what causes indigestion gas natural treatment n.
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What Causes Indigestion, Gas? Natural Treatment for Acidity PowerPoint Presentation
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What Causes Indigestion, Gas? Natural Treatment for Acidity

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What Causes Indigestion, Gas? Natural Treatment for Acidity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This power point presentation describes about what causes indigestion, gas? natural treatment for acidity.n

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what causes indigestion gas natural treatment

What Causes Indigestion, Gas?

Natural Treatment for Acidity

causes of indigestion

Causes Of Indigestion

Indigestion and gas have many causes. They are very common and affect almost every other person. They are not very severe conditions but may lead to one, if not treated. Causes of indigestion, gas are discussed in the article below. Indigestion is characterized by pain in the upper abdomen, which is called dyspepsia, or a burning sensation behind the breastbone, known as heartburn.

indigestion symptoms

Indigestion Symptoms

Indigestion symptoms are

• A bloated feeling

• Belching

• Nausea

• Flatulence

• Stomach pain

causes of indigestion 1

Causes Of Indigestion

The stomach produces acid but sometimes this acid troubles the lining of the stomach, the duodenum, the top part of the intestine or the gullet. It could also be the result of the digestive system being too sensitive to acid.

causes of indigestion 2

Causes Of Indigestion

Indigestion can cause uneasiness and pain. Following are the causes for indigestion, gas

• Ulcers- Ulcers in the stomach, which are a cause of stomach acid damaging the stomach lining, could be a cause for indigestion, gas.

causes of indigestion 3

Causes Of Indigestion

• Stomach Cancer- The protective lining in the stomach gets eroded by cancer cells in it. This allows the acid to access the stomach wall and cause acidity.

• Helicobacter pylori infection- This is very common and led to stomach ulcers.

• Obesity- Overweight people are highly prone to indigestion and gas.

causes of indigestion 4

Causes Of Indigestion

• Hiatus hernia- This occurs when a part of the stomach pushes against the diaphragm. It may lead to heartburn due to partial blockage of refluxed stomach acid clearing from the oesophagus.

• Medications- Some medicines, antibiotics, painkillers, steroids, thyroid medicines, and oral contraceptives can cause indigestion.

causes of indigestion 5

Causes Of Indigestion

• Stress and anxiety- Stress and anxiety are contributors to indigestion symptoms.

• Gastro- oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) - The oesophageal sphincter prevents the stomach acid from moving back into the oesophagus. When it fails to do so, there is an acid reflux, which leads to GORD.

causes of indigestion 6

Causes Of Indigestion

• Gastroparesis- This is common in people with diabetes and happens when the stomach doesn’t clear properly.

• Irritable bowel syndrome

• Thyroid diseases

• Chronic pancreatitis

• Pregnancy

causes of indigestion 7

Causes Of Indigestion

• Excessive alcohol

• Eating fattening foods

• Eating too much or too fast- Swallowing too much air while eating may lead to indigestion and gas formation.

• Smoking

natural treatment for acidity

Natural Treatment For Acidity

There are ways for natural treatment for acidity.

• Do not eat with your mouth open or talk too much while eating.

• Avoid spicy foods, late night eating, alcohol and smoking.

• Avoid fluid intake during meals.

natural treatment for acidity 1

Natural Treatment For Acidity

• Eat smaller meals at regular intervals.

• Avoid foods high in acid, such as, citrus fruits and tomatoes.

• Do not exercise right after a meal.

• Avoid lying down soon after a meal.

These points, if kept in mind, would help keep indigestion symptoms at bay.

herbozyme capsules

Herbozyme Capsules

There are over-the-counter medicines available to cure indigestion, gas, heartburn but the most highly recommended natural treatment for gas pain is Herbozyme capsule. It helps in healthy metabolism and soothes stomach inflammation. Its herbal composition aids in proper digestion. It is a natural treatment for acidity.

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