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Chronic Pain PowerPoint Presentation
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Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

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Chronic Pain

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  2. What is Chronic Pain Syndrome?People often use chronic pain and chronic pain syndrome synonymously. In both cases, patients have been suffering from life-debilitating pain for at least three months to be technically diagnosed with chronic pain. However, in some cases, chronic pain develops into something so severe that it begins to affect the emotional and mental well-being. Chronic pain syndrome goes relatively untreated due to its more challenging, multidisciplinary, and personalized nature. But at Advanced Pain Care, we are firm believers, that anyonewith chronic pain, deserves access to relief, no matter the complexity.

  3. Risk For Developing Chronic Pain Syndrome Patients with underlying mental health issues are at risk of developing chronic pain syndrome. These patients already struggle with chronic anxiety or depression; thus, the onset of chronic pain can exacerbate their condition. Other people who are at risk include those that are: • Socially isolated and lack access to quality social support • Economically disadvantaged with financial hardship • Prone to more stress due to either work, lifestyle, or family • Chronically tired due to poor sleep hygiene or unrecognized sleep disorders

  4. Treatments For Chronic Pain Syndrome The cornerstone of any effective treatment plan for chronic pain syndrome starts with a thorough physical exam and detailed assessment of your medical history. From there, specific complaints and symptoms such as numbness, weakness, or tingling can be followed up with an X-ray or MRI to help clarify the more significant issue. On a physiological level, the pain and emotional pathways are interconnected in the brain and spinal cord, to the point where we can see changes in chronic pain patients at the cellular level. As a result, patients can get overly sensitive to the point where emotions like anger or frustration can cause flare-ups due to increased stress, anxiety, or depression.

  5. When To Call A Pain Specialist Chronic pain syndrome is severe but treatable, so we must reiterate that if you’ve been in pain for several months and are starting to feel any of the symptoms below, you seek professional help: • Hopeless about your condition • Anxiety about completing simple tasks in fear of pain • Depressed about the quality of your life • Socially isolated from friends and family • Unmotivated to seek support

  6. Rest, Relax And Heal At Home Your doctor will send you home with information about post-operative protocols for your spinal cord stimulator implant. In general, you will rest and relax for two weeks, avoid getting your incisions wet, vigorous activity, bending, lifting, and twisting. Any lingering pain is typically from the incisions, which can be managed with ice and a short-term pain prescription. If you are not receiving relief from your chronic pain, call us anytime so we can get your device re-programmed. For a deeper dive into the recovery period and post-operative instructions, please read our post-op instructions.

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