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Herbal Pills for Severe Constipation to Reduce Bloating Fast PowerPoint Presentation
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Herbal Pills for Severe Constipation to Reduce Bloating Fast

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Herbal Pills for Severe Constipation to Reduce Bloating Fast - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This power point presentation describes about herbal pills for severe constipation to reduce bloating fast.n

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Herbal Pills for Severe Constipation to Reduce Bloating Fast

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hemorrhoids causes symptoms

Hemorrhoids: Causes, Symptoms

Hemorrhoid or better known as piles, could take you through a lot of uneasiness and embarrassment, at the same time. We shall discuss, in the following article, hemorrhoids causes, as well as, natural treatment for hemorrhoids.

causes of hemorrhoids

Causes Of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are inflammation in the veins of the rectum and anus area. Hemorrhoids causes are

• Obesity

• Anal intercourse

• Sitting in one position for long hours

causes of hemorrhoids 1

Causes Of Hemorrhoids

• Low fiber diet

• Constipation

• Pregnancy, or

• Straining while passing stool

symptoms of hemorrhoids

Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

Symptoms of hemorrhoids: It is characterized by

• Itching in the anal area

• Immense pain

• Bleeding during bowel movement

• Discomfort

• Swellingaround the anus, or even the presence of a lump near it

types of haemorrhoids

Types Of Haemorrhoids

Types of haemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids are of three types

• Internal Hemorrhoids - Straining during bowel movement can cause an internal Hemorrhoid surface to rupture and bleed.

types of haemorrhoids 1

Types Of Haemorrhoids

• External Hemorrhoid - These occur around the anus, which are itchy and may also bleed.

• Thrombosed hemorrhoids - Thrombus stands for blood clot, which may lead to a swelling and a hard lump near the anus. It can be extremely painful.

treatment for hemorrhoid

Treatment For Hemorrhoid

Treatment for Hemorrhoid: Piles can be treated in the following ways

• Creams, ointments and suppositories help in shrinking the Hemorrhoids.

• A warm Sitz Bath- Sitting in warm water after passing stool, for about 15 mins, helps in relieving Hemorrhoids.

treatment for hemorrhoid 1

Treatment For Hemorrhoid

• Laxatives may be given; in case hemorrhoids are caused due to constipation.

• Sclerotherapy- A solution is injected into an internal hemmorhoid, which will seal the hemmorhoid off.

• Banding- A procedure in which a rubber band is secured around a hemmorhoid. This shuts of blood supply to the inflamed veins, which shrivels and falls off within a week.

treatment for hemorrhoid 2

Treatment For Hemorrhoid

• Coagulation or cauterisation- The hemmorhoid is sealed off with the help of a laser beam or an infrared light.

• Surgery- This is mostly in case of thrombosed hemorrhoids.

home remedies for hemorrhoid

Home Remedies For Hemorrhoid

At home remedies- A person can try natural treatment for hemorrhoids at home. A fibre-rich diet, like vegetables, fruits whole grain and nuts, provides good amount of roughage to the digestive system, helping in smooth passage of bowel. A lot of water intake is required.

home remedies for hemorrhoid 1

Home Remedies For Hemorrhoid

Reduce intake of salt, which leads to water retention in the body, leading to hemorrhoids. Avoid sitting in one place for hours. Applying witch hazel in the anal region helps in relieving itchiness and pain. Apply petroleum jelly in the anus for easy passage of stool.

home remedies for hemorrhoid 2

Home Remedies For Hemorrhoid

There are options for herbal treatment for piles, as well. Sitz baths, psyllium husk, witch hazel, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, Aloe Vera and Epson salt and glycerine are herbal and natural treatment for bleeding piles.

pilesgon capsules

Pilesgon Capsules

There are also herbal pills to shrink hemorrhoids, available in the market. One of the best is Pilesgon capsule. It completely eradicates all hemorrhoids causes in just a short span of 3-4 months. Its composition includes nature’s best herbal treatment for piles.

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