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All Allied Health II

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All Allied Health II
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  1. All Allied Health II

  2. Has College Changed your eating habits? Personally we have noticed the choices available to us on campus limit what we can choose to consume and how much we have of it. Since we are all Health majors by making better choices in college we have realized it can add up to a healthier you in the future.

  3. Our busy lives as college students tend to make us make fast decisions on what we eat. Subconsciously we know that what we eat impacts our health, but we do not think about it on a daily basis. Because of this we tracked our normal choices one day and here is what we found.

  4. If you usually get mayonnaise on your sandwich its 100 calories. Choose the healthier option, light mayonnaise which cuts the calories in half to 50. Or, substitute ranch dressing for light mayonnaise and add some seasoning! Most of the breads range from 200 to 260 calories with Italian the least calories (also the lowest sodium) and Honey Oat the most. All of the vegetable options are between 0 to 5 calories, so load up on the vegetables! It would be more filling and healthy. Paige Bedinghaus

  5. Erica Bennett Taco Bell What I ate: CRUNCHWRAP SUPREME • Calories: 540 • Calories from fat: 190 • Sodium: 1110 mg • Carbs: 71 g • Protein: 16 g What I could have eaten: CHICKEN GORDITA SUPREME • Calories: 270 • Calories from fat: 90 • Sodium: 510 mg • Carbs: 29 g • Protein: 17 g To be honest, Taco Bell isn’t the place to go if you want to eat healthy. But you can save yourself a lot of calories, fat, and sodium by choosing options like the Gordita instead of the Crunchwrap!

  6. The best choice for salads: Classic • -Calories: 170 (100 from fat) • -Fat: 11g • -Sodium: 280mg • -Carbs: 18g • -Proteins: 2g • Fuji Apple Chicken Salad • -Calories:560 (310 from fat) • -Fat: 34g • -Sodium: 840 mg • -Carbs: 36g • -Protein: 33g Tip take an apple as your side instead of a baguette or chips. • The dressing itself has: • -Calories: 150 • -Fat: 12g • -Sodium: 310 • This has over half the recommended amount of sodium that you should get per day (1500mg.) • By removing the cheese crumbles the salad drops 70 calories and 280mg of sodium! Christine Louis

  7. Packed Lunch • Whole Wheat Pb&J (80 cal per slice) • Jiffy Reduced Fat Peanut Butter(190 cal) • Smucker’s Grape Jam (10 cal) • Yoplait Yogurt Light (100 cal) • Calories= 460 • Add some fruits or veggies to fill up on. • White Bread Pb&J (95 cal per slice) • Jiffy Peanut Butter (190 cal) • Smucker’s Grape Jelly (50 cal) • Lay’s Potato Chips (150 cal) • Calories= 580 Calories Lindsey Miller

  8. Buffalo Wild Wings ONE GRILLED CHICKEN WRAP! Cassie Coggeshall

  9. A Better OptionThe Grilled Chicken Sandwich Summary My better option choice has a difference of 170 calories and 1,230mg of sodium. The overall nutrition for the sandwich instead of a wrap is much better. The best part is you are still getting the flavor you want with a bigger portion for a more wholesome nutritional meal. Cassie Coggeshall

  10. When I went I got a 3-piece chicken strip, waffle fries, and lemonade. This totaled to be: 940 Calories 128 Carbs 2,000 mg of sodium 33g of fat One thing you can do to fix this is simply not using so much ketchup. One pack contains: 25 Calories 310 mg of sodium 7 Carbs Chick-fil-a Another easy solution is to drink water instead of Lemonade. This will eliminate 230 Calories! Next time I go here I’m going to eat a Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich, a fruit cup, and a water instead. This will cut my calorie intake in half and lower the amount of sodium to 1350mg. This still isn’t the best meal, but this simple change makes a huge difference! I was surprised about how bad this meal was, I always thought that when I was getting Chick-fil-a I was being healthy. The main problem I found with many of the meals was a high calorie and sodium count. It was hard to find a filling meal without high counts of both of these. Colleen Kelly

