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My office hours

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My office hours. My office is 319 Sorry, no office hours this week Contact me: Austin Casey mobile:13439220499 1. English 1010. Today: Homework: Essay 2 Final Draft Homework: read p.320-321 Plagiarism News Chapter 16 Argumentation

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My office hours

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My office hours

My office is 319

Sorry, no office hours this week

Contact me:

Austin Casey



english 1010
English 1010


Homework: Essay 2 Final Draft

Homework: read p.320-321

Plagiarism News

Chapter 16 Argumentation

Homework: Start Essay 3, work on Journal 5


If your essay or journal is turned in late, you will get -10%

You cannot print essay during the break time.

I know you cannot print at 8:00AM, so you must print the night before.

If it is not ready at the beginning of class, you will get -10%


If you are going to miss a class:

You must have your friend bring your essay to class.

You must e-mail me before the class, so I know

Each student can only have 2 excused absences (E) after that, I will mark (X)

You must still do a 100 word writing assignment and e-mail it to me

plagiarism in the news
Plagiarism: In the news

Plagiarism means stealing someone's ideas


Hungary's president quits over alleged plagiarism

By Fanny Facsar, for CNN

April 2, 2012 -- Updated 1429 GMT (2229 HKT)

Budapest, Hungary (CNN) -- Hungarian President Pal Schmitt resigned Monday, over charges that he plagiarized parts of his doctoral dissertation.

Protesters had called last week for him to step down over the accusation.

"When my personal issue splits my beloved country instead of uniting it, I feel it is my duty to end my service, and to resign," he told parliament Monday.

Schmitt insisted Monday that his conscience was clear.

He said Monday that he was prepared to go to court to prove that he was right.

"I have written my thesis with my best knowledge I had at the time, and I never intended to plagiarize. However, I will accept the decision of the (University) Senate that has withdrawn my doctorate. But this has got nothing to do with me being a president," he said Friday(Facsar p 1)

Schmitt, wrote his dissertation in 1992 for the University of Physical Education.

In January 2012, the Hungarian HVG weekly reported that a large part of Schmitt's dissertation was copied.

A university investigation also found that large parts of it were plagiarized. A committee said last week that more than 200 pages of the 215-page document showed "partial similarity" to other works or were direct translations.

The university stripped the president of his doctorate Thursday. The university said that the essay did not meet their standards.

Schmitt was elected by the parliament for a five-year term in 2010.

Germany's defense minister resigned last year in a similar scandal. (Facsar p 4)

news article journal internet only not published
News Article/Journal internet-only (not published)

Facsar, Fanny. “Hungary's president quits over alleged plagiarism.” 2 April. 2012. 3 April. 2012 <>.

citing sources guide to mla style
Citing Sources: Guide to MLA Style

MLA is a style of citing sources (another is APA).

MLA =Modern Language Association

MLA is a popular and simple way to cite sources.

what s included in mla style
What’s Included in MLA Style?

How your pages are set up (no title page, just the heading)

How you cite sources (give credit to the author)

Your references (you will have a separate references page)

where can i learn mla style
Where can I learn MLA style?

Use the internet. Just search MLA style.

Use your textbook p.391-406

your references
Your references

You must cite your sources in your paper!

Every source cited in your paper must be on the reference list. Also, every entry in your reference list must be cited in your paper

p.406 has a model reference page

mla p 393 394
MLA p.393-394

This is how to make your reference page.

It is an extra page, that is separate from your essay (see p.406)

book by one author p 393
Book by One Author p.393

Last Name, First Name. Title. Place: Publisher, Date.

Bryson, Bill. A Short History of Nearly Everything. New York: Broadway Books, 2003.

book by two or more authors p 393
Book by Two or More Authors p.393

Last Name, First Name, and First Name Last Name. Title. Place: Publisher, Date.

Simon, David, and Edward Burns. The Corner. New York: Broadway Books, 1997.

magazine article p 393
Magazine Article p.393

Last Name, First Name. “Title” Magazine Name Day Month. Year: Pages.

