anglicky v odborn ch p edm tech support of teaching technical subjects in english n.
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Anglicky v odborných p?edm?tech "Support of teaching technical subjects in English “ PowerPoint Presentation
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Anglicky v odborných p?edm?tech "Support of teaching technical subjects in English “

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Anglicky v odborných p?edm?tech "Support of teaching technical subjects in English “ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Anglicky v odborných předmětech "Support of teaching technical subjects in English “. Tutorial : Mechanic - electrician Topic : Basics of electrical engineering the 2nd. y ear M easuring the capacity Prepared by: Ing. Jiří Smílek.

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anglicky v odborn ch p edm tech support of teaching technical subjects in english

Anglicky v odborných předmětech"Support ofteachingtechnicalsubjects in English“

Tutorial: Mechanic - electrician

Topic: Basicsofelectricalengineering

the 2nd. year


Prepared by: Ing. Jiří Smílek

Projekt Anglicky v odborných předmětech, CZ.1.07/1.3.09/04.0002

je spolufinancován Evropským sociálním fondem a státním rozpočtem České republiky.

measuring capacity
Measuring capacity
  • The basic unit- 1 F (farad)
  • 1 farad is the capacity of an electric capacitor, which has a voltage of 1V and holds a charge of 1C.
  • Capacitance is:
  • Directly proportional to:
    • the active area S
    • permittivityε
  • Inversely proportional to:
    • the distance between the plates d
    • C= ε S/d
  • Definition of units of capacity
measuring capacity1
Measuring capacity
  • Volt-ampere (Ohm’s) method – applied to the measurements of large impedances
    • Supply voltage must have a known and constant frequency
  • Involvement of a small C
  • Involvement of a large C
  • The used method:
measuring inductance
Measuring inductance
  • Calculation 1 – when an AC current:
  • We must know:
    • current
    • voltage
  • When we don’t know the value of the capacity CX we calculate it from basic data from an A-metre and a V-metre
    • Capacitive reactance
    • Of which we don’t know the capacity, the angular frequency – ω will help
    • Or the help of frequencyf
measuring inductance1
Measuring inductance
  • Calculation 2:
  • When measuring it is important that there is an AC current flowing through the circuit
    • If not, you should make a re-count on a replacement scheme
    • Phasor diagram
measuring capacity2
Measuring capacity
  • Measuring capacity distribution of an electric charge
  • The used method:
  • The measurement procedure:
  • The capacity of the capacitor C is known and the position I of switch p is charged with a voltage U and a charge Q.
  • Switch the switch to position 2;
    • by an unknown capacity CX connected in parallel to capacity C.
  • The charge is divided into two capacitors and the voltage U is subtracted again from the voltmeter.
  • For the switch applies
    • In position 1 - Q = U.C
    • In position 2 - Q = U.Cx + UxCx.
  • Unknown capacity of a capacitor

Activities for students – questions

  • Describe how to define a unit of capacity
  • Name for what is the proportional capacity of the capacitor
  • Write what are the requirements for power voltage
  • Draw a circuit for measuring
    • small C
    • large C
activities for students questions
Activities for students – questions
  • Calculate an example:
  • A block capacitor has an unreadable data capacity; we can find out about the circuit with an ammeter. The ammeter showed a currentI = 2.76A at a voltage of 230V, 50 Hz
  • Capacitive reactance
    • XC =
  • Capacitance
    • CX=
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  • Operační program Vzdělávání pro konkurenceschopnost, ESF 2007 – 2013.
  • Dostupné na:
  • Učebnice Elektrická měření – Ing. Pavel Vylegala, SŠE Ostrava, 2006
  • Učebnice Elektrické měření – SNTL, 1981
  • Elektrotechnika - Laboratorní cvičení pro bakalářské studium - Doc. Ing. Miloš Hammer, CSc.