tackling underemployment pragyat gautam
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Tackling Underemployment Pragyat Gautam

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Tackling Underemployment Pragyat Gautam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tackling Underemployment Pragyat Gautam.

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Presentation Transcript
Tackling Underemployment is a non-profit organization that helps recent college graduates and other job seekers whose skills and knowledge are currently being underutilized in the labor market. This program works closely with local companies and firms and together they provide an opportunity for the youths to find a job that best fits their education and skills. The main goal of this program is to raise the living standards of these youths and see a decline in depression among youths.
underemployment rates
Underemployment Rates

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

*2013q3: Year ended June 30, 2013

Literature Reviews

Over qualification for a job is an important component of underemployment. Over qualification can be a source of personal frustration and dissatisfaction. Johnson and Johnson’s (1996) study of the postal workers’ union in the United States found that persons who perceived themselves to be overqualified for their jobs suffered greater psychological distress compared to those who did not share these perceptions.

An initial disadvantage among immigrants when they first enter the labor market is the absence of location-specific capital; immigrants have fewer social networks, less in- formation about local markets, fewer resources, and in many instances fewer market-specific skills needed for a job in the United States.

The problem of people working in low-wage jobs with no benefits has become more prevalent in the U.S. economy, as industrial restructuring, corporate downsizing, and outsourcing have given rise to a sizeable “contingent” workforce. That contingent workers and temps often lack benefits is only one reason why many of them could be counted as underemployed.


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Jensen, Leif and Tim Slack. 2003. "Underemployment in America: Measurement and Evidence." American Journal of Community Psychology 32(1):21-31.

evaluation plan
Evaluation Plan
  • Evaluation Question:
  • Has the standard/quality of your job increased?
  • Binary Variable: 1= Yes, 0= No
  • Evaluation Design