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Pool safety is one of the major concerns for pool owners. Therefore, you should install pool alarm in your pool. It works as a safety tool for by alerting you about any disturbance in your pool. It also detects small children. Before buying pool alarm, there are some important things which you should know. To know more about these things and another information about pool alarms, go through this presentation.

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Pool alarms serve as a safety tool. It aware you when

someone disturbs the pool’s surface, removes the cover or

opens a gate to the pool. It actually ensures safety in two


First, if someone uses your pool illegally and secondly,

when someone falls accidently or deliberately in it. While

it's not the life saving device complete, but definitely gives

you some time to react in case of emergency.

Benefits of Pool Safety Alarm

 While small children enter the pool, it can be easily


 Unwanted intrusion of the animals or strangers in the

pool can be easily detected.

 The beginners or inexperienced swimmers can easily

enjoy swimming.

Limitations of Pool Safety Alarm

 Maintaining the sensor is not that easy.

 False alarms contribute to the problem.

 Installing space and storage space is one of the major


Things Consider while Purchasing

Pool Alarm

 It is better to purchase a safety alarm that’s easily

attachable to the poolside rather than the ones

monitoring water surface in the pools.

 An appropriate sound range is required for the alarm.

 The alarm ringing duration shall be adjustable.

 The design of the pool alarm shall be latest.

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