Kalb, Claudia. “Brave New Babies.” Newsweek 26 Jan. 2004: 45-52

film p 394
Film p.394

Title. Director, Producer, or Writer Name (normal English order). Company, Year.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Dir. Peter Jackson. New Line Cinema, 2003.

personal interview p 394
Personal Interview p.394

Last Name, First Name. Personal interview. Day Month Year.

McClintock, Ann. Personal interview. 23 June 2004.

article in an online website p 394
Article in an Online Website p.394

Author (normal English order) “Article.” Title. Internet Resources. Year (last update). Day Month Year (when you went there) <link>

“Being Chased.” Dreams and Nightmares. Internet Resources. 2003. 17 Mar. 2004 <>.

whoa your not done yet
Whoa!!! Your not done yet!!!

We learned how to make a reference page, but there is more.



Mention the authors full name:

Scott Smith identified…

Several researchers such as Anthony Li, Greg Jacobs, and James Duck reported…

At the end of the paragraphput the

Author’s last name and page number:

(West 47).

Example on p.403-404

quotes these are quotes
Quotes: These are quotes: “...”

Only a few quotes are good (less than 5 per paper)

Don’t forget the quotation marks and page numbers (or paragraph numbers), or you will have plagiarism!

Put the reference right after the quotes:

“family ties are important” (Kant 66)

Example on p.401 and 403

make it simple i want it to look like this
Make it simple: I want it to look like this:

In his book Physics for Future Presidents, Richard Muller writes that we must overcome political differences and understand the science to make a better future. “I think the president has to understand the physics to make correct decisions”. (Muller 76)

Reference Page:

Muller, Richard. Physics for Future Presidents. Berkeley, California: Berkeley Books, 2010.

the devil is in the details pay attention to the details and follow your book when you are lost
The devil is in the details: Pay attention to the details and follow your book when you are lost

Richard Muller writes that we must overcome political differences and understand the science to make a better future. “I think the president has to understand the physics to make correct decisions”. (Muller 76) last name and page number

Reference Page:

Muller, Richard. Physics for Future Presidents. Berkeley, California: Berkeley Books, 2010.

Underline the title, capitalize important words, punctuation

when do you cite sources in your essay
When do you cite sources in your essay?

When you’re talking about an idea you got from something you read.

When you quote from something you read or heard.

When you want to give the reader some places to look for more information.

essay 3 proposing a solution
Essay 3: Proposing a Solution

Essay 3 is also called:

Argumentative Essay (it is an argument)

Persuasive Essay (you will try to persuade or convince the reader of your opinion)

It is 650 – 750 words ! 100 words longer, but you can use more quotes and paraphrasing from other authors

essay 3 proposing a solution1
Essay 3: Proposing a Solution

I want this essay to be your opinion, but I also want you to support your opinion with other author's opinions

I want you to use at least 3 references.

I want you to use at least 1 quote

I want you to use at least 1 paraphrase


I think people should have the right to own a gun and go hunting. According to Lucky Smith in Hunting Diaries, hunting is an old custom and it makes us feel more natural. We also get the benefits from cleaner meat and good exercise in the forest. “hunting is a way of life” (Smith 78)

you need to pick something that people argue about
You need to pick something that people argue about

Social issues work well because they are big and difficult to fix.

You already wrote about some issues such as the College Entrance Exam (GaoKao), PC Games, Education, and technology.

Remember: It doesn’t matter if you support the Entry Exams or not, they are often argued about by people, so you can choose either side.

Don't use a small problem such as a broken bicycle.

popular social issues
Popular Social Issues

“There are two sides to every coin”

Many things have two sides. There are only a few things that all people can agree on.

Choose an issue, choose a side, and support your opinion.

Example topics:

lack of educational facilities in countryside, overpopulation (too many people), international aid, cloning, censorship of internet, robot spies Also check p.380 for more ideas

popular social issues general
Popular Social Issues: General

Growing Up: Should students be allowed to work part time? How many hours? When can they make their own decisions?

Love: various problems

Making Friends:


Jobs: (read Teenagers and Jobs)

Health: How much care should the government give? If your grandma has a serious illness, how will you deal with it?

