what causes piles in anus natural treatment n.
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What Causes Piles in Anus, Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoids? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Causes Piles in Anus, Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoids?

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What Causes Piles in Anus, Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoids? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This power point presentation describes about what causes piles in anus, natural treatment for hemorrhoids.

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what causes piles in anus

What Causes Piles In Anus

Piles or hemorrhoids are the inflamed veins and muscles anus canal or near anus. If you put strain on muscles while passing stools, you are more likely to suffer from piles. If the veins become damaged and start bleeding, you will suffer from severe pain. Both men and women who are aged above 45 are more likely to suffer from this health complication.

what causes piles in anus 1

What Causes Piles In Anus

It is also very common in pregnant women. The internal piles occur from the canal of anus. You may also experience bleeding at the time of bowel movement. It may be itchy as well. Fiber in the diet helps in reducing the pressure during bowel movement. You can incorporate vegetables and fruits that rich in fiber and in your routine diet. You should drink sufficient water every day.

pilesgon capsules

Pilesgon Capsules

You should not strain during bowel movements. There are many causes of piles in anus and natural treatment for hemorrhoids like Pilesgon capsules can help to treat them. If you are suffering from pain while releasing hard stools, you can use natural treatment for hemorrhoids.

pilesgon capsules 1

Pilesgon Capsules

It is advised to use Pilesgon capsules which offer the best cure to treat internal piles. These pills should be taken on regular basis to get rid of the internal piles. These have become very popular everywhere in treating internal piles without causing any side effects.

pilesgon capsules 2

Pilesgon Capsules

Potential herbs included in Pilesgon capsules which provide the efficient herbal cure to treat internal piles can also cure the burning sensation while passing stools. These possess astringent properties to increase the elasticity of walls. They improve digestion and provide relief from indigestion.

pilesgon capsules 3

Pilesgon Capsules

Pilesgon capsule is free from preservative, fillers, binders, chemicals and colorants. You can make use of this herbal supplement without worrying about any side effects to treat both external and internal piles. It provides relief from irritation, itching and pain. It also provides cure for bleeding piles, infections and inflammation.

ingredients in pilesgon capsules

Ingredients In Pilesgon Capsules

Its main ingredients are Nag Kesar, Kalijiri, Ayapana, Hemsagar, Kthha, Haritaki, ShudhTakan, Indrajau, KhunShosha etc.

healthy food

Healthy Food

You can incorporate bran flakes, brown rice, oatmeal, black beans, split peas, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, bananas, apples, pears, artichoke, pears, green peas, rice lima beans, lentils in your daily diet. You may also feel little gas, but it is nothing to be worried. These foods help to get rid of piles naturally.



You can involve yourself in exercises like swimming, walking and yoga which can help to get relief from piles. You should practice exercises on regular basis and eat fiber rich foods to get rid of causes of piles in anus naturally.

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