaken
  • Preferential procurement policy implemented

National Treasury

economic and budget planning supporting economic growth and development

Programme 2

Economic and budget planning - Supporting economic growth and development
  • Economic policy and fiscal advice
  • Promotion of sound international financial relations
  • Budget reform
  • Enhanced financial monitoring and reporting
  • National and provincial infrastructure investment support
  • Promotion of public-private partnerships
  • Tax policy advice and analysis
  • Financial regulation and liaison with SARB and FSB
  • Coordination of donor-funded programmes
  • Support for NEPAD

National Treasury


Programme 2

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Unit - Demands and Capacity

A PPP Unit was established in May 2000

Its primary function is to regulate PPPs. Its secondary function is to promote sustainable PPPs through technical support to implementing departments

Unit builds capacity through conducting training courses, publishing guideline documents and providing updates / case briefs in a quarterly publication

Existing professional staff strength is five

Areas of focus thus far are health, education, transport, IT, accommodation and tourism / conservation

Deal-flow is expected to increase substantially - further capacity is being built

National Treasury


Programme 2

Involvement in International Financial Forums

South Africa is a member of:


The key areas of focus are:

Reforming the international finance architecture

Increasing the voice of Africa in international forums

debt relief

poverty reduction

aid effectiveness

Facilitate the NEPAD economic governance and capital flow initiatives

Driving macroeconomic convergence & tax policy coordination in SADC (MOU to be signed)

National Treasury

asset and liability management

Programme 3

Asset and Liability Management
  • Intergovernmental cash coordination through the CPD will be implemented in 2002/3
  • A commonwealth debt recording system was installed in 2002 and will be running live by Dec 2002
  • A debt risk management benchmark has been approved
  • Portfolio realignment will be completed in 2002
  • Active debt management continues to make debt service costs savings

National Treasury


Programme 4

Procurement reform

  • Current work focuses on the restructuring of the OSTB to establish a Common Service Provider.
  • The focus of the restructuring process could be summarized as follows:




  • Supply chain policy and strategy
  • Regulatory framework (norms and


  • Compliance monitoring
  • Database management and information
  • Training
  • Systems support
  • General term contracts
  • Planning of requirements and budgeting
  • Ad hoc procurement within delegations
  • Accounting officers’ procurement


  • Procurement under transversal contracts

arranged by CSP

  • IT Procurement to SITA

National Treasury


Programme 4

Common Service Provider

  • It is anticipated that the State Tender Board Act will be repealed during the second half of the current financial year.
  • Current work priorities also include the following:
    • Finalization of Framework for Procurement and Provisioning in terms of section 76 (4)(c) of the PFMA (completion targeted for June 2002).
    • Development of procurement policy strategy (completion targeted for September 2002) and
    • Progress towards adoption of e-procurement strategy (ongoing).

National Treasury


Programme 4

Financial management systems

  • Medium term goal: new Enterprise Application Solution (EAS): Work is in progress on -
    • Restructuring stakeholder/client environment
    • Conducting and supporting business process re-engineering
    • Consolidating and setting business priorities; and
    • Development of implementation strategies.
  • Enhancement of existing systems (BAS, FMS, PERSAL and LOGIS) continues, including:
    • Implementing of standard chart of accounts
    • Migration from FMS to BAS

National Treasury

implementation of the pfma

Programme 4

Implementation of the PFMA


  • In process to develop a set of normative measures for financial management in consultation with Auditor-General


  • Established a Validation Board to exercise qualitative control over and accredit external training providers
  • Inform departments of accredited courses on a regular basis
  • Identify critical areas requiring training

National Treasury

financial management improvement

Programme 5

Financial Management Improvement
  • Financial statement formats
  • Preparations for consolidation
  • Quality of management information improved
  • Accounting Policies
    • Developed 28 February 2002
    • Compliance with ASB standards to be ensured
    • Accrual Accounting Implementation Plan prepared
    • Practices and Guidelines to support Accounting Policies commenced
    • Standard Chart of Accounts to comply with PFMA and GFS requirements being finalized

National Treasury

provincial and local government transfers

Programme 6

Provincial and local government transfers
  • National Treasury Conditional Grants only
  • Programme 2 covers Division of Revenue Process
  • Provincial transfers:
    • Supplementary grant phased out
    • Reinforcement of infrastructure
  • Local government
    • Focus on financial management improvement
    • Municipal Financial Management Bill before Parliament
    • Support for restructuring in large municipalities

National Treasury

focus on provincial infrastructure

Programme 6

Focus on provincial infrastructure
  • Provincial infrastructure grant rose

from R0,8bn in 2001/02 to R2,8bn in 2004/05

  • Supporting increase in provincial capital spending

from R12,7bn to R18bn in 2004/05

  • Strong capital spending growth in second half of 2001/02
  • Main spending in education, health and roads
  • Capacity improving, but further enhancement needed
  • Review of provincial infrastructure underway

National Treasury

civil and military pensions contributions to funds and other benefits

Programme 7

Civil and military pensions, contributions to funds and other benefits
  • Statutory obligations, administered by Pensions Administration
  • Focus on Post-retirement Medical Benefits:
    • Provides for the funding of medical subsidy dispensation for former employees who retired before 01 July 1992 (full subsidy)
    • Provides for medical subsidy of pensioners who retired after 1 July 1992 based on conditions at retirement date
    • Negotiated and approved medical subsidy dispensation of civil servants is also applicable and applied to retired civil servants.

National Treasury


Programme 8

Fiscal transfers

International transfers:

Lesotho and Namibia rand monetary compensation

Contribution to World Bank HIPC initiative

African Development Bank contributions

SA Revenue Service

Financial and Fiscal Commission

Secret Services – NIA, SASS and SAPS

Financial Intelligence Centre

National Treasury


Programme 8

Financial Intelligence Centre

  • Core functioning from October 2002
  • Drafting of Regulations is underway
  • Information Technology systems being developed
  • Money Laundering Advisory Council
  • Extensive international consultation
  • Cooperation with banks and other institutions in place

National Treasury

Thank You

National Treasury

background information vote 8
Background informationVote 8

* The Adjusted Estimates figure amounts to R10 749m whereas the 2002 ENE shows the Adjusted Appropriation as R8 532m. The difference is due to two function shifts i.e. R92m for the National Development Agency that moved to the Dept of Social Development and R2 123m for the supplementary grant to provinces that has become part of the statutory allocations to provinces.

National Treasury