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Governing Content Types, Policies, and Taxonomy Services in SharePoint 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Governing Content Types, Policies, and Taxonomy Services in SharePoint 2010. Name Title Company. Agenda. Managed metadata Overview Enterprise Keywords Term Store Managed Metadata Column Content Type Publication. Information Management Governance. Managed Metadata.

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Presentation Transcript

Agenda SharePoint 2010

  • Managed metadata Overview

  • Enterprise Keywords

  • Term Store

  • Managed Metadata Column

  • Content Type Publication

Managed metadata

Information Management Governance SharePoint 2010

Managed Metadata

What is managed metadata
What is Managed Metadata? SharePoint 2010

A hierarchical collection of centrally managed terms that you can defineand then use as attributes for itemsin Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

Enterprise keywords
Enterprise Keywords SharePoint 2010

  • Simply words or phrases

  • Keyword set

  • Enterprise Keywords column.

  • Enterprise keyword control

  • New or existing displayed

  • Multiple values by default.

Enterprise keywords rtm update
Enterprise Keywords RTM Update SharePoint 2010

  • "managed keywords" are now called "enterprise keywords"

  • The Enterprise Keyword column is not on the Document content type out-of-the-box.

  • By default, the social tag store isn't informed about any managed metadata that's added to items.

  • "private term set" only seen from the suggestions UI except when you're entering a value for the column that's bound to the private term set.

Applying metadata
Applying Metadata SharePoint 2010

Edit properties UI

Location-based metadata

Business process

Document information panel


InfoPath forms

Object model

Web Browser

Office Client

Custom Apps

Applying metadata1

Applying Metadata SharePoint 2010


Managed metadata services overview
Managed Metadata Services Overview SharePoint 2010


  • Term store

    • Term

    • Term sets

    • Term groups

Content Type Hub


Content types

  • URL

  • Local or remote

Managed metadata connections
Managed Metadata Connections SharePoint 2010

  • Web application

    • Connection to a managed metadata service

    • Can have connections to multiple services

    • Services can be local to the web applicationor remote

  • Connections options

    • Default keyword location

    • Default location for column specific term sets

    • Use content types

    • Push-down content type publishing updates

Terms SharePoint 2010

A word or a phrase that can be associated with an Objects in SharePoint Server 2010

Two types: managed terms and Enterprise keywords

Merge, delete, deprecate, translate, move

Synonyms, description, translations, custom properties

Maximum one million objects per term store

Implemented through “managed metadata”site column




Term sets
Term Sets SharePoint 2010

A collection of terms that are arrangedinto and stored as a hierarchy or a flat list

One instance of source term

30,000 terms per term set

Maximum 1,000 term sets per term store

Specify that a column must contain a termfrom a specific term set





Term set group
Term Set Group SharePoint 2010

A collection of terms sets

Many groups per term store

Used as security boundary

Office PG & Windows PG




Term store
Term Store SharePoint 2010

A database in which managed metadata is storedin the form of term sets and terms

Groups container

Settings for language, ACLs (un)partitioned

Many term sets per group

One term store per SSA

Separation for Scale




Term store1

Term Store SharePoint 2010


Managed metadata column
Managed Metadata Column SharePoint 2010

  • New Column Type: managed metadata.

  • Specify the term set

  • Used to enforce terms

  • Added to new or existing content type.

Managed metadata column1

Managed Metadata Column SharePoint 2010


Managed metadata column type
Managed Metadata Column Type SharePoint 2010

Enterprise Keywords

Managed Metadata

Single or multi-value field

Base doc content type

One per content type

Multiple columns on a list,library, or content type

Validate against all available term sets in all available term stores

Inclusive/exclusive filtering

Always for “folksonomies”

MUI enabled


Preferred term

Most recently used

Tree picker control

Benefits of managed metadata
Benefits of Managed Metadata SharePoint 2010

  • More consistent use of terminology

  • Better search results

  • Dynamic

Content type publishing

Information Management Governance SharePoint 2010

Content type Publishing

Content type publishing1
Content Type Publishing SharePoint 2010

Up-to-date and consistent schemasacross the Enterprise

Syndicated content types can havea single policy

Share across Site Collections& Farms




Content type publishing2
Content Type Publishing SharePoint 2010

  • Managed Metadata service

  • Enterprise Metadata hub for content type publishing.

  • Connect and subscribe

  • Configured within the Central Admin

  • Centrally managed.

  • Read-only on subscribing sites.

  • Re-publish updates

Publishing content types
Publishing Content Types SharePoint 2010

Content Types

Published from normal site collection

Metadata Service syndication is not requirement

Service connection can consume content types from the service

Per consuming SC error report

Consuming SC report

Rollup report at hub


Content type hub
Content Type Hub SharePoint 2010

  • Maximum of one hub per MMS

  • Subscribe to more than one hub

  • Set on site collection

  • Content type container

  • Accessed by URL

Managing the hub
Managing the Hub SharePoint 2010

  • Publish content types

  • Republish content types

  • Unpublish content types

  • View the publishing history

How does managed metadata help with governance
How Does Managed Metadata SharePoint 2010Help With Governance?

Consistent terminology



More metadata


Making it easy on the users

Reduce training


Information Architecture

Better Search Results


Content type publishing3

Content Type Publishing SharePoint 2010


Summary SharePoint 2010

  • Managed metadata Overview

  • Enterprise Keywords

  • Term Store

  • Managed Metadata Column

  • Content Type Publication

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