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Graphic Artist PowerPoint Presentation
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Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist

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Graphic Artist

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  1. Graphic Artist Nicole Cifuentes

  2. Duties • Demonstrate creative ways to present complex information using info-graphic techniques • Demonstrate creativity while maintaining an eye for detail and perfection in final product • Have a good understanding of design parameters for video, slide presentations, interactive multimedia, web, environmental/large scale graphics, and digital signage systems • Demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of current web design, methods, and technologies including WordPress, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript • Thorough understanding of basic computer operational procedures, Mac OS X and Windows XP operating systems, file organization, nomenclature, email, and work processing software • Have the ability to establish best practices and design methods and stay in tune with emerging technologies and latest trends ‘’A graphic artist is a craftsman who composes visual material for printing or digital display’’.

  3. Education Required • Four-year degree in graphic design required • Proficiency in standard suite of graphics/drawing programs, presentation programs, and an understanding of multimedia and web authoring programs • 1 year in college towards graphic design or the equivalent professional experience preferred (For some industries)

  4. Abilities Required • Be proactive in understanding all materials associated with the project; its intended use, target audience, and final deliverable. • Follow through to the end; making sure the project exceeds expectations • Design screens, layouts and graphics associated with a variety of projects • Create logos/type treatments, identity systems, print, web and screen layouts • Produce attract screens for interactive projects, navigational controls, and other graphic elements as required • Maintain consistency and continuity of creative concepts and project details while delivering finished product on schedule, on budget, and with quality • Layout and produce print, slide, web, environmental/large scale graphics, and other component materials as required • Attend press checks as required

  5. Salary • Writers • the average full-time writer or author earns an annual salary of $55,420. • Pay Levels • The highest paid writers work for movie and video production companies. These writers earn an annual average salary of $100,060. • Editors • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average full-time editor in the U.S. earns an annual salary of $51,470. • Wage Levels • As with writers, editors employed by movie and video production companies are the highest paid, with average annual salaries of $71,730

  6. Location • Anywhere possible • Main cities around the US • Outside the country • Los Angeles • New York

  7. Availability • Typical office work environment. • The job requires the employee to be seated at a desk • Work at a computer station for extended periods during a 40 hour work week. • Cubicle office environment. • Must be able to work in close quarters with other employees. • A few hours of overtime may be required to finish the schedule periodically throughout the year.

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