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Pre AP Chemistry 0481 PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre AP Chemistry 0481

Pre AP Chemistry 0481

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Pre AP Chemistry 0481

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  1. Pre AP Chemistry0481 C. Smith Fall 2014

  2. Today’s goals: (teacher will pass out blank cornell notes template) I will learn and apply all classroom expectations. I will learn to use Cornell notes to outline key expectations. I will know I have completed this task when I have created clear, concise Cornell notes that display that I have a clear understanding of the classroom expectations.

  3. Class Expectations • 1.Follow all directions and instructions. • 2.Use appropriate behavior for the classroom. All school rules will be enforced in my classroom (no cheating, no eating, etc • 3.Ask permission before you borrow or touch someone else’s personal items. • 4.Accept correction without debate. We can discuss the issue after class. • 5.Accept “No” without debate. Again, we can discuss the issue after class. • 6.Your complete attention during lessons is ALWAYS POLITE. You can talk when you work within your group.

  4. Class Expectations • 7.Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings. • Attendance is done by seating chart. If you are out of your seat, you will be absent. • Have your supplies with you. • Asking permission prevents problems • 8.I will dismiss the class when everyone is in their correct seat and things are put away. (Not the bell)

  5. Bell Schedule First- 7:25 – 8:10 (absent after 7:40) Second- 8:15 – 9:00 (absent after 8:30) Eagle’s Nest- 9:05-9:35 (absent after 9:20) Third- 9:40 – 10:25 (absent after 9:55) Fourth- 10:30 – 11:15 (absent after 10:45) Fifth – first lunch starts at 11:15 and 3rd lunch ends at 12:45 Sixth- 12:50 – 1:35 (absent after 1:05) Seventh- 1:40 – 2:25 (absent after 1:55)

  6. Safety Rules • 1. WEAR ALL AVAILABLE SAFETY EQUIPMENT. • 2. NO FOOD, DRINK, OR MAKEUP. • 3. NO HORSEPLAY! • 4. NO UNAUTHORIZED LAB PROCEDURES. • 5. CLEAN YOUR LAB AREA AT THE END OF THE CLASS. You can remove your safety equipment when your area is clean. • 6. Everyone must have a signed Safety Contract turned in prior to participating in lab activities.

  7. Six Weeks Grades • 60% Major Grades • Test/Projects • Specific Labs, and Lab Quizzes • 40% Daily Grades • 10% Homework Quizzes • 30% Class work/ Class Participation

  8. Semester Grades 1st/4thSix Weeks = 28 % 2nd/5thSix Weeks = 28 % 3rd/6thSix Weeks = 28 % Final Exam = 16 %

  9. Laboratory Reports • Chemistry is a laboratory science – Although most labs will be performed with a lab partner, each person is responsible for turning in his or her lab individual report. • Usually, a lab quiz or test will be used to evaluate your understanding of the lab. Your lab report will be used for reference to review before the quiz or test and will make up a portion of the lab grade. • Major Lab reports are an individual assignment. Lab reports which are identical between lab partners or other students will be viewed as cheating. • Lab conduct is taken very seriously and students misbehaving or horse playing in lab are subject to both a zero for the lab and an office referral.

  10. Supplies • Textbook • Pen and Pencil • Notebook • Scientific Calculator (TI 30) • Payment for your Tablet computer must be made by September 13th • Tablets will be issued on September 16th

  11. Tablets • Payment for your Tablet computer must be made by September 5th. • Tablets will be issued on September 8th • Tablet Camp will start on September 8th • Procedures will be done during Eagle’s nest • Tablet payment is $60.00 for the year ( 3 payments of $20.00 )

  12. Almost all assignments will be completed and submitted via your laptop. • If you do not have your laptop you will need to make other arrangements after school to complete and submit your assignments via computer. • There will be NO alternative paper assignments given.

  13. OnlineTextbook Note: There is NO hard copy textbook available! Chemistry, Wilbraham, Staley, Matta, Waterman; Pearson Online textbook login:

  14. Daily Procedures • Warm-ups, Journal activities, and Assignments will be on the board or the overhead projector. • Write them in your notebook or a word document on your tablets. • Turn In Papers in the basket in front or to Ms. Smith.

  15. Makeup Policy • If you miss a test or lab, you must schedule a time to make it up. There are schedule days that tests can be made up. You will receive a pass from me for the teacher that is in charge of the room. Labs are made up by appointment AFTER SCHOOL ONLY. • If you sign up to make up a lab and cannot attend, please let me or the other teachers know before the end of the school day. • Students who have the privilege of taking part in a school activity or trip during school time are expected to make up all work. Students who miss the day of review will be expected to take the test on their return. Make–up work not completed in the scheduled time will result in “0’s”.

  16. RERUN – Reflection/Conclusion on a lab or activity as an exit ticket out, warm-up or interactive notebook • Recall:Summarize what you did. • Explain: What was the purpose? • Results: What results did you observe? • Uncertainties: What do you have questions about? • New: What are 2-3 new ideas you learned?

  17. Test Days Science test days are Wednesday & Friday. Tests will be given more often on Friday. There will be a test given at 3 weeks and at the end of the 6 weeks. It is imperative that you review your daily instruction and prepare early for tests.

  18. Retesting Policy • With the exception of the District Common Assessments and Benchmarks, the student must attend tutoring and do test corrections prior to retaking their test. The information tested will be the same information but the format will not be the same (short answer and solve the problem).

  19. Tutorials & Course Syllabus Tutorials will be held every day between 2:30pm – 4:30pm The list of teachers and days they tutor can be found on the syllabus. Will be available on my Teacher website and on Blackboard.

  20. Who did …