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Caldercraft Ship Modeling Tips

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Caldercraft Ship Modeling Tips

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  1. Caldercraft Ship Modeling Tips Nelson's Navy is a leading model from Caldercraft. It features a series of vessels that are connected with England’s famous Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, who led the British fleet to Victory and lost his life in the process. The range of ship kits from the line of British Sailing Navy Buffs is one of the popular kits from the Caldercraft. The ship kits featured in this range include high quality woods, laser cut parts, detailed scale and wood fittings, photo-etched brass parts and detailed instructions in simple English.

  2. Caldercraft HMS Cruiser HMS Cruiser is another one of the wooden model ship kits from Caldercraft. The cruiser was built in 1797 and has played an active role in the Napoleonic wars. It has eighteen 6 pounder carriage guns that were changed to sixteen 32 pounder corronades and two 6 pounder carriage guns. Recommended Tools and Accessories :- Mini Drilling Machine Scissors Abrasive Paper Drill Bits Pliers Cloth Pegs Mini Lathe Electric Plank Bender

  3. Pencil Rule, etc. Before you begin with the construction of the HMS Cruiser or any other Caldercraft wooden model ship kits, it is necessary to get acquainted with the building plan and instructions. You also need to understand the chronology of assembly steps if required. Check the various parts that you have got in the ship before you glue it. Because there are some times when you do not receive all the parts of the ship kit. During the gluing, painting and lacquering, take care that you work in a ventilated rooms, else you may end up suffocated. When you cut the parts from the sheet, cut by knife in the direction that you head to injury risk. It is also suggested to use gluing wooden parts with a water based gel and cyanoarcylate glue for gluing brass and resin parts. Several Useful Tips The Wooden strips will be more flexible if you will boil it in hot water about 10-15 minutes. You can bend the strips along any cylindrical area, but the ideal is using of special plank bender (it would be best to use electric plank bender). If you need to do very small radius so you must bend it in more steps. Medieval ships were protected against influence of salt water and woodworms by a mixture of tar and thanks to it the hull of ships was a reddish-brown or brownish-black color. This effect is possible to get by staining of the wood by dark wood stain. It is recommended to use the wood stain before gluing of the parts. Decks of the ships were probably in the naturally color of wood. Anchors and other metal parts were a black color.

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