  11. Meal Plan – Center Court Salami wrap, apple and large coke • The wrap has extra cheese and salami. Salami has tons of fat and sodium, not to mention calories. • Another health hazard in this lunch is the coke. We all have heard before that soda is bad for you, and in this example, you’re wasting 1/3 of your calories for lunch on your drink alone! Coke: • 240 cal. per glass • 65 grams of sugar Salami: • 77 Kcal per slice • 333 mg of sodium • 6.5 grams of fat Jess Hadley

  12. Half Chipotle Chicken on French Mountain Dew • Calories- 290 • Total Fat- 0g • Sodium- 100mg • Carbs- 77g • Protein- 0g • Calories- 420 • Total Fat- 19g • Sodium- 1090mg • Carbs- 36g • Protein- 27g • Calories-300 • Total Fat- 19g • Sodium-1250mg • Carbs- 21g • Protein- 12g Broccoli Cheddar Soup Unhealthy Choice: Total Calories 1010 Lemonade Apple Classic Salad • Calories- 160 • Total Fat- 0g • Sodium- 10mg • Carbs- 41g • Protein- 0g • Calories- 80 • Total Fat- 0g • Sodium- 0mg • Carbs- 21g • Protein- 0g • Calories- 170 • Total Fat- 11g • Sodium- 280mg • Carbs- 18g • Protein – 2g Healthy Choice: Total Calories 410 Sarah Dunsmuir

  13. Flour Tortilla (Burrito) Calories—290 Total Fat—9g Sodium—670mg Carbs—44g Protein—7g This flour tortilla does not even take into account all the extras you are going to add to your burrito! So in the end a burrito from Chipotle is not a healthy choice for a meal. The total fat and sodium levels are some cause for concern here just in the tortilla. Some healthier options… Just a chicken bowl with no tortilla which will eliminate the extra calories and sodium A crispy taco shell if you really like the tortilla Calories—60 Total Fat—2g Sodium—10mg Carbs—9g Protein--<1g Yes the crispy taco shell does have less protein than the tortilla but it WAY less sodium and calories Add some beans to your meal to gain the extra protein you need! Chipotle Kelsey Wineland

  14. Burger King Emily Keilholz While a big juicy Whopper sounds satisfying, just a small combo meal containing a small Coke, and a small fry has the following nutritional facts: • Calories-1200 • Total fat-54g • Sodium-1450mg • Carbs-152g • Protein-33g A healthier option could be a Ranch Chicken Wrap and a small garden salad with a water. Although there’s not that much of a difference in Sodium and lower amount of protein, the calorie count is much lower along with fat and carbs. • Calories-410 • Total fat-23g • Sodium-1105mg • Carbs-36g • Protein-15g

  15. I found that if I went with the healthier option with a total of 480 calories, I would be consuming almost half of the 830 calories from my original meal. Taco Bell First Meal: -Beefy 5-Layer Burrito: 550 calories -medium Mountain Dew: 280 calories Healthier Option: -medium Cherry Limeade: 180 Calories -2 Fresco Chicken Soft Tacos: combined 300 calories Carley Agricola

  16. We observed that the daily choices we were making are not always the best for our long term health, but to have them sparingly is okay.

  17. After we gained knowledge of our intake we realized the simple changes can make a long term difference in our overall health.

  18. Sarah Dunsmuir For many people in the medical profession dealing with obese people is hard whether it be giving an MRI, at physical therapy or even discussing diet issues. Having a person who doesn’t even fit into the machines or can’t even stand up on their own because if their weight really puts a struggle on the doctors trying to help. If they can’t fit into the machines there's nothing really you can do for them to help them get better. Many people believe that if their meal is already unhealthy like three pieces of pizza they mine as well drink a large soda to go along with it. The truth is though just by cutting something small out of your diet it can amount to a loss of thousands of calories over time, and it will be worth it in the long run. If you start making healthy choices it can slowly begin to impact your life one step at a time. Is that Soda Really Worth It? This is a women who is in major need of an MRI on her brain. However, she can’t receive one because she exceeds that maximum weight limit of 500lbs. An extra 150 calories a day may feel like a harmless indulgence, but it amounts to nearly 55, 000 empty calories in a year. By choosing to forego the extra calories caused by drinking one soda a day , you can lose up to 16 pounds a year.

