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DTIC Online Access Controlled: S&T Resources and Search Tips April 8, 2009 Ms. Karen Nimerick PowerPoint Presentation
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DTIC Online Access Controlled: S&T Resources and Search Tips April 8, 2009 Ms. Karen Nimerick

DTIC Online Access Controlled: S&T Resources and Search Tips April 8, 2009 Ms. Karen Nimerick

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DTIC Online Access Controlled: S&T Resources and Search Tips April 8, 2009 Ms. Karen Nimerick

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Presentation Transcript

  1. DTIC Online Access Controlled: S&T Resources and Search Tips April 8, 2009 Ms. Karen Nimerick

  2. Outline • Purpose • Navigation • Searching • Document Ordering • Future Features • Status of STINET, TEMS, R&E Portal • DTIC Online SIPR

  3. DTIC Online Access Controlled PURPOSE

  4. Purpose of DTIC Online • Offer a unified interface for all resources • Allow users to search across all resources • Allow users to customize the site

  5. Sites Moving to DTIC Online Access Controlled (AC)

  6. Who Can Access DTIC Online AC? • Anyone who currently accesses: • R&E Portal • Private STINET • TEMS • DoDTechipedia customers who are DoD employees • Customers who sign up for temporary DTIC access at a conference Caveat: You may need to renew your account or complete your registration

  7. DTIC Online Access Controlled NAVIGATION


  9. Remove Portlets • These portlets cannot be removed. • Quick Links • Announcements • Customize Home Page

  10. Remove Portlets With X’s

  11. Optional Portlets Removed

  12. Customize Your Home Page Edit portlets by clicking on the “E” or selecting one of the categories.

  13. Customize Your Home Page

  14. One Arrangement Organize by dragging portals by arrows

  15. Another Arrangement

  16. Minimize And Maximize Portlets Minimize button Maximize button

  17. DTIC A-Z

  18. R&E Portal – Where Did it Go?

  19. Site Map Bookmarks only work for Home page and banner headings.

  20. Locate S&T Resources Navigation menu available

  21. Expand Navigation Menu Click on folder to view related resources

  22. Collapse Navigation Menu Click on folder again to collapse list

  23. Clicking on Folder Expands single navigation menu

  24. Clicking on Link Expands single navigation menu and displays description page for entire group of pages

  25. Breadcrumbs Shows your location on the site.

  26. DTIC Online Access Controlled SEARCHING

  27. Customize the Home Page

  28. Customize the Home Page Search engine is the same as DTIC Online Public. • Looks for both singulars and plurals. • Assumes AND between words. • Use AND, OR, NOT, parentheses. • Use quotes for phrases. • Use an asterisk for truncation. Collection includes everything on DTIC Online Public, plus all resources from R&E Portal, TEMS, and Private STINET.

  29. Viewing Results • Searches citation and/or the full text depending on the collection. • Results sorted by relevance. • Links to citations, pdfs, Word documents, PDFs, Powerpoints, Excel files, or Web pages.

  30. Use navigation within the portal, not your browser’s Back button. Abstracts will be hidden based on distribution limitations and your level of access.

  31. Some citations or summaries will be entirely suppressed based on your access rights.

  32. Searches the same content as in the banner search. • DoD Sites & Collections • Technical Reports • Research in Progress • DTIC Web Site • MultiSearch

  33. Click check boxes to select/deselect collections. • Some collections might not be available to you.

  34. Full Record - same as the banner search. It searches citations and/or full text depending on the collection. • Title – not all collections have decent titles (e.g. Web sites, PDF collections). • Author – not all collections have an author field.

  35. Search results look and function the same as from the banner search.

  36. Resource name links to either a content site or a search page. • links to a description of the resource.

  37. Collections DoD Sites and Collections – all resources Services & Agencies – all DoD Web sites including the DTIC site Technical Reports • Technical Reports – the Private STINET Technical Report database • TEMS – the database of technical reports collected by Information Analysis Centers Search Tools – the Corporate Source and DTIC Thesaurus from Private STINET/DTIC Online Public

  38. Collections Journal Articles & Conference Proceedings • The Air University Library's Index to Military Periodicals (AULIMP) – citations of journal articles collected by Air University Library • Defense Energy Security – full-text journal articles and slides accessible to a small community • National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Conference Proceedings – PDFs of presentations • Staff College Automated Military Periodicals Index (SCAMPI) - citations of journal articles collected by Air University Library

  39. Collections Research in Progress • Biomedical Research Database (BRD) – extracts from the Research Summaries collection • Egov/R&E Database - annual summaries of all DoD research • Global Technology Knowledge Base (GTKB) – summaries of foreign research • Independent Research & Development (IRD) – summaries of contractor-funded research (from Private STINET) • Rapid Reaction Technology Office (RRTO) – SOWs and Quad charts of technology developed by RRTO • Research Summaries – summaries of DoD research (from Private STINET) • S&T Success Stories - summaries of successful technologies developed by DoD

  40. Collections Budget and Planning Information • Research & Development Descriptive Summaries (RDDS) 1996-1999 – PDFs of R2 documents • Research & Development Descriptive Summaries (RDDS) 2000-present – PDFs of R2 documents • Defense Science & Technology Plan (DSTP) – PDFs of plans from the DSTP site • DoD Congressional Budget Data – PDFs and spreadsheets of congressional authorizations & appropriations, FY07-present • In-house S&T Activities – DoD In-house S&T Activities Management Reports, FY02-07

  41. Collections Standards, Directives, Guidance • DoD Index of Security Classification Guides – PDFs of sections of the index (from Private STINET) • DoD Issuances (Directives and Instructions) – the WHS site and search engine • Military Critical Technologies List (MCTL) Public – collection of PDFs • Military Critical Technologies List (MCTL) Limited – database of PDFs People • R&E Community Members – database of DoD S&T POCs

  42. Other S&T Resources • [not included in search] • Federated Searches • Free Resources • Commercial Databases purchased by DTIC

  43. Goes to DTIC Online Public • Searches 53 resources • Includes DTIC Online Public Technical Reports

  44. DTIC Online Access Controlled DOCUMENT ORDERING

  45. Only documents from the Technical Reports (STINET) collection can be ordered. • Not all Technical Reports can be ordered. • You must fully register with DTIC and obtain a User Code to order documents.

  46. View Shopping Cart link takes you to Private STINET. Items will stay in the shopping cart until you order them or remove them.

  47. You must have a User Code to order documents.

  48. DTIC Online Access Controlled FUTURE FEATURES