6 4 the war s impact n.
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6.4 The War’s Impact PowerPoint Presentation
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6.4 The War’s Impact

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6.4 The War’s Impact - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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6.4 The War’s Impact. Review Videos. Follow along in your notes from chapter 6 and write down anything new you learn from the video in your notes. America on the Western Front. Wilson’s 14 Points. Seattle General Strike. 35,000 shipyard workers demand higher wages and shorter hours

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6.4 The War’s Impact

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review videos
Review Videos
  • Follow along in your notes from chapter 6 and write down anything new you learn from the video in your notes
seattle general strike
Seattle General Strike
  • 35,000 shipyard workers demand higher wages and shorter hours
  • “General Strike” involves all workers living in a certain location, not just workers in a particular industry
  • Seattle Strike involved more than 60,000 people
  • General Strike was common in Europe by communists and other radical
inflation leads to strikes
Inflation Leads to Strikes
  • Companies forced to raise wages during the war (National War Labor Board)
  • During the workers in labor unions increase
  • Big business determined to break union power
  • 1919 - 3,600 strikes
the boston police strike
The Boston Police Strike
  • 1919, Boston MA
  • 75% of the police force walked off the job
  • Riots and looting erupted – Calving Coolidge called the National Guard

“There is no right to

strike against the public

safety by anybody,

anywhere, anytime.”

the steel strike
The Steel Strike
  • 350,000 steelworkers went on strike for higher pay, shorter hours and recognition of their labor union
  • Elbert H. Gary, the head of U.S. Steel, refused to talk to union
  • Tried to break the union by using anti-immigrant feelings to divide the workers
  • Many steel workers were immigrants
    • Companies hired African Americans and Mexicans as replacement workers
racial unrest
Racial Unrest
  • Hundreds of thousands of soldiers
  • Competed with African Americans who had moved north during the war
  • 1919, over 20 race riots broke out across the nation
  • What were the major reasons for the race riots?
  • Who is the man smashing the black rioter and white together?
the red scare
The Red Scare
  • Wave of strikes in 1919 fueled fears that Communists were conspiring to start a revolution
  • Americans were stunned (and scarred) when Lenin and the Bolsheviks seized power
  • Americans became anti-German as the war progressed
  • American anger at Germany expanded to anger at Communist
the red scare1
The Red Scare
  • Red Scare: Americans feared Communists, or “reds” as they were called, might seize power
  • April of 1919 the postal service incepted 30 parcels addressed to leading businessman and politicians with bombs in them
  • A Mitchell Palmer, U.S. Attorney General
    • Believed the bombings were the work of Communists or other revolutionaries trying to destroy “American” way of life
the palmer raids
The Palmer Raids
  • J. Edgar Hoover appointed head of the Justice Department, the General Intelligence Division
  • J. Edgar Hoover later became the director of the FBI
  • Series of raids rounded up and deported (expelled from the country) Americans
your turn
Your turn
  • On page ? of your note book draw a political cartoon of the “Red Scare”
    • Remember what the reasons for social unrest were
    • Remember the postal parcels bombs
    • Remember the Palmer Raids