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ITS Lab Assistants

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ITS Lab Assistants. Responsibilities and expectations. Time clock software. Sign in using time clock software If you realize that you have forgotten to clock in or out, you must contact your HLA for that shift, the HLA will need to vouch that you were there to the Lab Coordinator.

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its lab assistants

ITS Lab Assistants

Responsibilities and expectations

time clock software
Time clock software
  • Sign in using time clock software
  • If you realize that you have forgotten to clock in or out, you must contact your HLA for that shift, the HLA will need to vouch that you were there to the Lab Coordinator.
lab assistant station
Lab Assistant Station
  • Sit at the designated Lab Station if possible.
    • Lab Assistants must sit at designated lab operator stations when available. Head phones are not allowed to be worn while working. In other words, no head phones while on the clock.
    • The Lab Assistant station must be neat and clean at all times. If you are coming on duty, then it is your responsibility to insure that the off going LA cleans up the station area before they depart.
    • Lab Assistants must maintain a level of professionalism while on duty. This means no slouching in chairs, putting feet up on the desk, or anything activity that would bring discredit to ITS Academic Computing.
    • Do not continue to occupy a lab assistant station when not on duty.
staff shirt
Staff Shirt
  • Wear staff shirt according to policies.
  • Lab Assistants will be issued two shirts upon employment or when available. They must wear their staff shirts at all times while working. If you lose your staff shirt, you will be required to purchase a new shirt.
customer service
Customer Service
  • Assist students in the lab.
  • Assist students who are having trouble printing, assist with applications, and assist students who need simple trouble shooting. You are not required to tutor students in the subjects they are studying, if they need additional school work direct them to the SLAC lab on the 4th floor of the library.
  • Be available and courteous to customers.
access station
Access Station
  • Monitor workstation for handicapped access to ensure availability for students requiring use of specialized software
never leave the lab unattended
Never leave the lab unattended
  • If you must leave the lab and there is no other LA present, contact your head lab and do not leave until someone has come to relive you.
  • Always contact your head lab if you want to take a break.
check for missing equipment
Check for missing equipment
  • Be aware of what computers are in the lab at all times,
  • If it appears that computers or equipment are missing, contact the Head Lab Assistant immediately.
computer lab policies
Computer Lab Policies
  • Know and enforce the policies contained in IT Computing Labs-Use Policy
  • No Food or Drinks in lab
  • No talking on cell phones in labs
  • Walk around every 15 minutes ensuring the lab is neat and clean.
    • Push in chairs and keyboards
    • Check printer paper level
    • Clean monitors and desks.
    • Pick up trash.
    • Empty recycle bins.
    • Replace toner when needed.
lab reports
Lab Reports
  • Send lab reports for your shifts to the corresponding HLA.
  • Put example here
answering the phone
Answering the Phone
  • Answer the lab phone
  • When answering a phone, be polite. Answer at ASB with the following: "ASB Computer Lab, this is (your name here)." If you are not sure how to answer their question, ask them to hold and ask someone else.
daily duties
Daily Duties
  • Follow directions, and complete tasks identified by Head Lab Assistants. Head Lab Assistant on duty will be the direct supervisor of all LA’s for the lab.
  • Regularly check email, schedule and ITS labs website for changes and notifications.
  • Open and close the labs according to Opening and Closing Procedures.
  • Enter timesheets using the SAP program. SAP can be found in Catsweb. For SAP trouble consult the SAP help page at the end of this handbook. For further trouble consult with your Head Lab or Lab Coordinator.
  • Read and follow policies and procedures outlined in the handbook.