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Why Use Java? | Java Programming Language PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Use Java? | Java Programming Language

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Why Use Java? | Java Programming Language - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developers first choice Java Programming Language because, java is object oriented concept based with provide higher level security, powerful development tool, easy learning, high performance, platform independent other advanced features with developer suggest and built java web application, enterprise application, embedded application, games software.

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Why Use Java? | Java Programming Language

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    1. Why Use Java? Java short tour…

    2. A Brief about Java In this era many persons have this question that, “Why use java?” many other programming languages available for development. Every Programming expert says we must using a programming language because is easy to understand at the same time. That is best programming language based on the concept of objects. Also, there are some of the outstanding features that Java provides and hereafter, it makes programmers to use it as one of the most effective and the resourceful programming language. So, here are some of the features that you can have a look.

    3. Java History Language Designed by James Gosling in 1991 Develop by Sun Microsystems (ORACLE CO OPERATION) First version launched May 23, 1995 (Java 1.0) Latest Version Java 9 File Extension .java, .class, .jar Java was Known As "Oak"

    4. 2018 Most Popular Programming Language 2018 70000 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0 JAVA PYTHON JAVASCRIPT C++ C# PHP PERL 2018

    5. Why Developers use Java ? • Java anchors Android apps development • Java is a main of enterprise computing • Java developers are in great demand • Java continues to grow


    7. Advantages of Java: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Wonderful Community Support Excellent Documentation Support (Javadocs) Mature ecosystem Large community of developers High performance Intelligent IDEs Independence from platform Platform independent Low cost • Easy to testStudent enthusiasm • Suitable for advanced courses • Easy transition to C++ and other languages • International appeal Object Oriented Distributed Interpreted Robust Secure Portability Dynamic Easy Learning Multithreaded Security Java has Rich API Powerful Development Tools (Ex: Eclipse, Netbeans) Great collection of Open Source Libraries • • • • • • • •

    8. Most Popular Applications built on Java: Sun SPOT BD-J JPC Thinkfree IntelliJ IDEA NetBeans IDE Eclipse

    9. • Install Java unit today to experience a seamless performance growth with perfect and correct data. • Worldwide, Around 10+ million Java Developers, and this network keeps on developing raise day by day. Java has a strong development manage with constant advance in security and execution. • It's a standard programming language which is usually used and benefits many individuals and organizations.

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