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Making the Most of the Minnesota Education Job Fair

Making the Most of the Minnesota Education Job Fair. Career Development Center  209 Wigley Administration 507-389-6061  Date and Logistics. Monday, April 15 , 2013 10:00am-3:00pm ( Interviews run until 5:00pm)

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Making the Most of the Minnesota Education Job Fair

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  1. Making the Most of the Minnesota Education Job Fair Career Development Center  209 Wigley Administration 507-389-6061 

  2. Date and Logistics Monday, April 15, 2013 10:00am-3:00pm (Interviews run until 5:00pm) Minneapolis Convention Center1301 Second Avenue SouthMinneapolis, MN 55403

  3. Directions • From the South (I-35W)Follow downtown exit signs to the 11th Street exit and follow 11th Street to 2nd Avenue South. Turn left on 2nd Avenue South and go 1 block to Convention Center. • From the West (I-94)Take the 4th Street exit from I-94 and proceed to 2nd Avenue South. (Do NOT turn right onto 2nd Avenue North.) Turn right on 2nd Avenue South and go 8 blocks to Convention Center. • From the West (I-394)Take Downtown exit (12th Street): follow 12th Street South to 2nd Avenue South and turn right. The Convention Center is on your left • Additional driving directions

  4. Parking • There are multiple parking ramps in the area. • Select one that is near, but have a backup plan as they fill up quickly. • Bring enough cash for all-day parking, they may not take credit cards. • $25 should be plenty for all day parking in Minneapolis. • Click here for additional parking rates.

  5. Preparing for the Fair-What to Bring • Review the check list prior to the event • RESUMES! 25+ If you need guidance on developing your resume, visit the CDC Job Search Handbook • Review school district registrations • Padfolio ($10 in the CDC) • Notepad & pen • Notes on any school district research you have done or correspondence you have received from districts • $$$$ and other personal necessities • Mini-interview portfolio for use in interviews • Bag or a purse, not both • HINT: Keep materials streamlined, don’t overload yourself with too much to carry.

  6. Preparing for the Fair-What to do • Gather information on districts you are interested in • Rehearse your “1-2 minute verbal resume” • Be ready to talk about your strengths AND provide examples of these! • HINT: A great resource to research districts in addition to their website is Yahoo Directory of k-12 Schools

  7. Preparing for the Fair-What to Wear • Dress conservatively and professionally • A suit is not absolutely required, but a safe bet and makes a great first impression • Women (Click here for Video) • Close-toed heals (comfortable shoes!) • Limit jewelry and makeup • Be aware of skirt length and revealing necklines • Pantyhose with skirts is a must! • Men (Click here for Video) • Clean shaven/trimmed • Dress socks (no white athletic socks) • Tie is a must • Matching belt and shoes

  8. Preparing for the Fair-What to Wear

  9. When You Get to the Fair • Drop by the MSU registration table & pick up your name badge, map of the layout, and schedule of district presentations • Orient yourself to the facility and find a quiet area and review your district info, plan your strategy, etc. • Break away from your group of friends if you arrived with one and take on the fair independently • Don’t be intimidated by the initial “rush” of candidates! • Observe how other candidates are approaching and interacting with districts…learn from them!

  10. Plan of Attack • Get there early and expect to stay all day • Create a prioritized list of districts you most want to visit • Try not to make the district you really want to work for your very first or very last stop • If the line for a district is long, it may be more efficient to check back later in the day • Give yourself some time to eat, take breaks, and write down notes throughout the day

  11. General Guidelines at the Fair • Maintain professionalism throughout the entire event—even when at lunch or walking to your car • Take time between booths to write down some notes, get a drink, and collect your thoughts • Reflect after each interaction with an employer and think about what went well and what you can do differently • Pace yourself—you don’t have to visit all your booths in 30 minutes, but you also want to leave time for interviewing • Be confident while also being yourself • Utilize positive self-talk and encouragement • Relax, deep breaths, and you will do great!

  12. Approaching the Booth… • Respect the privacy of others as you approach the booth • Remember, you are “on stage” at all times, which includes standing in line and moving around the booth area • Make eye contact immediately when introducing yourself • Give a firm handshake to get you off to a good start • Remember the recruiter’s name. If you forget, casually refer to their nametag. • SMILE and be polite--show your enthusiasm!

  13. Approaching the Booth Cont. • Do not fidget or play with your hair • Do not look around when talking or being spoken to • Do not chew gum! • Listen carefully to what the recruiter has to say! • Avoid using filler words such as “um”, “like”, “you know” • Show confidence in your voice • Offer a resume • Ask for a business card or write down the recruiters name • Ask what the hiring procedure/timeline is for that district, you want to make sure you are doing it right!

  14. What to Say… • Introduce yourself with confidence! • Name • Licensure area • What you know about their school district • Provide them with a resume • Share some of your experiences that are relevant such as where you are student teaching, volunteer experience, etc. • Ask questions about their organization and positions available • Get a business card! • Watch this video on Career Fair Success

  15. Winding Down… • Double check to ensure you’ve talked to all the districts of interest and you have their contact information • Make any last minute notes from the day • Ensure you have all of your belongings and you’re not leaving anything behind • Regroup with friends, but remember to keep all talk positive and be professional

  16. You Got an Interview!? GREAT! • Have a 3-point agenda: 1) what am I looking for? 2) what do I have to offer this district? 3) what questions do I have for this particular district? • Be a good listener as well as a good talker! Take your cues from the interviewer (when do I end my response? When is the interview over?) • Generate & maintain interest by smiling and responding with SPECIFIC & CONCISE answers/examples…keep your voice lively, maintain a pleasant tone, & use humor appropriately • Respond truthfully, while always painting a positive picture of yourself (ex. “I have not yet had the opportunity to…but in a similar situation I…”)

  17. Interviewing Cont. • Request school district information if you do not already have it, also request application materials & a copy of the interviewer’s business card • Ask about the hiring process and a timeline…determine actual and potential openings • Offer a firm handshake at the end of the interview • Walk away with confidence, remember, you are still “on stage”! • HINT: Immediately following the interview, go to a quiet area an make notes on topics of conversation, contact names, follow-up procedures, etc. Don’t rely on your memory for this! • Watch a video

  18. After the Fair • Congratulate yourself on a job well done! • Send a thank-you letter within 3 days of the event • Write to any prospective employers you are still interested in whether you talked with them at the Fair or not • Follow-up with any employers in which you said you would • Debrief--what would you do differently the next time? • Keep good records of contact including dates of your emails/phone calls and copies of all application materials which you send • Don’t measure your success by the number of interviews that you have at the fair--all of your hard work will pay off, just be patient!

  19. Additional Websites • CDC Website with specific Education links (click on the link below, then “Education” and scroll down for K-12) • Yahoo Directory of K-12 Schools: • U.S. Department of Education for Teachers:

  20. Good Luck!See you at the Fair!

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