why financial literacy is an important part of your default management strategy n.
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Why Financial Literacy is an Important Part of your Default Management Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Financial Literacy is an Important Part of your Default Management Strategy

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Why Financial Literacy is an Important Part of your Default Management Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why Financial Literacy is an Important Part of your Default Management Strategy.

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Presentation Transcript
why financial literacy is an important part of your default management strategy

Why Financial Literacy is an Important Part of your Default Management Strategy

Learn how FL is used as a definitive approach to default management and prevention. Learn about marketplace resources that can enhance or direct your efforts. Measureable outcomes should be a consideration priority – so how do you measure?

newly reported cdr
Newly Reported CDR
  • What’s the trend?
  • Why are many rates up?
default prevention vs management
Default Prevention vs Management
  • Let’s talk management first
    • In house efforts
      • Focus on 30 day delinquencies
    • Outside resources and third parties
      • Likely need more expertise to reach 60, 90 and defaulters
    • Annual costs
  • What’s your goal and how are you measuring success or ROI?
    • % in next 6 months
      • 30,60,90 delinquencies
      • Defaults
      • Importance of grace period?

As a step toward prevention, iGrad can assist in reaching these students to begin changing behavior

risk reduction management
Risk Reduction Management
  • ID those students at risk of defaulting
    • Risk identifiers are unique to institutions – What are yours?
      • Did you know students “at risk” who fall-off just one time, tend not to get back on track
    • iGrad can assist in identifying and reaching these students to begin changing behavior
      • Targeted customized modules
      • Timely and relevant financial literacy content
financial literacy is the 1 proactive approach to default prevention
Financial Literacy is the #1 Proactive Approach to Default Prevention!
  • Why continually feed the fire?
  • Establish a limited target approach to managing delinquencies and defaults, BUT…
  • Focus on default prevention/risk management by developing a financial literacy initiative!
    • Impacting your students, staff and alumni!
begin or enhance current prevention efforts
Begin or enhance current prevention efforts!
  • Create your plan – make the focus Financial Literacy
    • By committee! It really does take a village
      • Who do you include?
      • How do you engage other departments and gain buy-in?
  • Poll your student populations
    • How do students want to receive financial literacy education?
    • What activities have been successful on campus?
  • Set time frame and attack
    • Time Resources
    • Financial Resources
      • Collaborate with other departments, schools, group
      • Apply for funding grants
  • Review other’s Best Practices
    • iGrad has successfully implemented hundreds of campuses and we take responsibility for sharing best practices to increase student engagement
what your students want need to know
What Your Students Want/Need to Know?
  • Think about relevancy
    • Who are you students?
    • iGrad’s platform has the ability to push different material to each unique student
  • Think about engaging
    • Consider learning styles
      • iGrad offers videos, articles, calculators, games, interactive activities and courses and quarterly webinars and newsletters - all 24/7
think about topics
Think About Topics
  • Basic competencies recommended by the Dept of Treasury
    • iGrad’s 1 credit course
  • Earnings
    • iGrad’s Career Center and GPS to Success
  • Managing debt
    • iGrad covers banking, credit cards, student loans and future debt
  • Savings, including education savings
    • 20% of discretionary income! iGrad simplifies options
  • Asset building
    • Time value of money!
  • Insurance
    • Are you prepared?
  • Estate Planning – begins early
recognize it s huge and it has become a national priority
Recognize It’s Huge – and it has become a National PRIORITY!

Financial Literacy impacts the entire campus

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Student Success

Once you create a plan

  • Do you have the staff to take on the responsibility?
  • Are you in a position to hire staff – with the required expertise?
  • What about updating content and activities regularly?
how do you measure impact
How do You Measure Impact?
  • Is your Cohort Default Rate really an indicator of financial literacy initiative success or failure?
    • Measured 3 years out
    • Real or maneuvered impact
  • Seek behavior changes
    • The only way to positively impact financial health!
    • Will you see an increase in Alumni giving & relationships?
  • iGrad’s robust, real-time reporting and custom reporting capabilities will empower you to report a Return on Investment
once you have a plan launch and communicate
Once you have a Plan… Launch and Communicate!
  • You’ve got to lead the horse to water before he will drink!
    • E-mail, Text, Twitter and Social Media
      • iGrad can accept a school data file and send out the message or can provide the language or even video clip to embed!
    • Campus and local Press
      • iGrad posted the Podcast we did with Mike Fife of the Center for Financial Literacy at Champlain College.
      • Incentivize!
      • Engage the faculty
      • iGrad created competition for students when faculty member embraced iGrad’s 1 credit course curriculum and local media advertised it
igrad can handle it all
iGrad can handle it all!

Collaboration with our school clients is invaluable in hosting a successful financial literacy initiative – lean on us.

watch clip of igrad s abilities
Watch clip of iGrad’s abilities!

Let us do the “heavy lifting” for you.

let s talk
Let’s talk!
  • Do you agree that Financial Literacy is the best approach to default prevention
  • Do you have the time, expertise and resources to carry out a Financial Literacy initiative - or does another department?
  • What are your Financial Literacy Best Practices?
  • Are you interested in learning more about iGrad?
  • Video-based Entrance & Exit Counseling – DOE compliant and easily reported
  • Customized content based on information we learn from the student and school
  • Our highly recognized video library can accommodate closed captioning requirements
  • Both a Financial Literacy Hub and a Financial Aid Hub
  • Customized modules to meet specific needs of you – our school client
  • Content delivery to facilitate different learning styles including games, calculators, articles, videos, interactive and downloadable worksheets and interactive webinars
  • One-credit Financial Literacy Classroom course meeting the core-competencies set by the Department of Treasury, complete with Instructors Guide and Student Workbook
  • Our school partners have access to real time reporting in several robust formats with customized reporting available.

At iGrad, we know that 50% of the budgeting equation is income! We created JobGenius to meet that huge part of financial literacy that is often overlooked, supporting your Career Services Center – not competing with it!

  • Job and internship search vehicle
  • Free resume critique and ability to collect and directly pass resumes to your Career Services
  • Over 75 videos interviewing experts in the field who talk about “a day in my life” opening students’ eyes to possibilities and career directions
Holly ZaglanicznyDirector of Business Developmenthollyz@igrad.com315-207-5588 (direct line)315-466-6715 cell)www.igrad.com

Let’s schedule an on-line presentation of what iGrad has to offer your campus community and alumni!