  19. Healthy Options Meal plan – Center Court Salad, apple, and water Trading the high-calorie wrap for a leafy green salad with light ranch dressing and veggies can save you around 300 calories alone! Skip the large glass of coke and opt for a glass of water, and eliminate 240 calories all together, saving yourself a whopping 540 calories for lunch that day. Jess Hadley

  20. As a Food and Nutrition major, this whole project has been really helpful to me. It’s been interesting to research the foods that I, as someone who will be telling others what to eat, am eating myself. If I work in America, I’ll almost certainly be fighting the culture of fast food and unhealthy choices and all the problems (diabetes, hypertension, etc) that stem from getting too many calories, too much fat, sodium, and simple sugars and too little of other important factors like calcium, iron, vitamins, and fiber. FOOD IS VITALLY IMPORTANT TO OVERALL HEALTH – WHAT YOU PUT INTO YOUR BODY IS WHAT YOU’LL GET OUT! It’s all about the small changes. CHOOSE: -fruits for dessert instead of cake. -milk with lunch instead of soda. -a side salad instead of French fries. -to NOT go back for a third piece of pizza. Making small changes like these could save you hundreds of calories a day. Just 500 calories less a day, and you could lose a pound a week. Erica Bennett

  21. Reflection on Subway From looking at the healthier options at Subway I learned that little things add up. Making one healthier option, such as a better bread choice doesn’t make a huge difference but making multiple healthier options adds up and makes a difference. If people continue to make unhealthy options, obesity and health problems in America will rise, increasing the demand for health care professionals, such as Clinical Laboratory Scientists. Paige Bedinghaus

  22. Packed Lunch • A packed lunch is healthier than eating fast food, but that all depends on what you pack. • Choosing the healthier decisions cuts calories, and cutting calories can cut pounds later. • As a physical therapist major adding extra pounds adds pressure to joints, eventually ruining them, causing the need for replacement later. Lindsey Miller

  23. CLS Easy ways to cut calories (and fat) Substitute/eliminate things. Instead of getting your sandwich on the tomato basil bread, go with whole wheat. Replace with your own. For a salad to take out, ask for no dressing and then put your own on at home. Add vegetables, they’re usually fresh (not to mention delicious) and packed with nutrients. You’re body will thank you later. Try to find out the nutritional information of the things you’re eating so you can make smarter choices. Remember: moderation. It’s okay to go out to eat every once in a while. An unhealthy diet doesn’t just effect you; it also affects the people around you. For example, the Clinical Lab Technician running an obese person’s hospital tests might have to rerun them because their numbers aren’t in the normal range and they have to make sure that it wasn’t a mistake. It just adds more work and stress for them. Christine Louis

  24. Burger King Reflection If you were to theoretically eat a chicken wrap and a garden salad with a water everyday for a week, instead of a small Whopper combo, you would save up to 5,530 calories! An average person would have to run 44 miles to burn that many calories! What a much easier way to save some time and calories! How Does This Relate to AMIT? The size of an MRI scanner can sometimes be constricting. A highly obese person would not be able to get scanned at a facility with such scanner and will have to reschedule with another facility with a more open scanner, which are more uncommon. So watch your Whopper meal intake! Emily Keilholz

  25. Chick-fil-a Reflection Colleen Kelly From looking into my chicken strip lunch I’ve realized that I need to pay more attention to what I am eating. After looking into my meal I’d have to run about 8.2 miles to burn it off! With my busy schedule I know that isn’t realistic. From now on I definitely know I will be drinking water while going to Chick-fil-a, or any other fast food restaraunt for that matter. I usually “eat out” about three times a week, and after seeing how many calories the lemonade had I realized that eliminating that would cut out about 35,880 calories! • Looking ahead to my patients I want their experience when they are with me to be as good as possible. With the larger injections and difficulties in transportation being larger will cause the patient to be less comfortable.

