Diabetes in dogs
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Diabetes in dogs. Symptoms and treatment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Diabetes is not a curable disease but it can be brought under control if it is properly managed.

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Diabetes in dogs
Diabetes in dogs

Symptoms and treatment

Risk factors of diabetes in dogs
Risk factors of diabetes in dogs

Factors related to the development of diabetes in dogs are: breed, weight, sex, diet, age, virus infections, an inflamed pancreas, the presence of hormonal abnormalities such as hypothyroidism and Cushing’s syndrome.

Dog diabetes treatment
Dog diabetes treatment

Diabetes can be diagnosed by a blood test that measures your dog’s blood glucose level.

Dog diabetes treatment1
Dog diabetes treatment

  • The treatment consists in:

  • -daily shots with insulin,

  • -home monitoring,

  • -proper diet,

  • -weight loss,

  • -an exercise program.

Keeping diabetes under control is very important because if diabetes progresses, your pup can develop secondary diseases like cataracts and severe urinary tract problems. Untreated, diabetes can cause coma and death.

A diabetic dog can be treated at home and can enjoy a good life
A diabetic dog can be treated at home and can enjoy a good life.

You can read more information about dog diabetes here
You can read more information about dog diabetes here

http://affordablepup.com/blog/puppies- health/diabetes-in-dogs-symptoms-and-treatment/