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Forestry in Canada

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Is a big Renewable Natural resource business that has important products, jobs and environmental concerns. Forestry in Canada. Introductory facts Canada is number 3. . #3. #1. #2. Forestry in Canada. 63% Coniferous 22% Deciduous, 15% Mixed. Deciduous forest. Forestry in Canada.

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forestry in canada

Is a big Renewable Natural resource business that has important products, jobs and environmental concerns

Forestry in Canada

forestry in canada1

Forestry in Canada

63% Coniferous22% Deciduous, 15% Mixed

Deciduous forest

forestry in canada2

Forestry in Canada

The “PLAN” is…….

Sustained Yield Forest Management

…… removing trees in such a way so that the forest is able to fully renew itself.

forestry in canada5

Forestry in Canada

Can often be a battle between

COMPANY and Environment Advocates

forestry in canada6

Forestry in Canada

1) The Provincial Government tells companies what they must do to be Sustainable.2) The PLAN is to keep environment healthy and make sure the forest grows back. 3) Companies are often much better than the ONCELERS in the LORAX story.

forestry in canada8

Forests are owned by Provincial governments.

The Ministry of Natural resources is in-charge.

Private companies apply for forestry contracts to the Ministry.


Forestry in Canada

forestry in canada9
Forestry in Canada
  • A commercial forest makes profit for a private company…(2 factors)- has large enough trees - close enough to civilization
  • 5 Major COMMERCIAL FOREST regions exist
  • Boreal, Taiga, Montane, West Coast, and Mixed
boreal commercial forest
Boreal COMMERCIAL Forest
  • The largest REGION
  • Produces mostly Pulp and Paper from Coniferous trees (sometimes called softwood)
taiga commercial forest
  • North of Boreal Forest
  • Poorest quality soft wood and lowest productivity
west coast commercial forest
West Coast COMMERCIAL Forest
  • Biggest Trees, Highest Productivity and highest volume of wood per hectare.
  • Has soil erosion problems and unique species issues.
  • Many coniferous trees (normally called softwood) are harder and can be used for EXPENSIVE furniture.
montane commercial forest
Montane COMMERCIAL Forest
  • B.C. Interior Mountains. 2nd most productive
  • Big Producer of Softwood Lumber (#1 export)
  • Dealing with major problem: Pine Bark Beetle
mixed commercial forest region
Mixed COMMERCIAL Forest Region
  • Located in Southern Ontario and the Maritimes
  • Major product of Hardwood for furniture, Maple Sugar and hardwood flooring

Economics of Forestry

…1 out of 16 jobs in Canada is related to forestry350,000 are directly employed (around 6% of the workforce)

… another 500,000 people work in businesses using or supplying to direct employees

…Its worth a lot of money

Revenue from Forest Products = 80 BILLION DOLLARS

Value of Exports = 40 BILLION DOLLARS


Forest area

Canada by the Numbers

  • TOTAL Area of Canada = 1 Billion hectares (1,000 million)
  • Commerical Forest = 310 million  hectares
  • Forest Fires Area = 3 million hectares
  • Harvest Area = 1.5 -2 million  hectares
  • Area Planted = 0.5 million hectares
clear cutting
Clear Cutting
  • Removes all of the trees
  • Best in flat areas that naturally have fires
  • Remove Trees, Burn slash, spread the ash, plant seedlings that can grow a new forest
  • People are paid to re-plant seedlings from selected stock that grow fast and large.
shelterwood cutting
Shelterwood cutting
  • Cut medium sized trees only
  • Leave the CANOPY intact to supply natural seed and provide shelter from the elements
selective cutting
Selective cutting
  • Cut Old, Mature, diseased or desirable trees
  • Seed can come from what trees are left behind
one unusual method is called heli logging
One unusual method is called Heli-Logging


pulp and paper
Pulp and Paper
  • Quebec and Ontario are the top 2 producing provinces. Paper, cardboard, newsprint and raw wood pulp are the main products.
  • Canada is largest exporter of Pulp and Paper in the world. Softwood trees are processed.
pulp mill example
Pulp mill example


  • Includes wood for furniture, floors and building.
  • This is can be softwood or hardwood.
  • British Columbia is the largest Lumber province.


threats to the forest
Threats to the forest
  • Acid Rain comes from industry and makes soil acidic. Trees grow poorly or die.This is a big problem in Ontario and Quebec
threats to the forest1
Threats to the forest

Pests include, Spruce Budworm, Pine Bark Beetle, and Gypsy Moth. Much money and effort is spent to stop tree losses. Some foresters argue that they remove less trees than what they have saved from pests.

threats to the forest2
Threats to the forest
  • Fire destroys close to 3 million hectares per year. 50% of these are caused by people.
rick mercer explores forest fire fighting
Rick Mercer explores forest fire fighting


According to Canda’s living LORAX (Dr. Suzuki) ….One other threat to the forest is “Genetically Engineered Trees”

When a Forest Company wants to begin Forestry operations in a new Forest, the Provincial government will decide if they are allowed to or not.Governments will often want to hear from anyone who may be affected by the new business (either positively or negatively)The Format is often “A Town Hall Meeting”

town hall meeting simulation
Town hall meeting SIMULATION
  • The Columbia Forest company has made application to the government to begin forest operations in a forest area near the town of _________ville. The Government must decide on whether Forestry operations should be allowed and if so, what requirements are needed for sustainability.
  • To help with their decision they plan to get input from anyone who has an interest (a Stakeholder) about the forest company application…A town hall meeting has been called in ____________ville.
  • Our class will simulate what could be heard at this meeting….. Groups of people with common interests exist. You will play the role of one individual in one of these groups.

You will need to prepare an 11 sentence Paragraph to participate and explain your opinion.You will need to read this in the class after next class.


The Stakeholders

  • Columbia Forest Company - CompanyOwner, Chain saw operator, Sawmill worker, trucker, forest scientist
  • Local Residents-Teenager, Town Bum, Young Mother, Local Nature Artist, Hippy, retired person (movie star??), teacher
  • Town Business owners- grocery store owner, waitress in local restaurant , furniture maker, campground owner, maple syrup collector and marketer
  • Environmental Protesters- bird watcher, Dr. David Suzuki, forest dweller, Ecologist
  • Aboriginals who live nearby- Chief, teenager, young mother, Adult who is a full time hunter and fisherman
  • Government- Minister of forestry, Mayor of Town, Premier of the Province