is engineered quartz the latest trend in kitchen n.
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Is Engineered Quartz the Latest Trend in Kitchen Remodelling PowerPoint Presentation
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Is Engineered Quartz the Latest Trend in Kitchen Remodelling

Is Engineered Quartz the Latest Trend in Kitchen Remodelling

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Is Engineered Quartz the Latest Trend in Kitchen Remodelling

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  1. Is Engineered Quartz the Latest Trend in Kitchen Remodelling?

  2. Unlike granite, engineered quartz is not a natural stone. But engineered quartz is manufactured by combining natural ground quartz with colors and polymer resins. Despite looking like natural stones, engineered quartz is highly customizable. Engineered quartz can also be used for creating slabs of varying sizes. Also, the custom quartz countertops can be installed without spending more money. There are also a number of reasons why homeowners prefer quartz countertops to natural stone

  3. ➢Durability: Engineered Engineered quartz Also, Also, it it is is manufactured manufactured with resistant resistant in in the the long countertops countertops over over a a longer maintenances maintenances.. However, However, they is isnot notexposed exposedto toexcessive quartz is is harder harder than with ingredients ingredients to to remain long run run.. Hence, Hence, homeowners homeowners can longer period period of of time they need need to to ensure excessiveheat heat.. than natural natural stones stones like remain scratch can use use quartz time without without complex ensure that that the the countertop like granite granite.. scratch- - quartz complex countertop

  4. ➢Customization Options: As As mentioned mentioned earlier, combining combining natural ingredients ingredients make natural natural stones stones.. Quartz slabs slabs.. While While remodeling quartz quartzcountertops, countertops,fireplace earlier, engineered engineered quartz natural ground ground quartz make quartz quartz more more flexible Quartz is is also also used remodeling his his kitchen, fireplacesurrounds, quartz is is manufactured manufactured by by quartz and and polymer polymer raisins flexible and and customizable customizable than used widely widely for for creating kitchen, a a homeowner homeowner can surrounds,and andflooring flooring.. raisins.. The The than larger can use creating larger use

  5. ➢Color Options: Normally, Normally, natural looking looking like like natural variety variety of of colors white, white, brown, brown, black, countertops countertops.. Hence, stylish stylishand andappealing natural stones natural stones, colors.. Based Based on on his his choice, black, red, red, natural Hence, he he can appealing.. stones are stones, engineered engineered quartz choice, a a homeowner natural blue, can easily easily make make the are available available in in selected selected colors quartz is is available homeowner can blue, or or patterned patterned quartz the kitchen kitchen look colors.. Despite Despite available in in a a can choose choose quartz both look both

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