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LED as Advertising Medium PowerPoint Presentation
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LED as Advertising Medium

LED as Advertising Medium

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LED as Advertising Medium

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  1. LED as Advertising Medium

  2. There are numerous advantages to using LED technology to advertise your business: LED signs are less expensive to operate than traditional fluorescent signs; the lighting lasts much longer; your ads can appear as text, images or videos; LED signs can be installed in a variety of locations and on many different surfaces. Depending on your message type, LED displays can be eye-catching and attention getting, increasing your business' visibility.

  3. Outdoor Ads Attract people to your business by using LED signs outside to make bold statements such as, "1,000 Items on Sale!" or "This Is the Place for Pets!" If your LED sign is large enough to be visible by people walking or driving by, they might be intrigued to see what you're offering. If your budget allows, have an LED sign created with colorful text and images to place on a billboard. Drivers are sure to take notice of a large LED sign reading, "Absolutely THE BEST Burgers in Town!" illustrated with an animated image of a colorful big, juicy burger. Check local government planning requirements to ensure your LED display is permissible and there is enough power to the sign site.

  4. Indoor Ads Draw your customers' attention to your products or services through the strategic placement of one or more LED signs. For example, a flashing or animated LED sign stating "Best Bargains Here!" or "Kids' Sale Korner!" will capture your customers' attention. You might decide on a scrolling LED sign that creates a "message corner" upon which your customers come to rely for the "sale of the day" or a similar ever-changing message. A scrolling LED sign can also be placed in your storefront window or incorporated into a window awning. LED messaging can entice customers into your shop with phrases like "Come On in for the Sale of the Day!" LED signs can be programmed to change your message anytime you find it necessary or effective to do so. LED signs can be placed in virtually any area of your business where there is an electrical outlet; some displays will also run on a 12VDC battery.

  5. Vehicular Ads our advertising can reach people far from your actual place of business if you place your LED signs on the sides of buses or suitable cars. Buses can accommodate large LED displays and will be seen by thousands of people. If your personal business vehicle lends itself to an LED sign, your marketing messages will travel with you wherever you go. Your colorful display and engaging message are likely to attract many customers and comments.

  6. Offsite Locales Other local businesses, such as some banks and credit unions, may be receptive to placing one of your small LED displays in their lobbies. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to inform people of an upcoming community event that your business is sponsoring or a special fundraiser you may be hosting. Areas where many people regularly frequent are ideal locations for your LED sign displaying appropriate messaging about your business.

  7. The new advertising medium for the 21st century

  8. Just as television revolutionized the country and the advertising industry in the 1950's, electronic message centers (EMC's) are making history as the new targeted medium that speaks to your most important audience... the people who can drive onto your property and purchase something immediately. As the saying goes, the three most important factors in your business are location, location, and location. Capitalize on your most important resource. This outdoor impulse buy is quite different. Instead of reaching existing customers already inside your store, EMC's bring more traffic in your stores. This added volume of customers dramatically increases your sales. You can reach a larger audience more expensively with traditional ad mediums. The problem is what percentage will be inspired, get off the couch, and actually travel to your specific location?

  9. LED Displays where the message is the medium

  10. Optec Displays uses state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to create outdoor text message centers and video screens for various applications including electronic billboards, pylon displays time and temperature signs and gas price changers. The main driving force behind the rapid market growth is it's effectiveness as an on-premise advertising medium. LED displays have the ability to change messages instantly and indefinitely. LED sign owners have the advantage of being in on going direct contact with their customers through their sign messages. Thus the signs become more attention grabbing and are able drive more new business for display owners. Business owners and outdoor advertising companies of LED sign systems are already experiencing great success with this new way of advertising. Some business owners even claim they get sales increase better than advertising in newspaper ads, direct mailers, print signs or other conventional advertising mediums.

  11. Without LED Display With LED Display

  12. Advertise With Led Signs And Increase Sales

  13. Are you new to the term advertising and marketing? Do you want to shift your attention from old advertising mediums to the newest possible ones? If yes, then you can certainly hire a highly qualified advertising and marketing professional. The experts in the field will probably explain to you the entire system of advertising and marketing through their presentations. You will find yourself learning about signage along with newspaper ads and TV or radio spots. You will also hear about costly marketing campaigns such as pay per click ads, banners, and search engine optimization. As the entire advertising and marketing technique revolves around these methods, you wont get to hear as much about LED signs. Although this medium is hidden in the crowd, it has a considerable and direct impact on the targeted audience. The use of LED signs has proved to be beneficial for the success of businesses. According to the Small Business Administration, the signs are the most effective, yet least expensive form of advertising for the small business”. However, many customers are not considering this option.

  14. The LED signs are effective because they add more value to the effect of a good business that revolves around three factors – great products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. You will be amazed to know the statistics of the impact mentioned by the State Business Administration. It states that the average business gets up to 50% of sales from signage, 85% from within 5 miles of their location. So, are you finally in favor of LED signs that can attract the attention of the audience, effectively convey the message in real time, and encourage them to visit the store or website immediately? Remember that you are not targeting people who watch TV, listen to the radio, or read newspapers. Your targeted audience will be the people who are passing by your location every day. Always keep in mind that if you are successful in grabbing more attention, then you are bound to get more customers. However, it is also essential to know that LED signs will be effective if you are advertising about your products or services in the location of the store.

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