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Gate Entry

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Gate Entry

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  1. Gate Entry Planned Flow of the Software # 004 = Gate Entry

  2. File # 004 Covers the next cell of this flow chart

  3. Sub-Topics Covered

  4. Gate Entry Starts now

  5. Select the Gate Entry

  6. Fields available for gate entry.. As Gate person do not required so much function so as per his requirement only 4 buttons are allowed to him Choose type of the MRR (Gate Entry) like its PO Based, RGP, Incoming Job Work etc.

  7. Select the vendor name from the list

  8. Select the Item from the list

  9. He fills up vendor Bill no./Challan no. And Date & Time fill automatically Item received Quantity as per the Vendor bill Outer packages received

  10. Gate entry slip is ready Some people print it on a small sticker This sticker is pasted on the back side of the vendor bill – This is non-pealable / non replaceable

  11. Some options available For info only

  12. The Main stores can always see What material, received at Gate But not yet linked in main stores MRR

  13. Gate Entry register Has the Colm for Manual signatures too So, when Gate Stores gives vendors bill to the main stores, he gets signatures of main stores Reduces risk of “missing documents”

  14. Some Questions Need answers for the “Right” ERP Implementation

  15. Do you have a computer on Main Material Gate? If not, please get this done Very highly recommended.

  16. BenefitMajor Problems reduced , if you have a ERP running at the Main gate computer Vendor cannot send anything excess Vendor cannot send the wrong material Auto alert to the stores Reduction of manual work of stores team

  17. Best business Practice = Single Series, single register, nothing allowed in back date. Finsys has the capability to give you reports separately for Material against PO Cash / local market purchase material without PO Customer Rejections Material From Job Workers, Material from customers for incoming job work Excisable / non excisable Gate Entry Series = How many ?

  18. Best business Practice = Options are Bar Coded sticker pasted on back of vendor’s bill ? Non Bar coded sticker (pasted on back of vendors bill ? No sticker, just the traditional rubber stamp continues as usual ? Next Sticker or Stamp on the main gate ?

  19. Best business Practice = Finsys has the capability to give you Stickers Paste them on back of the vendors bill Will never be generated “twice” Rubber stamp can be done in back date, this sticker will not allow that without your knowledge Duplicate printout, even if allowed, will carry the words “ DUPLICATE” in bold Sticker or Stamp on the main gate ?

  20. Next .

  21. If you think that Security Guards cannot do this… think again. More than 100 factories of our clients are working at main gate via the “security guard supervisor” doing the materials gate entry. It also adds “discipline”.

  22. Next Allow excess Quantity at gate or not ? Need answers for the “Right” ERP Implementation

  23. Gate Entry lock for Purchase Orders / Schedule

  24. Next Idea for the Local market purchases

  25. SOP for “Local Market Purchases” • If the item is a production item / or is significant and you want a proper record • Make a PO + approve it as usual • Make a MRR + QC as usual • Pass it in the books, as usual • Only in this case, the vendor name will be “Local market” and it will be credited • As soon as the field person, or purchase person gives an evidence that he has paid to this vendor, pass the entry ( Local Market , bill no xxx debit, and Mr ABC imprest account credit ) • This is a model method. • Full history is maintained of the inventory inwards and stock in hand • Full history is maintained of the Price • Full history is maintained of the consumption patterns • Full history is maintained of the volume of funds moving via “local market” route • Risk of double payment claim by vendor is mitigated • You also have a knowledge of which imprest person is holding how much money of the company, not yet squared off.

  26. Local Market MRR

  27. Bill Passing for Local Market

  28. Thank You Finsys Team