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Saving Oojey

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Saving Oojey. By: AJ Zako and Fernando Ramirez ZuŇiga. Saving Oojey.

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saving oojey

Saving Oojey

By: AJ Zako and Fernando Ramirez ZuŇiga

saving oojey1

Saving Oojey

3050 Cuh Nah Dahg, Lex Oojey and Funando were walking on some old train tracks when suddenly a train came speeding. Lex pushes us out of the way and gets hit by the train. Screeeech!!! Was the sound of the train coming to a quick stop. We run over to the front of the train. There lie Lex bleeding and all his broken bones he speaks his last words “it was an honor”.

saving oojey2

Saving Oojey

Oojey and Funando keep moving, after that they came across a den. In the den they spent the night. When they walk in it there is an old book. On the cover it said “How to Domesticate Animals”. They picked it up and started to read it.

saving oojey3

Saving Oojey

They read about domesticating animals. They put the book in Funando’s buk paak. They searched a little more and found some food and water. They left the next morning. They woke up and started walking. After 4 hours of walking they found a wild unicorn. They stared at it and Oojey thought they could use the how to domesticate animals book.

saving oojey4

Saving Oojey

Oojey took a purple potato out of Funando’s buk paak and they followed the books instructions and domesticated the unicorn. After they domesticated it they hopped on its back and gave it the potato. They told the unicorn to fly. They flew for 5 hours they found this rare town and in the distance Oojey with his binoculars saw that it said Everwilden City.

saving oojey5

Saving Oojey

They flew closer to the city and slowly landed on top of a building that said “Unihospital”. They did not know if the creatures that lived there were peaceful. So they sneaked towards the door to see inside.

saving oojey6

Saving Oojey

Once they were in and the coast was clear, they snuck into a room called “Exam Room”. They opened the door and saw a unicorn being treated with a weird liquid. They did not know what it was. Until the doctor put down the glass and it said “Heart Stopper”. We saw the unicorn spit out the heart stopper and not drink it.

saving oojey7

Saving Oojey

The unicorn spoke “get me out of here”. The unicorn we tamed seemed to recognize the hurt unicorn. The tamed unicorn said in a soft voice, “son”. Then the hurt unicorn said, “daddy”. The unicorn we tamed screamed and raged run into the door and killed the man that was giving the heart stopper to the unicorn. The dad hugged the son and we rejoiced for the dad and son finally seeing each other in 11 years.

saving oojey8

Saving Oojey

The king finds out eventually that we killed the finest doctor in all of the land. The liquid the doctor was giving the unicorn was actually good for him. We realized we committed a crime. The king put us in zee jail for 24 days. There was already a prisoner there. His name was Bubby McGlobstein.

saving oojey9

Saving Oojey

Bubby McGlobstein told us about the past in the year 2014. He said that all of man kind were fighting over money and power. The unicorns saved them all from death. The town was running low on supplies. The government said they had to rely on food that they could harvest. So they began to harvest purple potatoes and pink pimpkins. The government was created to have a president and 5 kings to help determine law enforcement.

saving oojey10

Saving Oojey

Bubby McGlobstein also told us that they wrote in unicorn poses instead of normal ABC’s. The Religion was set-up to be kind, and peaceful. People were not to make each other angry. Those that did, the consequence was death. There social structure was to be very friendly and not harm others.



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