dna rna proteins n.
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DNA -> RNA -> Proteins

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DNA -> RNA -> Proteins - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DNA -> RNA -> Proteins. The basic language of all living things. A Gene. A gene is a section of DNA that codes for a specific protein Only a very small percentage of our DNA (perhaps 1%) actually does this. RNA - ribonucleic acid. RNA is short compared to DNA

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dna rna proteins

DNA -> RNA -> Proteins

The basic language of all living things.

a gene
A Gene
  • A gene is a section of DNA that codes for a specific protein
  • Only a very small percentage of our DNA (perhaps 1%) actually does this
rna ribonucleic acid
RNA - ribonucleic acid
  • RNA is short compared to DNA
  • RNA has one strand instead of two
  • C, G, A, and U (uracil) instead of C,G,A, and T
  • (U takes the place of T)
messenger rna
Messenger RNA
  • DNA is a large and bulky molecules, it does not travel well, so when it wants to make a protein it makes and mRNA copy of the instructions
  • This process is called transcription, because the DNA transcribes “copies” itself
  • It takes advantage of base pairing
rna polymerase
RNA Polymerase
  • An enzyme called RNA Polymerase makes all of this happen
  • The enzyme puts the new nucleotides in place
mrna finds a ribosome
mRNA finds a ribosome
  • mRNA moves out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm of the cell where it finds a ribosome
  • The ribosome is made of RNA and it will serve as a work bench for making proteins
  • Once attached to the ribosome, the mRNA is translated from the language of nucleic acids to the language of amino acids
  • Each three letter word or “codon” calls for one amino acids
  • It is the job of the transfer RNA is to transfer the correct amino acid to the correct mRNA codon
polypeptide chain
Polypeptide chain
  • In this way a polypeptide is made
  • Each time a a tRNA connects to a mRNA one amino acid is added to the growing chain
  • Can you label all of the parts in this diagram?
  • A_________
  • B_________
  • C_________
  • D_________
  • E_________



Amino Acid