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6 Simple Tricks to Create A Perfect Accent Wall PowerPoint Presentation
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6 Simple Tricks to Create A Perfect Accent Wall

6 Simple Tricks to Create A Perfect Accent Wall

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6 Simple Tricks to Create A Perfect Accent Wall

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  1.  Accent walls enable you to differentiate the design of a wall from the design of other walls in the same room.  While creating an accent wall, you have option to choose from many colors, materials, and surfaces. Likewise, you can also experiment with various wallpapers to personalize the room and make the wall sport a chick style.  It is also a good idea to consider some simple ideas to make the accent wall appealing and eye-catchy.

  2. I Ide deas A Appe ppeali as t to M o Ma ake aling ng ke t th he e A Acc ccent ent W Wa all ll M Mor ore e I Im mpress pressive ive a and nd U Use se C Co ontr The simplest way to create an accent wall is paint the wall with a distinct color. The paint will differential the wall from other walls. You have option to experiment with a variety of colors. Based on your preference, you can paint the wall with bright, deep, or mid-tone accent colors. ntrasting asting C Co ol lors ors

  3. Ha Hang You can accent a wall quickly by hanging stylish wallpapers. The wallpaper will make the accent wall standout and look trendy. You even have option to choose the wallpaper according to your personal choice and preference. Tr Try y Ou Out t M Mul ulti ti- -size size P Pic ictures tures F Fr rames ames You can easily make a wall look different from other walls by hanging pictures. Based on the length and width of the wall, you can hang either a large picture or multiple small pictures. It is also a great idea to create a collage of photos to depict important events and milestones in your life. ng St Sty ylish lish W Wa all llpap papers ers

  4. I Ins nsta The built-in shelves help you to enhance utility and aesthetic appeal of the wall at a time. You can install the custom shelves after applying the wall. You can fill the shelves with books, framed photos, or decorative items to transform the wall and room together. C Cov over er th the e W Wa all ll in in W Woo ood d You can make the accent wall distinct by covering it in wood. You can cover the wall in wood in a number of ways. For instance, you can make the accent wall look natural by covering it with reclaimed scrap wood. Also, you can make the accent wall look different by installing vinyl wall coverings that look just like wood. tall ll Built Built- -in in Sh She elves lves

  5. Us Use e Wa Most homeowners use wainscoting to cover a wall partially. But you can accent the wall by covering it with wainscoting. The wainscoting will add extra texture to the wall and make it standout. You also have option to make the wall more appealing by wainscoting it with a gorgeous color. Wai ins nscotin coting g

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