Security, Police, & Terrorism:


popular social issues general1
Popular Social Issues: General

Crime & Criminals: How to prevent crime, what to do with criminals.

Censorship (blocking): how much should parents or the government control (of the internet for example)

Resources: How to control, how to share

Child Raising: What is the best way to raise a child? How can you make sure you child is popular, confident, educated, and has some good abilities? Will you send them to camp? Will you send them to learn some special skills?


Technology: various

popular social issues specific
Popular Social Issues: Specific

If you are interested, you can choose an American topic such as guns (read Ban the Things. Ban Them All on p. 328), drugs and medicine, prison, death penalty, drones (robot spies) ect.

But I hope to see many Chinese topics as well – I want to see a variety of different topics, so choose something interesting.

You can also research about another country that has many different social issues such as India, Japan, or Turkey

more help
More Help

Challenge yourself!

You can choose something that most people will disagree with! That is the fun of argumentative essays!

Also, choose your own topic. I just listed the basic ones that I know.

You don't have to agree with me, or your friends, or anyone – I want to see original topics.

more help1
More Help

Your opinion must be clear:

Teenagers and Jobs has a bad title in my opinion. However, you can find their opinion in the thesis

“working more than 15 hours a week is harmful to adolescents”

You can write the same essay, but change the thesis “working more than 15 hours a week is very helpful for young people because it will teach them responsibility”

I was happy to see many different opinions about PC games, and technology

in class writing assignment
In Class Writing Assignment

Take out a piece of paper.

Write 100 words about a problem and how to fix it.

Work on p.323 #3, 4, 5, 7, and 9


Essay 3: Example

Title: Computers are horrible

Thesis: I don't think we should use computers because they are bad for the environment, old people don't know how to use them, and they will make your eyes bad.

T1 The first thing about computers that disturbs me is that they are terrible for the environment.

T2 Secondly, elderly people cannot use computers, so I think they need to be more 'user friendly'.

T3 Last but not least, using computers a lot will make your eyes bad and that is why I don't support computers.


Essay 3: Example

Title: I Robot

Thesis: In the future we need to use robots more and more to support our daily lives

T1 Robots are the wave of the future and we will need them to do all of our dirty work

T2 Robots will do the work that is too dirty, dangerous, or boring for us

T3 Finally, robots will do things that we cannot do, such as fast calculations and will help make our world a better place


Journal 3: Choose one of the questions about friendship

Journal 4: Choose one: Education or Computer Games (250-500 words)

Journal 5: Choose one question about technology (250-500 words)

Journal 6:


Journal 5: Technology questions (250-500 words)

1. Do you think people these days rely on machines too much?

Will they forget basic skills like writing and cooking because they use machines too much?

2. How do you think people in the future will use robots?

3. Is it good for the government to spend money on space exploration? Or do you think it is a waste of money?

4. Why do a lot of people long for a car?

5. Do you think the government should limit the use of private cars?



Course Schedule:

Lesson A Lesson B

Week 5 Peer Reviews, Chapter 8 Essay 1 Final Draft Due

Week 6 Essay 2 First 100 words due Chapter 14: Definition

Week 7 Essay 2 Rough Draft Due (550+ words) Peer Reviews

Week 8 No Class Essay 2 Final Draft Due

Week 9 Argumentative Essay Essay 3 first 100 words + Journal 5

Week 10 Strategies to strengthen an argument

reminder assignments
Reminder Assignments:

You will write 4 essays and make a portfolio.

1. Remembering an Event (550-650 words)

2. Writing a Profile (550-650 words)

3. Proposing a Solution (650-750 words)

You will discuss a problem and explain how to fix it Also called persuasive or argumentative style.

4. Justifying an Evaluation (550-650 words)

You will give evidence to support a decision.


You will choose 5 journal entries to put in your portfolio.

6. Journals

These will be given by the instructor. They will cover various topics.



Work on Essay 3 (100 words), and Journal 5 (they are both due next Thursday)

read p. 320-321 Teenagers and Jobs