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University Admissions

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University Admissions. Finding the Right Fit for You– and Getting In -Catherine Boalch ( Where Do Our Students Go?. This year , our Terminales are applying abroad to: ( much overlap here ): 14 to the US (plus 2 previous graduates )

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university admissions

University Admissions

Finding the Right Fit for You– and Getting In

-Catherine Boalch (

where do our students go
Where Do Our Students Go?
  • This year, our Terminales are applyingabroad to: (muchoverlaphere):
    • 14 to the US (plus 2 previousgraduates)
    • 25 to the UK
    • 10 to Canada
    • 4 to Ireland
    • 3 to the Netherlands (Maastricht, Utrecht)
    • 2 to Switzerland (hotel management)
what do our students study
What Do Our Students Study?
  • 7 to engineering
  • 3 to economics/business/management
  • 4 to humanities/social sciences
  • 5 to sciences
  • 2 to law
  • 2 to hospitality management
  • 1 to dramaschool
  • 5 to medicine (UK)
  • 16 to interdisciplinary or undecided programs, such as US universities
student destinations u s
Student Destinations, U.S.

Class of 2012

  • Bard College
  • Brown University
  • University of Chicago
  • CornellUniversity
  • Duke University
  • NortheasternUniversity
  • NorthwesternUniversity
  • Pratt Art Institute
  • University of San Diego
  • SkidmoreCollege
  • StanfordUniversity
  • TuftsUniversity
  • Wake Forest University

Class of 2013

  • Brown University
  • Claremont McKennaCollege
  • Dartmouth College
  • Mount Holyoke College
  • NortheasternUniversity (2)
  • NorthwesternUniversity
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • New York University
  • RiceUniversity
  • SkidmoreCollege
  • Smith College
  • University of California Berkeley
  • Wellesley College
student destinations 2013
Student Destinations 2013

UK :Ireland

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • UniversityCollege London (2)
  • University of Dundee
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Cambridge
  • King’sCollege London
  • University of Bristol (2)
  • University of York


  • McGill University (6)
  • Concordia University
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam (3)
  • University of Maastricht
  • Bard College Berlin (gap year)
  • Lycée Hoche (Prepas S)
  • Prepas L Les Bruyeres
  • University Paris Dauphine
  • IESEG School of Management
comparing country choices
Comparing Country Choices


USA: 4 years. Usuallyapply to school of arts and sciences, choose a major after 2-3 semesters. Can minor in anotherfield. Distribution requirementsacross disciplines. Can oftenapplydirectly to engineering, business, art , music, and dramaschools (portfolio reauired).

UK: 3 year BA/BS, 4-5 yearMaster’s or wtihyearabroad. Applydirectly to a course, some are combined but in generalmuch more focused. Examples: Management withSpanish, ZoologywithYearAbroad, History/German, EuropeanStudies, Civil Engineering withYear in Industry

Scotland: 4 years, applydirectly to a course but cantryseveral areas and switch after first year.

Canada: 3-4 year BA:BS. Applydirectly to engineering, management, arts/sciences more like US model.


US:Based on grades, SAT/ACT scores, extracurricularactivities, essays, references

UK (including Scotland): Based on predicted grades on bac, personalstatement, schoolreference

Canada: Based on bulletins: Seconde through first trimester of Terminale.


US: $14,000 to 40,000 tuition (4 years), but financialaid, merit and need-based, isavailable

UK: £7500 to 9,000 pounds tuition (3 years), but studentscantake out loansfrom British government

Canada: $14,000 to 38,000 tuition (3-4 years); scholarshipsavailable

Québec: French pay local rates of c. $3000 (usually 3 years)

Netherlands, Scotland (4 years), Ireland, Switzerland: 2-3,000 euros per year

how do our students research
How Do Our Students Research?
  • Vistour Wiki! for background information, news articles, world rankingslists, application deadlines, admission requirements
  • Travel! Go to Open Days in spring, fall 2012 (in Europe), plan trips over vacation. April a good time for US/Canada, Toussaint for UK. Attend presentationshere.
  • Read! College guides, alumnisurveys, articles, websites to get a ‘feel’ for campus ambiance. Rankingsgive an idea of reputation but oftenbased on graduate-levelresearch, not quality of undergraduateexperience.
  • Consultwith caution! social media canbetargeted, frank, alsomisleading and contradictory. Read them but keepit in perspective. Trust people you know.
  • Read more! Study courses carefully and think hard about whatis the right fit for you. Talk to professional in variousfields. Explore summer/online courses/stages
  • Choose! Limityourchoices to 8 non-French schools; berealisticyetaspirational.
admissions deadlines
Admissions Deadlines:

USA: ‘Early’ Deadlines Nov. 1 or 15, 2014

Regular Deadline Jan. 1 or 15, 2015

Required: Translatedtranscript, school report, twoteacherreferences, SAT/ACT, possibly SAT subject tests, essays

UK: Deadline for Oxbridge, medicine Oct.15, 2014.