  26. Taco Bell Summary Many overweight people seek professional help from Physical Therapist because their weight has damaged vital joints such as their knees and hips. If you are overweight and must have surgeries on these joints, you will most likely attend physical therapy sessions in order to regain strength in muscles around the damaged area. If people start eating healthier, then over time there could be less of a demand for Physical Therapist. From my research, I found that choosing the healthier meal of 2 Fresco Chicken soft tacos and a Cherry Limeade over a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito and a medium Mountain Dew will save you 350 calories. If you choose the healthier meal three times a week, you will be saving 1,050 calories that week. Over three weeks of saving the 1,050 calories, you can lose a pound. After 6 months of simply choosing a more healthy, yet still delicious Taco Bell meal, you can lose 5 pounds of just that one meal Carley Agricola

  27. Instead of getting the burrito at Chipotle, I just got the burrito bowl, no tortilla. Also I got light cheese and no sour cream. The burrito alone, if I ate for seven days, would save me 2030 calories! If I were to eat the burrito for those seven days instead of eating healthier, I would have to run an average of 19 miles just to burn the tortilla off!! Chipotle: Better Option Kelsey Wineland

  28. Our Final Reflections

  29. Cassie Coggeshall Dinning Reflection What I noticed since the project is the things that I thought were decent for me really weren’t and I need to be more aware of what’s going into my body and how it affects me A better choice I made was to become a vegetarian so I have been staying away from the hamburgers and deep fried chicken. It has allowed me to eat more vegetables and fruits. The better choices affects my major because I am here to be a physical therapist and it would be extremely difficult for me to mobilize someone who is over weight on my own so by trying influence people to make healthier choices can make my job easier.

  30. How I Changed: Center Court After starting this healthy choices project I realized that I’m not exactly the healthiest person out there. I used to love caffeine and I would drink at least four sodas a day and this clearly isn’t the healthiest choice out there. I learned that if you’re a constant soda drinker like I used to be, that just by cutting this factor out of your diet you could lose about 150,000 calories a year which is equivalent to about 45-50 pounds. Now I’m not the only unhealthy person out there just by eating at the food courts on campus such as “Center court” I realized how unhealthy people are. When you look at a table full of six people and there’s about twenty plates on the table you know there’s something wrong. People don’t realize how all that food is going to make an impact on their life especially once their metabolism slows down, all that weight is going to catch up to them. After about the first quarter is when I realized I can’t eat like I used to because the weight is going to catch up to me. So I cut soda out of my diet and began eating salads at least every other day instead of a burger and fries. Not only that I’m exercising on top of that because you can’t only eat healthy you have to exercise too. This project showed me a whole new perspective on the way I eat and I hope that once other students see our project and learn how to manage their calories they will start eating healthier too. Sarah Dunsmuir

  31. What I learned from Subway From doing the Better Place Project and looking at different options at Subway I learned a lot. I noticed that the little things add up. That the differences in the calories of breads may not be big, maybe 50 calories at most. Substituting light mayonnaise for ranch only saves 60 calories. But if you look at the big picture, choosing a less calorie bread and healthier condiments saves at least 100 calories and you could still save more than that by eliminating cheese. So when looking at the calorie differences they may not look like much but they add up and you’re actually cutting a lot of calories. It was an eye opening experience and made me start to pay attention more to all the healthier options on campus. Being in the medical field, majoring in Clinical Laboratory Science, making healthy options are very important to me. Clinical Lab Scientists are in very high demand already. If people continue to make unhealthy choices, and the obesity rate continues to rise, associated health issues and diseases will also rise. With the rise of health issues will come an increase in the demand for health professionals, such as Clinical Lab Scientists. Paige Bedinghaus

  32. Emily Keilholz Observing Burger King After observing unnecessary choices for unhealthy foods, and seeing how small things truly add up quickly, I now think more carefully about what I really want. Sometimes the foods that aren’t quite as healthy as others do sound tempting, and I realize that it is okay to have them sometimes, but having those everyday can not only add pounds onto your body, but increase your chances at different medical problems later in your life. Being in the AMIT field it is hard to work with people that are too big for MRI scanners. I surely do not wish to be in that position later down the road.

  33. Christine Louis A day at Panera I love eating at Panera; the food is always really yummy. Usually I’ll get the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad, but I took a closer look at what I was really putting into my body. As it turns out, the salad might be amazing for your taste buds, but it’s pretty bad for your body. It’s got half the amount of sodium that you’re supposed to consume in a day-not good. Over time better eating effects CLS because it means less rerunning tests for unhealthy patients. That means less unnecessary and stressful work for me. I looked at ways to make it a better choice and by taking out the cheese, substituting the dressing for a different one (or none at all, though that’s not very probable) then it drops a ton of calories. I also took a look at the other salads that they offer and the best choice is the classic salad. Last time I went to Panera, I ordered it (the half portion) with no dressing, took it home and put my own, healthier dressing on it and it was delicious!

