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Generic Technology Achievement Standards in the Digital Technology Classroom Gabrielle Ashton Team Solutions, Faculty of

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Generic Technology Achievement Standards in the Digital Technology Classroom Gabrielle Ashton Team Solutions, Faculty of - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Generic Technology Achievement Standards in the Digital Technology Classroom Gabrielle Ashton Team Solutions, Faculty of Education The University of Auckland. Generic Technology 1.8 (91051) Demonstrate understanding of how different disciplines influence a technological development.

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Generic Technology Achievement Standards in the Digital Technology Classroom

Gabrielle Ashton

Team Solutions, Faculty of EducationThe University of Auckland

Generic Technology 1.8 (91051)Demonstrate understanding of how different disciplines influence a technological development

The technological development explored must clearly draw from two or more disciplines and involve collaboration between individuals. Examples of technological developments include but are not limited to – refrigeration, bicycles, virtual reality, world wide web (www), smart materials, functional foods, flat pack furniture, remote control.

Using the teaching as inquiry model what strategies can you use to help your students demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the impact of knowledge's and practices of collaboration on the development of the Sidhe website
background knowledge
Background Knowledge
  • What prior knowledge will be important to activate?
  • What is worth while spending time on?
  • What strategies could you use to help your students to synthesize the information in the case study?
  • How will you approach this standard given where your students are at?
vocabulary jungle
Vocabulary Jungle

Repetitive process, potential, core development, pitching, unique, original, concept, key role, environment, programmer, communication skills, animation, parameter, confidential, scoping,

code leads, specific discipline, risk/reward, pattern, pre- production, “green light”, propriety code, middleware, track editor, prototyping, graphics, hardware, manufacturer, bugs, usability testing, target market, builds of games, intellectual property, license, franchised, iterative process,


focus points for the sidhe case study include
Focus points for the Sidhe Case study include
  • Characteristics of Technology
  • collaborative teamwork.
  • Technological modelling
  • ongoing refinement based on the evaluation of functional modelling
  • Technological systems
  • integration of developed software with existing hardware
  • Planning for Practice
  • effective use of available skills and ongoing interaction with target market; protection of original IP; efficient and appropriate documentation; ongoing testing and evaluation
  • Outcome Development and Evaluation
  • the pitching round; creative generation of design ideas
Assessment Criteria 1.8

A report that demonstrates understandingwill:

  • identify the knowledge and practices from different disciplines that influenced the development of the promotional product
  • identify how they have collaborated during the development of the promotional product
  • describe how these people and their discipline knowledge and practices and collaboration have impacted on the development of the promotional product.

A report that demonstrates in depth understandingwill also:

  • explain how knowledge, practices and collaboration impacted on the development of the promotional product.
  • A report that demonstrates comprehensive understandingwill also:

discuss how knowledge, practices and collaboration interacted to impact on the development of the promotional product

what do we mean by identify explain discuss
What Do We Mean By Identify, Explain & Discuss
  • Identify is to list and describe, to give an account
  • Explain is to - describe in detail Give reasons to justify ideas, thinking
  • Discuss is to – compare and contrast.
Undertake Brief Development to Address a Need or Opportunity91044 (1.1)Internal 4 credits ( Literacy Standard)
what is brief development
What is brief development?
  • Dynamic process throughout practice
  • Clearly describes a desired outcome
  • Meets a need or realizes an opportunity
  • Physical and social environment considered through out practice
  • Conceptual statement, what is to be done and why it should be done.
  • The specifications provide guidance for ongoing evaluation during the development of an outcome, as well as serving as an evaluative tool against which the final outcome can be justified as fit for purpose.
Undertaking Brief Development to Address a Need or Opportunity Involves…..

Exploring the given context and issue

Identifying a need or opportunity

Who are the stakeholders?

Conceptual statement tells a story that communicates what is to be done and why it should be done.


Attributes are broad descriptive aspects of the physical and functional nature of atechnological outcome.

FunctionalPerformance ….what can it do?

PhysicalAppearance…… what it looks like and of is comprised of

analyze evidence gained from
Analyze Evidence Gained From
  • Conceptual drawings
  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Functional Modeling
  • Experimentation
  • Trialing /testing
  • Planning/time management
  • Consultation with stakeholders has occurred throughout practice with the student reflecting on and using opinions to make decisions on research and functional modelling in order to establish the required physical and functional attributes of the potential outcome.
Developing a Brief in ReverseClosely examine a technological outcome , for example this website “Clay Art Studio
using the a3 sheet
Using the A3 Sheet …….
  • Write down the physical and functional specifications, these are measurable.
  • Develop a conceptual statement
  • What are the attributes?
  • How about possible contexts and issues
  • Physical
  • Predominate colours will be red and orange
  • Finished mosaic images must be used.
  • Coloured images of glass jewellery must be displayed
  • Company logo must be incorporated
  • Calibri (theme headings) font size 12 to be used
  • Text colour dark blue


