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Folk Arts and Crafts PowerPoint Presentation
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Folk Arts and Crafts

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Folk Arts and Crafts
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Folk Arts and Crafts

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    1. Folk Arts and Crafts

    2. Folk Arts and Crafts (Intro) In this study, it we have a couple main questions: folk vs. nonfolk craft vs. art How do we differentiate the two and hence, how do we categorize?

    3. Definitions (Flexible in Categorization) Folk Crafts-are products that are mainly utilitarian and traditional that have been the result of amateur labor. (Functional) Folk Art-is usually thought of as purely decorative or representation items that have been produced through traditional means. (Mainly non-functional)

    4. Definitions for Clarification Traditional Means-is the process which normally implies a non-institutionalized process. The knowledge on how to do create the art/craft has been passed down informally or semi-formally or discovered individually. Furthermore, the production usually does not take place in a modern factory-like setting.

    5. Definitions for Clarification (cont) Amateur Labor-the labor that is performed by an individual or group of individuals who have not been trained through institutionalized means. Utilitarian-any object that has a use other than to just be seen. However, the are objects whose primary use it meant as a sign (e.g. Scarecrow). Decorative object-an object whose main purpose is to be admired for its precision, workmanship, or beauty.

    6. An American Example of Craft (Folk and Non-Folk) Quilt-A type of bedspread or blanket that is formed by sewn squares and filled with down or other fill. Quilting Square-the individual unit which is duplicated to create the final design. Quilting Circle-A social group that is formed for the creation of a quilt (usually this is a secondary function).

    7. Quilting Links and Pictures Library of Congress American Memory Site: