cox enterprises journey towards mobile enablement n.
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Cox Enterprises Journey Towards Mobile Enablement PowerPoint Presentation
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Cox Enterprises Journey Towards Mobile Enablement

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Cox Enterprises Journey Towards Mobile Enablement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cox Enterprises Journey Towards Mobile Enablement. Journey T owards Mobile Enablement Understand context, background , and business drivers Vision of the Cox Enterprises Mobile domain Approach Progress to date, and plans for the future

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Presentation Transcript
presentation objectives

Journey Towards Mobile Enablement

  • Understand context, background, and business drivers
  • Vision of the Cox Enterprises Mobile domain
  • Approach
  • Progress to date, and plans for the future
  • Things to consider on the path to Mobile Enablement
Presentation Objectives
mobile domain at cox enterprises

Separate Groups for:

    • Handset support
    • Device/Network Management
    • Carrier management
    • Application Development
    • QA
    • Strategy and Implementation
Mobile Domain at Cox Enterprises
mobile enablement at cox enterprises

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

  • Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzuChinese philosopher (604 BC - 531 BC)
Mobile Enablement at Cox Enterprises
vision the end state

Device Support

  • Test
  • Apps
  • Customer
  • Service Mgt

Enhancing business value through Mobile Technology.

  • Security
  • Device Mgt


Deploy mobile applications for all business services compliant to all supported devices.

  • 100% mobile accessible
    • I get to my stuff from anywhere, including my mobile device
Vision – The End State
a future glimpse having a baby

Today’s Experience

  • At work and home computer—go to subsidiary sites or InSite and read general information about “maternity coverage” and “qualified status changes”
  • Or call HR 

Future Experience

  • At doctor’s office access Cox’s app store and download Employee Portal mobile app
  • Search on ‘baby’
  • Review role-based benefits policies
  • Access Aetna mobile app from Cox’s App and enroll in healthy mother/baby program
  • Access Cox’s New Parents collaboration discussion to tap into wisdom of other parents
  • Explore employee discounts relevant to new parents

Future Benefits

  • Real-time access to HR/Benefits information
  • Decrease administrative focus for HR and supporting departments
  • Increase employee engagement and productivity
  • Leverage HR data to drive employee benefits understanding, appreciation, and decision-making
  • Use HR data to personalize and proactively target contextual information and analytics (knows who I am /where I am/what I need to know)
  • Present consistent information, message and experience across subsidiaries and geographies
A Future Glimpse – Having a Baby
call to action business drivers

Key Events

  • Microsoft and Apple for creating the PC ecosystem that, 30 years ago, started it all by letting people become familiar—even skilled—with computer technology at both work and home.
  • Iphone released June 29, 2007
  • Android Phones
    • Google purchased Android Inc., 2005
    • Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of hardware, software, and  telecommunication companies for pen standards for mobile devices
  • Ecosystem for Application Development and Distribution
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Google creating social and collaborative technologies that, once entrenched in employees’ personal lives, became appealing for business.
Call to Action – Business Drivers

Other Trends

  • Blending of work / personal life
  • Rise of the Millennials
  • By 2014, more mobile devices than PCs and laptops

Business Drivers

business drivers

Consumerization of IT

  • Use of technologies that can easily be provisioned by non-technologists.
  • Variety of tablets and smart phones used in the workplace; people using Phone, iPad, and Android devices instead of corporate-sanctioned BlackBerry
  • Departments deploying Software as a Service bypassing IT
  • Smart Drives synced in the cloud to phone home devices
  • Employees demand to use their personally preferred mobile devices, personal computers, applications, social media, and cloud services and will find a way
  • 40% of devices used to access business applications are personally owned by iWorkers, up from 30% in 2010.
  • Source: IDC information worker custom survey, business IT custom survey, sponsored by Unisys, May 2011
Business Drivers

Refresh Strategy

  • Initial Roadmap
  • Assessment & Initial Strategy




Plan of Attack

strategy refresh

Revisited Mobile Domain Strategy In 2012

  • Wanted to ensure technology planning was ahead of business demand where possible
  • Part of a broader review of Business Platform Strategies; Technology platforms needed to support priority business Initiatives
  • Incorporated broader business vision and strategic initiatives:
    • Simple, consumer-like experience - Digital experience inside Cox matches the outside world (seamless, intuitive)
    • 100% personalized to me - I get what I want, when I need it. It’s smart.
    • 100% mobile accessible - I get to my stuff from anywhere, including my mobile device
    • Highly customizable -I can choose what I see and what I don’t
Strategy Refresh
roadmap for the future

Planned Initiatives

  • Mobile portal
  • Corporate App Store
  • VPN access
  • Device Management
  • Mobile Messaging Pilot
  • Mobile Single Sign-on
  • Additional Custom Apps
  • Leverage vendor mobile Apps
  • 3rd Party App Inventory
  • Traffic
  • AJC Digest
  • Valpak Local Savings
  • Scoutmob
  • (Kelley Blue Book)
  • PB Post
  • Dayton Daily
  • Austin American Statesman 360 iReporter
  • Aetna Mobile
  • Vanguard
  • Yammer
Roadmap for the Future
things to consider

Business Alignment

  • Policy and Governance
  • App Distribution
  • Mobile Device Management across organizational boundaries
  • Platform Support
  • Development tools and skillsets
  • Testing strategies
Things to Consider