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Design for Web Presentation. Assignment: Concept App Web Design. 1. Why?. Messages from tutors/teachers. Academic calendar. Assignments due. Academic timetable. Order your food in advance. Time based. Difficulty level. Pick up order as you pass the fast food restaurant.

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Design for web presentation

Design for Web Presentation

Assignment: Concept App Web Design.

1 why
1. Why?

Messages from tutors/teachers

Academic calendar

Assignments due

Academic timetable

Order your food in advance

Time based

Difficulty level

Pick up order as you pass the fast food restaurant

Ingredients you already have

Recipes including particular ingredients

Great for long journeys

Suggests alternative routes

Updates you on traffic jams on your journey.

2 who
2. Who?

3 how
3. How?

These thumbnail sketches are part of my research. I looked at a number of sites on which grabbed my attention and noted down the features which worked best. For example the position of the logo, the call to action buttons s well as the colour and typography used.

This is the beginning of my wire frame website. I have made sure the important features (found from my research) are above the fold and easy for the user to see.

As the app is an academic tool I have used a font that looks like handwriting and put it on a notepad background.

After working on my wireframe I have realised that I will have to work harder on trying to make the theme appropriate a fun.

4 what
4. What?

The app is design for students; from GCSE students to University students therefore when designing my webpages I will have to take the following aspects into consideration:


The colour theme of the website will have to be appealing to both boys and girls as it is not a gender specific app, likewise I will make the colours fun to attract attention. One way of doing this would be to make the colours contrasting, this will also make the call to action buttons stand out. Furthermore the colours of my webpages will be consistent throughout the site, this way the user will know they are still on the same website, making it more user friendly.


Grids are used to keep texts and images in line which in turn makes the web pages neat and more user friendly.


Firstly the text on the website needs to be legible and has to appeal to the target audience. I will do this by making the typography fun and bright as it is quite a young audience. There also needs to be hierarchy within the text as it is important to make the more significant parts stand out above the less significant parts, this includes using bold and italic texts and using the colour theme appropriately. Additionally, like the colour theme, it is important to keep the style of text consistent throughout the site.


It’s vital that the layout of the webpage is pleasing (especially the homepage) as it is the first thing the audience see. From looking at other sites I will ensure my logo will be at the top of the page and most likely in the left corner, following this the tagline will be directly beneath it. I think its valuable to put an image of the app on the homepage and it will have to be above the fold as its probable that the image will be seen before the description (placed next to the app image) of the app is read. In regards to the central navigation; they are usually on the left or top of the pages, I haven’t made a final decision as to where I will put these however I will definitely ensue the that the ‘Get the App’ button is above the fold and stands out to encourage people to download it.

5 where
5. Where?

  • This app is intended for students of ages, however will be most useful for students studying for their GCSE’s, A-Levels and degrees.

  • In the future the app could be developed to have different pages to be more detailed to what the user is studying.

  • The site will be different to others as I will ensure that an academic tool is not only useful but fun so students will want to download it. Overall the aim of the app is to improve grades across the country and the website is the first steps to making sure people know about it.

  • The app could be aimed at school to encourage the students to download it or aimed to the students.

What Next?

  • Decided the final audience; schools or students?

  • Create a final wireframe

  • Start writing HTML.