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Advanced Led Lights

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Advanced Led Lights

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  1. LED Grow Lights Make Environmental Sense Climate Change is the issue of our time. The evidence is clear that our environment is changing • Climate Science is complicated but rising energy costs are clear. • Concern for the environment and sustainability is growing. • Everyone should be interested in finding ways to reduce energy consumption.

  2. LED GROW LIGHTS The Best Solutions Come From Small ActionsWhether or not you are a proponent of man-made Climate Change .It just makes sense to save energy and save money • It is clear that everyone must look for solutions to rising energy costs. • Better solutions come through the actions of the many rather than the decisions of the few. • If each individual makes just one tiny change, the savings can be enormous.

  3. LED GROW LIGHTS One Small Step Toward Environmental SenseUsing LED grow lights over energy-wasting gas-discharge lamps in an indoor garden is one example of one small step • Traditional gas-discharge lamps waste energy and use toxic materials in their construction. • LED grow lights use a fraction of the energy of traditional grow light systems. • LED grow lights can realize an energy-cost savings up to 80% over device life.

  4. LED GROW LIGHTS Lighting the Future of Indoor HorticultureLED grow lights offer many advantages over traditional grow light systems And realize many unexpected cost-savings • LED grow lights require no heavy ballasts or special wiring, making them easy to mount and move. • LED grow lights do not produce the massive waste heat of conventional systems, reducing ventilation costs. • LED grow lights can last up to 100,000 hours -- 12 years under normal usage conditions.

  5. For More Information http://www.advancedledlights.com/

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