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Presentation On Home science Extension III B.Sc Home Science V Semester By PowerPoint Presentation
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Presentation On Home science Extension III B.Sc Home Science V Semester By

Presentation On Home science Extension III B.Sc Home Science V Semester By

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Presentation On Home science Extension III B.Sc Home Science V Semester By

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  1. Presentation On Home science Extension III B.Sc Home Science V Semester By Dr.T.Mamatha, Ph.D Lecturer in Home Science For Women Nellore.

  2. Audio-visualaids

  3. DEFINITIONS • A visual aid is an instructional or communicating device in which the message can be seen but not heard • A audio aid is an instrumental in which the message can heard but not seen • A audio-visual aid is an instrumental device in which the message cab be heard as well as seen

  4. Audio aids radio

  5. RECORDING Disc Tape Wire

  6. Visual aids Flannel graphs Illustrations



  9. Back board Bulletin board

  10. Audio –visual aids television Puppet shows Drama shows

  11. Factors influencing selection of Audio –Visual Aids

  12. FACTORS INFLUENCING AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS • Audio and visual aids are used singly or in combination , taking following factors in consideration • The teaching objective i.e; the type oh behaviour change you want to bring about gaining information ,or changing attitude or learning some skill • The nature of subject matter being taught • The nature of audience –age ,level ,education level , interest ,experience ,knowledge of the subject ,intelligence

  13. The size of audience :eg Flash cards can be used for a small audience only; motion picture ,f or a large audience • Relative cost of the various aids-effective aids need not necessarily be expensive • The teacher -1 The extension workers familiarity with and skill in using the several aids 2.his orginality and skill in selection preparation and use of aids • The availability-an effective extension worker makes use of indigenous materials, when the teaching aid he would like to use is not available

  14. Effective use of AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS

  15. Planning • It is know clearly the objective of the presentation • plan well in advance , this help anticipate problems and avoid them • Anticipate size of audience as closely as possible and make sure the aids are visible and or audible to the entire audience • Plan for the use of a variety of colourful visual aids.They help change the place of presentation and help hold audience interest • Determine the appropriate timing for the presentation

  16. Prepartaion • Prepare by rehearsing or previewing in order to make a smooth presentation • Select a convenient and as comfortable a meeting place as possible with acoustics and seating arrangements suited to the specific purpose • Anticipate need for special lighting or for total darkness and be prepared to provide either at the right time • Make sure that all equipment is in good working order before starting the meeting • Arrange the audio visual aids in sequence and have them within easy reach • Keep aids out of sight until actually required for use

  17. presentation • Motivate the audience and stress the key points they should observe during the presentation • Present aids at the right moment and in proper sequence • Display only one aid at a time • Remove all unrelated material • Stand beside the aid ,not in front of it • speak facing the audience and not the aids

  18. Evaluation • In the end evaluated by providing for discussion and application to discover and dispel misunderstanding,if any • Undertaken follow –up studies and observe results

  19. Merits and Demerits of Audio Visual Aids

  20. Merits of audio-visual aids The learner to learn faster, more thoroughly,remember longer The teacher to organiser his teaching material in a systematic order Clarify ideas being presented Impress ideas more indelibly on the mind Vitalise and make teaching more real Picture experience outside one’s own environment Combat verbalism or unneccessary of meaningless from of words Overcome the language barrier Attract and hold attention Change attitude or point of view Save time they make learning faster n easier

  21. visual Demerits of audio aids • Learners may sometimes from mistaken or distorted impressions, unless audio-visuals are supplemented with rerquired explanation • Temptation for the teacher to narrow down his teaching to only a few big ideas not giving the complete picture of a subject • Some teachers acquire the mistaken idea that mistaken idea that they have little to do when audio-visual are used • Possible risk of spectatorism instead of the attitude of thoughtful enquire

  22. Models are essentially recognizable imitation or replicable of the origin wehether workable or not or not , differ or not • Eg compost pit or cattleshes or soil convertion project • A mock up differ from the model in that it is a functional device which alters the essential elements that are being studied in the original and concentrates on these elements only to the exclusion of other • eg ; operation mock up of cylinder and piston of a diesel engine • Real objectives taken out of their natural setting • eg specimens of crop shown at a meeting or exhibition , preserved or mounted specimens of insects , plants etc • Objects pieces of reality or sample ear heads, diseased parts of plants