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Color Me Bored. Designed by Sloane Danziger. Cover Letter. To Hasbro Toy INC:

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Color me bored

Color Me Bored

Designed by Sloane Danziger

Cover letter
Cover Letter

  • To Hasbro Toy INC:

  • I am reaching out to you in hopes of teaming up to create a innovative and fun app for children ages six to eight. This app stands out from all other apps similar, because it is simple, clean, and concise. Attached is my proposal which I am sure will intrigue you to give my app, “Color me Bored” a try. Color Me Bored is an app that is much like a chalkboard, without the mess. This app teaches kids to doodle, as well as guess and answer according to drawers in the game feature. Please read closely, and contact me with questions, comments, and concerns. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  • Sincerely,

  • Sloane Danziger


  • Inspires children to draw on a chalkboard, without the supplies and mess

  • When I was growing up, I loved to color on my driveway or chalkboard with chalk, but my parents hated cleaning up after me. The chalk created dust as well as stained my hands and clothes. My favorite past time was my parents’ worse nightmare. This is exactly why I have invented this app.


  • Designed for Ipads, Iphones, and Andorids

  • It is meant to work as a substitute for a real chalkboard, for children ages 6-8, but without the dusty mess

  • Includes a black board background, and a green background, six shades of chalk, three sizes of chalk, and an eraser.

  • When the child or parent clicks on the app, you are invited to draw and navigated through the app from a character named “Race”.

  • Race is an animated eraser, he is meant to give hints, and answer any problems or concerns you may have with the app.

Compare to draw something
Compare to Draw Something

  • There is a doodle option and game option

  • This is the aspect of the app that sets it aside from similar apps such as “Draw Something”. Draw Something allows you to draw pictures on a white canvas and have your friends guess what you are drawing. I recognize that apps are highly competitive, and alike apps may not share the same amount of publicity, because one may surpass the other with features

  • My app, has the gaming option, against the system (easier to program), but also allows the child to just doodle on the chalkboard and then save his or her photos.

Compare to draw something1
Compare to Draw Something

  • The doodle option has the same two backgrounds and the same chalk colors, and allows the child to re-do the photo as many times as possible

  • Also, proper programmingwill be constructed to make sure the photos can be saved to the devices camera roll, or uploaded on to Facebook

  • If the child decides to save it to the camera roll, the pictures can be directly downloaded to his or her parents’ computer, and printed, for the hard copy effect

Target audience
Target Audience

  • These features make the app appealing to both children and their parents

  • Children enjoy playing games that have animated characters guiding them through the steps, and that is exactly Race’s job

  • Also, children love gratification. What better way to boost a child’s self esteem other than to share their artwork with friends and family on Facebook, or through printing out the picture to hang?

  • This app is fun for children, because it is a creative, artistic outlet for them, as well as a fun and interactive learning game which at ages 6-8 their brains are able to process.

  • Appealing to the parents because it does the job of a chalk board, without the mess, supplies, and time consumption.


  • My plan is to advertise on T.V. commercials, such as Nick and Noggin

    • This way, my target audience will be reached in between watching their favorite T.V. shows, and as will their parents who monitor what they watch

  • Another way I want to advertise is on the back of Hasbro game boxes

    • By doing this, it gives parents and children another opportunity to have fun games, without having to buy a physical game at a toy store, but rather right from their home with the click of a button


  • After creating a marketing plan, I would need to create for a developer account

  • This account will allow me to have my app developed under your brand, Hasbro, and have you pay revenue to me. A developer account will deal with all the finances and inquires regarding the business


  • I would need to sketch my application

    • The purpose of sketching is to see my application in real life. This also gives me room to change and enhance certain aspects

  • Then I would need to identify the work that needs to be outsourced. In my case, this would be programming, design, and advertising

    • Since I do not personally have the means to do that myself. And lastly, I need to create a teamand start development!

Doodle select chalkboard color select chalk color
DoodleSelect Chalkboard colorSelect Chalk color




Try to guess the picture! You get two tries!




Great job, next round!




You have won two more chalk colors for doodling!


Choose between Green, Red, or Orange




  • In conclusion, Color Me Bored is an interactive, fun, and simple tool for doodling or drawing, and playing a guessing game, which targets 6-8 year olds and their parents.

  • The app is made for all tablet devices and is free to download!