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History of Me Assignment

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History of Me Assignment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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History of Me Assignment. Due Tuesday August 27, 2014. Instructions.

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History of Me Assignment

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history of me assignment

History of Me Assignment

Due Tuesday

August 27, 2014

  • Carolyn McKinstry framed her book and her speaking presentations around growing up in Birmingham, Alabama and how her life was intersected by events beyond her control. Often without realizing it local, state, national, and international events impact our lives in positive and negative ways.

Step 1 – Brainstorm 7-10 important events from your life.

  • Step 2 – Brainstorm 7 – 10 local, state, national, or international events that have occurred during your lifetime. You may need to Google this or talk to your parents.
your task
Your Task
  • Part One – Using a poster OR a PowerPoint slide, construct an illustrated timeline of at least 5 items from you personal life AND 5 from your list of world events that have had an impact on your life. Timeline entries should include the date, a title, and an illustration (hand drawn, photo, or clipart).
your task1
Your Task
  • Part TWO – Writing assignment – On a separate sheet of paper (or separate slides if doing a PowerPoint), identify how these events you listed have left an imprint on your life. Write a one paragraph response describing these life events and how they impacted your life. You should have a total of 10 responses.

Check out the following two examples for timeline ideas!


Twin Towers Attack; September 11, 2001

BP Oil Spill; April 20, 2010

Born; August 3, 1994

Hurricane Katrina; August 29, 2005

High School at Franklin; August 2008

The Life of Brian Cheung

Started School; August 1999

Barack Obama Inaugurated; January 20, 2009

Junior Prom; March 12, 2010

Invasion of Iraq; March 2003

Moved to Elk Grove; July 2007


Sank Yang

Period 6

February 6, 1994

My Date of Birth

November 2000 My Grandfather dies

March 2003

My Brother becomes married

May 2007

My Grandmother dies

August 2008

I start High School


Columbine High School Shooting

September 2001


April 2007

Virginia Tech Shooting

November 2008

Obama elected president

May 2011

Osama Bin Laden is killed

teacher s comments
Teacher’s Comments
  • The following slides also include both the timeline and the written response for the world events showing how to make personal connections to the events.

Baby Brother(Andrew) Born: February 24, 1996

Terrorist Attack: September 11, 2001

Social Network(Facebook):

February 4, 2004

First Visit to Vietnam:June 2006)

First Day of High School:

August 2008

Mad Cow Disease:

May 20, 2003

Moved To Elk Grove From San Jose: September 2005

First Day Of School(Kindergarten):

August 1999

Nancy Pelosi(First Woman Speaker of the House):

January 2007

Obama Presidential Election: November 2008


Terrorist Attack: September 11, 2001

The Terrorist Attack on September 11, 2001 have left an imprint on my life because it was when I started noticing the world around me. I was in 1st grade at this time and when the attack happened, my teacher would started talking about it. Not only was my teacher, my parents started making me watch the news for the first time to understand these world events. Before the attack, I was carefree and didn’t care much or notice the world events. Therefore, the Terrorist Attack was the first time I opened my eyes to the outside world.

Mad Cow Disease: May 20, 2003 When Mad Cow Disease was found in the United States, I was only in 3rd Grade. The reason on why this left an imprint on my life was because I remember everyone making it a big deal in my school and home. Back then, I was a child who loves to go to McDonalds for a cheeseburger. However, when my parents heard of Mad Cow Disease, they forced me not to eat meat from McDonalds. This was a big thing for me because it made me sad. I was just a kid so McDonalds was a big deal. Not having a cheeseburger affected me at the time. Therefore, Mad Cow Disease prevented me from having beef and left an imprint on my childhood.Social Network(Facebook): February 4, 2004 When Social Networking, Facebook, came out, it made a big deal to me. This was also the first time my father allowed me to use the internet and have my first e-mail account. Even though Facebook came out at this time, I didn’t start using it until 2008. However, I used my e-mail and Instant Messaging often at this time. This left an imprint on my life because I had access to the outside world instead of just through the phone.

Nancy Pelosi(First Woman Speaker of the House):January 2007 When I first heard of Nancy Pelosi being the first woman speaker of the house, I was inspired. It showed me that women were able to take office positions as well as just men. I started to realize, during that time, that the United States is becoming more diverse and equal. This was the time I started to watch the news more often than I did in the past. Nancy Pelosi made me realize that a woman can do as well as a man. Therefore, this event has left an imprint on my life.Obama Presidential Election: November 2008 This was one of the events that I remembered very clearing because it was just about 2-3 years ago. I remember being in my World Geography class talking about the election and how everyone has their own opinion. Even though I wasn’t old enough to vote, I was able to focus and take interest into something like this for the first time. My friend and I was on the phone together watching the news to see who would won. It made an imprint on my life because I had my own opinion and stand about politics.

september 11 2001
September 11, 2001

This was the first major, national news that I can recall in my memory. I remember I was in class when my teacher told me about it. She said that it happened in New York and I was really scared because I had family that lived there. It was also the first time that I learned about terrorists. Up until the day, I thought that America was in good terms with all other nations. I was naïve and believed that attacks like this didn’t happen. This event opened my eyes to the reality of America and it’s relations.

  • Facebook, along with many other social networks like “myspace” and “twitter”, showed the growth of technology and the internet. But when facebook was first created, it wasn’t very big. It didn’t become big until five years later in 2009. Facebook changed the way people communicated. Instead of calling someone, you could now write on their “wall”. This provided a more casual way to interact with acquaintances. Facebook was a simple resource to keep in touch with old friend, new friends, and family. It could make life so much easier and faster, but at same time it could consume too much of one’s time- which is a problem to many people today.
  • The iPhone was a revolutionary device in technology. Barely two decades ago was the first internet server invented. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, large brick-like mobile phones were the newest and hottest technology. Fast forward to 2008 (two decades later), modern society now has a lightweight, handheld cellular device that provides internet, applications, camera, and it’s touch screen as well. Two years later in 2010, it would be the first handheld device with “Facetime” which allows live phone calls with another person. The invention of the iPhone only gives a sneak peak of what the future of technology is capable to creating.
barack obama
Barack Obama
  • In 2008, I remember that this year’s specific election was history in the making. We had a female nominee as well as a minority nominee. In the first time in American history, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama both had the opportunity to become president. This event was so impactful for me since I knew the struggles that women and African Americans went through in U.S. history; and to know that I live in the age where the society has become so much more tolerant and diverse made me feel thankful and proud of my country. Obama’s election forever changed American views on minorities in politics.
  • I think that this event brought the world together. Many donations from all over the world poured in to help Japan. It got many citizens from all over the world get together to help one cause through organizations like the Red Cross. I think that the natural disaster also showed the dangers of nuclear energy since Japan did get radiation. It was a reminder to the rest of the world to be careful and to be prepared on what might happen. It also got me afraid that the 2012 conspiracy might just be true.