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Need of a Website

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Need of a Website - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You always need a website to mark your presence on the Internet and let the internet do the sales and promotion work for you. Know more about why you need a website with and also visit

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Need of a Website

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need of a website

Need of a Website

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if you are a small business owner

If you are a small business owner who is interested in growing your brand, then you definitely need a website

  • A website not only sells your goods and service, but also provide information to your prospects about what new you have
  • Still not sure how having a website will help you grow your business?
your customers expect a website
Your Customers expect a Website
  • 60% consumers expects a company to provide online content about their business
  • More than 50% consumer head straight to your company’s website to get the information of your products and services
  • If you don’t have a website then your impatient and digital-savvy customers may look for some other alternative.
website provides a social proof
Website provides a Social Proof
  • Reviews that are present online influences 90% of your prospects in buying the product.
  • Your potential customers always search for some feedbacks on your site, but for that, you need to get a website
  • You can target more than 10 people at a time using your website.
control the public perception
Control the public perception
  • Creating your own story using your business website will always help you in influencing the public perception
  • You can do that by telling your story over your business website.
  • Websites consist of the link to your Social handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking platforms, so that gives a sense of trust to your potential and existing customers
your competitors have their own website
Your competitors have their own website
  • There already so many companies that are competing in your market and trying to get as much business as possible
  • Consumers start their buying process with research and recommendation from peers and social networks
  • Once a customer has an idea of their “wants” then they go directly online to check for the details, reviews and testimonials
a website is always available
A Website is Always Available
  • Your employees might not like to work at 3am but some people like to get the information or shop at that time.
  • Having a business website means that you can promote or sell your products and service all the time.
  • An online presence can be help you to get a dramatic boost in sales.
showcase your products and services
Showcase your Products and Services
  • A website will not only display your products or outline your service online, but also explain what they really are.
  • You can even display explanatory videos in your website so you customers can be aware of each and every thing in which they are interested in what you are providing
  • Different documents can even displayed in your website including PDF, PPT and many more
want to create a website of you own
Want to create a website of you own?

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