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What to see when you hiring the professional Ottawa HVAC Team

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What to see when you hiring the professional Ottawa HVAC Team - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our HVAC system is one of the most important parts of our homes. It gives us warmth when the weather outside is frosty and it keeps the temperature inside our homes comfortable enough during summer days. To ensure that our family feels comfortable while at home, we need to see to it that our HVAC system is always in good working condition.

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From time to time we need to seek help from a professional technician who can carry out necessary HVAC system repairs and maintenance. And because our family's safety is our top priority, we have to make sure that the technician we will hire knows very well what he will be doing. But with all the technicians out there who are claiming that they are the best in town, how could we be able to know who really is the right person for the job? Well, here are some tips that I and my friends have been following when hiring the best professional Ottawa HVAC team.


Ask questions

To know beforehand if the technician is really knowledgeable about your HVAC system, ask him as many relevant questions as you want. If he failed or avoid to answer your questions, then he might not be as good and knowledgeable as he says he is.

Home visit

Never hire someone unless he had already visited your home. No matter how great the technician is in answering all your questions, you should not hire him right away. Consider someone who is willing to spend significant time checking your home first because it is truly through this that a technician can fully understand and assess your family's home comfort needs. The technician has to know about the different factors that define your home comfort needs like the air quality you need, the size of your home, how your duct system work, your home's level of insulation, as well as your personal preferences in order for him to deliver the right service.


Ask and call references

The reputable contractors are always willing to show proof of their quality work through presenting a list of their previous clients. Ask the HVAC contractor for a list of customer references then pick at least 3 clients randomly and call them. Ask them how they feel about the service performance of the contractor. Also, ask them if the project was done within budget and if it was completed on time. Skip the contractor who says he can't provide customer references for some reasons.

License, insurance, and certification

Anyone can claim that he's a reliable HVAC technician and that he is the best in town. To make sure you hire the right team, ask for an authentic license, insurance, or certification. Professional technicians are expected to have required certifications and licenses. Look for a team with insurance because this will protect you against any possible accidents while the project is still going on.


A truly professional HVAC team is confident enough with his work and performance. One way of showing confidence is by giving a guarantee. This helps build trust between the homeowner and the technician. The HVAC team must be willing to present work guarantee in written form so that you are assured that if the project is not done properly, you can use the written document to claim for such guarantee or warranty.