  • Will incorporate masthead
  • Menu board with hyperlinks to supply up to date information
  • Quick search
  • Terms and conditions
  • Glass classes will be described in detail.
possible attributes
Possible Attributes
  • Use bright contrasting colours
  • Have features that allow the viewer to easily navigate the site
  • Should advertise classes
  • Supply lots of information about products
  • The format should encourage the viewer to explore and buy the products advertised
  • Clear easy to read font
  • Images should be used
  • The viewer should be easily able to contact the website and get regular updates
conceptual statement
Conceptual Statement

A friend has bought an existing glass shop /warehouse. At the moment the shop sells glass and does lead light repairs customers. The business has been going for 55years, all advertising is done by word of mouth and the yellow pages. There is very little foot traffic past the shop so sales are falling off. The new owner is going to start glass classes to encourage people to visit the shop. As well he wants to sell glass and glass equipment. He would like to develop a client base who have regular updates to new products and classes

demonstrate understanding of design elements 1 10 a s 91053
Demonstrate Understanding of Design Elements.1.10 A/S 91053

This standard requires students to provide evidence of their understanding of the relationship between design elements and the quality of a design, with consideration of the context that the product was designed to be placed or used in.

Providing students with multiple learning opportunities focused on identifying how design elements have been prioritised within a range of different products will support students to develop a comprehensive understanding about relationships between design elements and the quality of a design.
Understandings gained from analysing products may be used to support students own design work when undertaking technological practice. For example, digital technology students could compare and contrast the relationship between design elements and quality of websites formatted by two different web designers as a precursor to undertaking their own development.
While the context for this assessment resource is website design it may be easily adapted for other contexts for example
knowledge of design elements
Knowledge of Design Elements

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of design elements by analysing and explaining the key design elements that underpin the design of two websites selling outdoor clothing. This explanation requires students to determine the quality of the design the websites, in terms of both subjective and objective aspects. Students are also encouraged to discuss how prioritisation of the design elements has impacted on the overall design and quality of the websites in terms of which site is most effective

design elements may include but are not limited to
Design ElementsMay Include But are Not limited to

line, balance, shape, colour, symmetry, strength, contrast, durability, alignment, texture, clarity, scale, space and proximity

subjective aspects
Subjective aspects

…..are those linked to aesthetics (as they relate to human factors such as personal preference, style, fashion, taste, identity, image, perception, and which are based on cultural and sociological conditions).

Subjective information

….is opinion, judgement, assumption, belief, rumour, suspicion,

Subjective language

…..I like, I thought, I feel, I think, I need, this is my opinion, my thoughts are, I believe, I assume, my judgment is………….. I perceive,

objective aspects
….Objective aspects

………are those that can be established in a quantifiable sense (as they relate to human factors such as, purpose, operation, cost and production.)

………Objective information is factual, observable, able to be seen, heard or touched, smelled tasted, able to be described, the same from multiple reporters, as close to the truth as we can get, helpful in decision making.

………Objective Language. Students take themselves out of the situation. The … , The facts are, the description is, in comparing

Context of the Chosen Websites:

The websites I have chosen to demonstrate comprehensive understanding of design elements are Ice breaker and Ironbark Outdoor clothing.

The context for Icebreaker website is (fashion conscience, sophistication, style, cutting edge, high quality)

The context for Ironbark clothing website is (reliability, functionality, fit for purpose, stood the test of time)

My understanding of design elements and how they impact on the quality of website designYour discussion can be supported by annotated sketches, photographs, notes and/or quotes from articles)


I like the balance between the warm colours and the cool icy colours.. My perception is the range is coordinated

and elegant


The cold of the ice symbolizes extremes of nature i.e. ice, snow.



I perceive line is used in this website to look like ice, so the buyer immediately thinks “I need warm clothing”. As well line is used to provide the viewer with clear direction to the links available


The entire composition replicates broken glass, is brittle which symbolizes extreme cold in outdoor conditions



I consider line is used in this website to give a look of solidarity, it is very uniform, like used in bank websites “I can be trusted”


The line used in this website is structured and of similar weight

How success of the websites is affected by the relationship and use of the design elements in the identified context
presentation of assessment evidence
Presentation of Assessment Evidence

Evidence for assessment can be presented as a coherent report containing a range of annotated sketches and photographs, notes, quotes from articles and/or written discussions. The report may be written or presented in a digital media format (e.g. PowerPoint, website).

Use this checklist sheet to indicate where the evidence of your understanding design elements can be found and to show that this evidence has been verified by your teacher