All other courses Jan. 15, 2015

Required: statement of motivation, predicted grades, school report (includes 2-3 teacher

comments). Offers are conditional

Canada: Jan. 15 or Feb. 1 (mostschools)

Online application, upload last 4 bulletins

application timeline for 1eres
Application Timeline for 1eres
  • USA : SAT/ACTs in winter or spring 2014. Plan preparationstrategystarting in January– books, online, class? Study for subject tests over the summer if necessary., usuallytakethem in Oct. 2014
  • UK applicants: Attend Open Days, readextensivelyaroundchosensubject – books, magazinezs, seek out research or workopportunities in areas of interest.
  • Requestreferences/ teachercommentsfrom 1ère French teachers in early May (US, UK, or unsure)


  • Document yourextracurricularactivities
    • Supportingreferencesfrom a coach or peersuch as your soccer team captain, your MUN advisor
    • Video clips of schoolplays, sports, VOX concerts, etc …Useful for US
    • Work on portfolio if applying to art schools
  • Verify online presence– ‘normal’ email address, no embarrassing photos on Facebook, etc …
  • Make master list of potentialschools, admissions requirements, deadlines. YOU. Not your parents. YOU.
  • Meetwith me in May – July to reviewyour options and plan your Terminale fall.
  • For Oxbridge, US ED/EA, deadlines canbe 6 - 8 weeksafterstart of Terminale sobeorganizedabnd come to schoolwith a rough draft of youressay or personalstatement!
what our students say usa
What Our Students Say: USA

«I wanted to go to the US because I’m American and had never lived there; I figured college would be the right time. I wanted an urban environment coupled with a campus feel. Boston University offers the perfect mix in that regard. What I love about this school is that one can do anything. But you have to go out and grab it.»

« I have taken amazing classes. My coursework is more challenging than the lycée but I was well prepared. My teachers are very accessible outside the classes. Worcester is not the best city but it has a personality, for sure. I fit at Clark University in every way. I love the diversity of political and religious opinions. It’s the time of your life; enjoy it and never say no!»

« My parents wanted me to go to college in the States and I was sure I didn’t want to stay in Frnce. I I liked the idea of a small liberal arts college with excellent academics. The fact that Vassar was only an hour and a half from New York City was also attractive. Classes are very engaging due to the excellent professors and small size. Assignments have more depth than at the lycée but I have more free time and I’m concentrating on subjects I really love. I joined a student activism group and a Jane Austen book club. I’m greatly enjoying both of them. »

what our students say uk
What Our Students Say: UK

«I didn’t want to stay in France for my studies and I heard great things about England. The US was too expensive and I wanted an English-speaking country. Bristol is one of the top ten universities and has a very good economics program. It’s quite demanding but it’s what I wanted. A lot of students are international. England is very different. It takes a while to get used to it. You have to realize that it’s not France and embrace it »

«The environment at Exeter is very friendly and the weather is the best in all England! My course is not challenging at all compared to the lycée and there are some modules that are useless but I am overall very pleased. I find myself with a lot of free time and I’ve joined many clubs and societies. It does take people a while to get used to you if you’re foreign but English people are very nice.»

« I liked Warwick’s openness and campus atmosphere and the fact that there is a significant amount of international students. I’m happy with the social life but unhappy with the course which I haven’t found stimulating and much more numbers-focused than I was expecting. We have several hours of lectures per week though the lecture halls have several hundred students so contact is limited. There’s very little supervision. The incredibly high number of French students makes me feel like I never left the lycée»

what our students say canada
What Our Students Say: Canada
  • «I chose to come to Canada becauseitwas a place I hadvisited and I likedthat I cankeep up bothmy French and my English. I amvery happy with the engineering department at Carleton and withmy social life here; makingfriendswaseasy. Ottawa is a nice city thatis not toobusy. One may not beused to walking in 20 cm of snow or eatingdinner at 5 p.m. but one quicklygetsused to that. »

« I reallylikethat McGill has a campus in the city. McGill wasalsoappealingbecauseyou have more flexibility in yourstudiesthan in France. The professors and classes in the management program are interesting and challenging. Class content iscoveredbriefly but youneed to undstanditperfectly and applyit. Classes are large but professors are accessible. It iseasy to makefriends in the first yearthanks to the residence system. International students do stick together. The social life is fun. Ir iqverycompetitive and thus a lot of pressure on students. You have to work hard and bemotivated and interested in whatyou are studying. »

« The cold was hard to adapt to and living so far awayfrom home. The courseworkischallenging-- I have becomeaddicted to coffee sincestarting at McGill. »