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Introduction. Strategic supplier of enterprise business intelligence solutions. One of the oldest companies in the Business Intelligence space. Founded in 1969, as a provider of application development tools. Introduction .

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Presentation Transcript
  • Strategic supplier of enterprise business intelligence solutions.
  • One of the oldest companies in the Business Intelligence space.
  • Founded in 1969, as a provider of application development tools.
  • Sells products through a direct sales force and resellers and distributors.
  • A publicly held international company , operating in 12 countries.
  • Revenues amounted to $244.8 millions(U.S.) in 1998.
  • PowerPlay
  • Imprompu
  • Scenario
  • 4thoughts
  • Bise
  • Accelerator
  • NovaView
  • Visualizer
  • PowerHouse
  • An OLAP toll for multidimensional analysis and reporting, Cognos flagship product.
  • The Transformer module is use to create a multidimensional model of selected data or a PowerCube.
  • The Transformer module is use to create a multidimensional model of selected data or a PowerCube..
  • data sources include delimited ASCII and field text, Clipper, dBase, Excel, FoxPro, Lotus, Paradox, Powerhouse, and fixed-field records.
  • PoweCube is made of multiple dimensions that answer the business questions “who”, “what”, “when” and “how much”.
  • PowerPlay tools allow slicing and dicing of data. A variety of graphic tools for visual data analysis are also available.
  • Impromptu provides a sophisticated means for anyone to access SQL data, with an interface that lets users query and display data for everyday use.
  • The Administrator version offers a variety of sophisticated tools for designating access rights to data and distributing it across the network.
  • The User version provides a flexible GUI interface and a good selection of pre-designed data reports and templates and intuitive tools for creating custom reporting.
  • Imprompudisplays SQL data in catalogs. Catalogs can be created form a variety of SQL database types, including Btrieve, dBase, Informix, CA-Ingres, Borland InterBase, MS SQL Server, Oracle 6 and 7, P aradox, SQLBase, Sybase SQL Server and Sybase System 10.
  • Cognos’s award winning data mining application that features seamless integration with the firm’s Impromptu and PowerPlay programs.
  • Designed to spot patterns and exception in data, allows users to visualize the information being uncovered; enables managers and knowledge workers to discover hidden trends and patterns.
  • Cognos’s acquired data mining product targeted at the business user.
  • Integrated with Cognos’ other best-of-breed BI tools. It can read PowerCubes directly allowing analyses based on summary data, or on the finest level of detail in the PowerCube.
bise business intelligence for small enterprise
Bise (Business Intelligence for small enterprise)
  • allows small and midsize firms to have the same cost effective business intelligence benefits as larger companies.
  • provides an easy way for small firms to get off the ground with data marts of data warehousing projects at low cost and low risk.
  • Designed to present data in a graphical format to make business-data presentation more meaningful.
  • Data Visualization provides graphical slicing and dicing.
  • optimized for Microsoft’s SQL Server 7.0.
  • The front-end tool allows users to change and save data in a multidimensional OLAP Services cube, to facilitate what-if-analysis.
  • By Debby Sorrell , Ling Wei and Erin Betts
cognos 1999 annual report
Cognos 1999 Annual Report

“we want Enterprise Business Intelligence, EBI,

from Cognos

to ultimately transform the way companies

run their business”.

cognos moves to eip
Cognos moves to EIP
  • November 1998, Impromptu Web Reports
    • a single Web-based interface
  • December 1998, DecisionStream acquired
    • a simple, integrated approach to loading and managing data marts.
  • February 1999, LEX2000 Inc. acquired
    • best-of-breed financial reporting and budgeting.
  • Also in February, PowerPlay Enterprise Server
    • only OLAP server that supports Web, Windows, Microsoft Excel and mobile users from a single, centrally administered server.
enterprise information portals eip
Enterprise Information PortalsEIP
  • Single gateway to enterprise information
  • Market Segments
    • Business Intelligence
    • Content Management
    • Data Warehouse and Marts
    • Data Management
structured data
Structured Data
  • ETL & Data Quality
  • Warehouse Management Software
  • Metadata Management
  • Stored in Warehouses and Marts
  • OLAP, Data mining, Report and query tools
unstructured data
Unstructured Data
  • Up to 80% of an organization’s data is unstructured -- Content Management
  • Web documents, forms, paper invoices, product specifications, CAD, Graphics, Video files, e-mail,
  • Tacit Knowledge (ideas) emerging Knowledge Management Market
september 7 th 1999

September 7th 1999

COGNOS Platform for

Enterprise BI

EBI portal

bi data mart creation services
BI Data Mart Creation Services
  • DecisionStream
  • Mart modeling, transformation and creation
  • Supports shared cross-enterprise dimensions
metadata services architect
Metadata Services--Architect
  • Common enterprise-wide metadata management
  • Central place to create and manage BI metadata and business rules
  • 3-tier
    • end application--business rules--data sources
  • BI applications inherit business rule tier changes
ebi services
EBI Services
  • Common infrastructure for BI needs
  • Both inside and outside of organization
  • PowerPlay server (Analysis)
  • Imprompu server (Reporting)
  • Cognos Query server
  • Cognos Visualizer server
updated bi server features
Updated BI server features
  • Managed Web reporting
  • Customizable application front-ends (HTML, XML and Java)
  • ad hoc web interactions against OLAP data sources
  • Advanced visualizations and scorecarding over the Web
upfront portal services
Upfront Portal Services
  • Web-based delivery infrastructure
  • User single point of access
  • IT single point of delivery and management
  • End-user content publishing
  • Programmable XML API for customization and functionality integration
common security services
Common Security Services
  • Access Manager allows IT to manage from a single place
  • Easy integration with RDBMS, OS and LDAP security mechanism
other portal players
Other Portal Players
  • Oracle Portal Software ( Java API portlets)
  • Hummingbird portal technology
  • IBM announced their EIP November 2nd
cognos ebi portal
  • The Internet has created an information explosion and has made a fundamental change in the way companies do business.
  • Cognos plans to be a key player in this transition;
  • Long standing partners are become direct competitors.