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Extend Your Reach With WIA

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Extend Your Reach With WIA

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  1. Extend Your Reach With WIA How to Increase your Revenue through Government Funding

  2. Workforce Investment Act (WIA) • Agenda • What Is WIA? -Goals -Who Qualifies? -Types of Services -Funding • What is a WIB? -Role -ETPL-Eligible Training Provider List -Student Experience-How To Access Funds • National Emergency Grants • Marketing - Building a Relationship With Your WIB -Flyers/Brochures - Other Marketing Ideas/Thinking Outside The Box/Core Services Funds

  3. Workforce Investment Act (WIA) • What is WIA? The Adult and Dislocated Worker Program, under Title I of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, is designed to provide quality employment and training services to assist eligible individuals in finding and qualifying for meaningful employment, and to help employers find the skilled workers they need to compete and succeed in business.

  4. Workforce Investment Act (WIA) • Goals • To increase employment, as measured by entry into unsubsidized employment; • To increase retention in unsubsidized employment six months after entry into employment; • To increase earnings received in unsubsidized employment for dislocated workers; and • To enhance customer satisfaction for participants and for employers. • The employment goals are measured using Unemployment Insurance Wage Records systems and customer satisfaction goals are measured by sampling.

  5. Workforce Investment Act (WIA) • Who Qualifies? Target Population • All adults, 18 years and older, are eligible for core services. • Dislocated workers-Terminated or laid off or pending, varying degrees of unemployment, displaced homemaker. • Priority for intensive and training services must be given to recipients of public assistance and other low-income individuals where funds are limited. • In addition to unemployed adults, employed adults can also receive services to obtain or retain employment that allows for self-sufficiency.

  6. Workforce Investment Act (WIA) • Types of Services • Services are provided through One-Stop Career Centers. There are three levels of service: • Core services - includes outreach, job search and placement assistance, and labor market information available to all job seekers; • Intensive services - Includes more comprehensive assessments, development of individual employment plans and counseling and career planning; and • Training services - Customers are linked to job opportunities in their communities, including both occupational training and training in basic skills. Participants use an "individual training account" to select an appropriate training program from a qualified training provider.

  7. Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Where does WIA get their funding? WIA is federally funded through the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) Funding is distributed by formula to states, and the state funnels money to the workforce boards www.doleta.gov; TEGL No. 19-09

  8. Workforce Investment Act (WIA) • What is a WIB? States are divided into several Workforce Regions or Areas • These regions are Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) • WIBs are usually made up of one or more counties • Role: Each WIB manages its own portion of the WIA funding • Approves training providers • Sets funding caps for participants • Operates the One-Stop centers • Determines demand occupations in the area • Provides resources and services

  9. Workforce Investment Act (WIA) • ETPL-Eligible Training Provider List • Schools must apply to be on the ETPL through the WIB • Individual programs must be submitted for approval • Once approved, programs are added to the ETPL-students use the ETPL to locate programs and providers

  10. Workforce Investment Act (WIA) • How do students access WIA funds? • Prospective WIA clients must visit a One-Stop center to find out if they are eligible to receive WIA grant funding • www.careeronestop.org • Clients for the program meet with a counselor • Assessment tests (ensure basic skills, review past education, etc.) • Workshops (resume writing, job searching, interviewing skills, etc.) • Clients choose a school and training program • The school will be issued an ITA (voucher) indicating that the student has been approved for $XXXX amount of funding • Once the student receives the ITA, the partner submits an online registration with WIA chosen as payment method • The Partner must invoice WIA for the payment, ed2go will invoice the Partner for our portion

  11. Workforce Investment Act (WIA) • National Emergency Grant (NEG) Funding • Supplemental funding for WIA program • Plant Closure/Massive Layoff (50 or More) • Closures and Realignments of Military installations • Emergencies or Disasters • NEG funding goes to WIA system; affected Workforce Investment Boards • Affected individuals apply for funds through the One-Stop system (just like traditional WIA) • Information: www.doleta.gov/neg/background.cfm • Award listing: www.doleta.gov/neg/awards.cfm

  12. Marketing-Building a Relationship With Your WIB • Unlocks the door to hundreds of potential students • Increase program/institutional awareness • Advertising Opportunities

  13. Building a Relationship With Your WIB • You may know an educational representative on the WIB • Visit the One Stop Center-get to know the counselors working with these students • Ask To Attend A Meeting then ask for an opportunity to present your programs • Flyers/Brochures-Drop off at the One Stop

  14. Flyers/Brochures • Available at your ed2go career training programs website located at www.gatlineducation.com/partner or the online administration center at http://admin.ed2go.com • Customize with your and your WIB’s contact information, print, and distribute to the one stop • Everything from Youth flyers for WIA youth programs, Healthcare flyers for high demand healthcare jobs and Green program flyers for our state of the art renewable and green resources programs

  15. Examples-Green/Healthcare Flyers

  16. Examples-Youth Flyer/General Info Poster

  17. Marketing-Thinking Outside the Box with Core Services Funds/ed2go-Pro • WIA most commonly used by partners utilizing career training programs • BUT some partners finding success utilizing ed2go short courses • Core Services funding meant to provide quick, inexpensive training solutions-our specialty!

  18. Case Study-San Jose-Evergreen CCD/ed2go-Pro • Met with WIB and presented ed2go online short courses • Offered a free passcode to WIB representative to review content • San Jose-Evergreen requested an ed2go-pro site to be co-branded in partnership with the WIB • Catalog was customized to the local training needs as determined by the WIB • WIB requests passcodes for eligible students and enrolls the student themselves • San Jose-Evergreen Community College District bills WIB on a monthly basis

  19. Benefits to you… • Potential to double or triple your enrollments • More revenue for you • Relationship put into place • Co-branding with your WIB-exhibits participation in the community

  20. Benefits to the WIB… • Quick, inexpensive training solution • Can enroll many students at a time/no cancellation of classes • Variety of courses/customized catalog • Easy to enroll using passcodes-only authorized students can participate • Simple billing procedures-Pay when passcode is used. • Liberal Drop/Transfer Policies • Co-branding with your institution-exhibits participation in the community as well

  21. Marketing-Thinking Outside The Box With Core Services Funds/Bundling • Bundling Examples: -Certificate in Web Development -Certificate in Grant Writing -Certificate in Office Skills -Certificate in Sales Management

  22. Bundling Made Easy • Advertising In Your Catalog/website • Keep it simple • Notate using an “online” icon • Upon completion, print advertising directs student to contact college representative to request their certificate • Offer a discount off the bundle • Results in 3-6 enrollments for you

  23. Questions? • State related questions can be directed to your Account Manager.