  34. A packed lunch summary, Lindsey Miller I chose to do my slide on a packed lunch, because as a commuter I pack my lunch majority of the time. Packing a lunch can be healthy, but can also be just as bad a getting fast food. As one can tell through the power point slide one can cut calories in various ways. These range from the type of bread to choosing sugar free and reduced fat. Just because something is reduced fat, but not a reduction in calories doesn’t mean one can count it out. Reducing fats and sugar in the foods we eat is sometimes healthier than cutting calories. So instead of filling a lunch box with Twinkies and Lays potato chips, take time to think over and read over the labels on the foods. Even if you think you may still be hungry add some fruits and vegetables too. Cutting these calories now will help cut pounds later, and the little things add up. Our bodies deteriorate as we get older and the extra weight we add puts pressure on our joints causing them to wear out. Eventually this wear and tear will cause one to have to get their joints replaced sooner in life, leading them to me. As a physical therapist major I will have to help rehabilitate these patients to adjust to their new joint. All in all if one cuts calories now, they will not have to run into any surgery or physical therapists later.

  35. Kelsey Wineland Chipotle: Reflection Researching Chipotle food was interesting, to say the least. It waseye opening seeing how many calories I took in without even knowing. It is such a popular place and I’m sure nobody knows what they are really eating there. I definitely will now be more aware of what I put into my chicken bowl at Chipotle after doing this research. Having better options can affect my major, AMIT, because of the types of foods you are eating. For example: drinking pop when I go to chipotle instead of milk will cause bones to become fragile. When looking at a MRI of someone with hypocalcemia the bones are grayish and deteriorating. Also eating a diet high in fats will lead to a fatty liver and gall bladder issues. When looking at a Sonogram of someone with a bad gall bladder, it could have been caused by a fatty diet and not eating healthy.

  36. Reflection: Marketpoint Marketpoint offers plenty of healthy options, so it’s not difficult to pass up the large coke, or the cheesy salami sandwich and go for something like water, salad, or whole grain pasta instead. Through my research, I’ve learned that just by having water at every meal instead of a soda can cut 750 calories a day, making you lose 1.5 pounds weekly! Following a healthy lifestyle not only helps yourself, but helps others. When I become a physical therapist, the most difficult thing to deal with is going to be rehabilitation for an overweight patient. It becomes increasingly difficult for the patient to complete the required exercises leading to recovery, making it almost impossible for me to help them! Jessica Hadley

  37. Reflection, Erica Bennett I noticed how easy it is to eat unhealthily, but also how easy it is to make small changes that make a big difference in your health. I've been working on making a lot of better choices, like eating more salads and less pizza. These changes that I'm making will help me relate to those that I counsel as a nutritionist, as I try to help them make changes to improve their health status, such as hypertension, obesity, and hyperlipidemia. 

  38. My Day at Chick-Fil-A, Colleen Kelly The main thing I noticed about my Chick-fil-a meal was the extremely high number of calories there were. I was also shocked at the extremely high amount of sodium, even in just one pack of ketchup! Choosing a sandwich and a fruit cup is just as filling, if not more, so I won’t feel like I am sacrificing satisfaction to be healthier. My career goal is to either work as a MRI or nuclear medicine technician. After shadowing a technician it is obvious that working with larger patients is harder. In nuclear medicine the amount of radioactive agents you inject into your patients is based off of their weight, so the less they weigh the less agents we have to use. It is also difficult to work with larger patients. Transferring them from their wheelchairs to the imaging machines will be a lot more difficult if they weigh more. Simply eliminating eating Chick-fil-a once every two weeks it will eliminate 24,440 calories! That adds up to about 6.4 pounds

  39. What was learned As a University if we would put more thought into what we are eating we could make better choices while improving our health. As members of Health majors we believe that through proportions, moderations, and substitutions we can all live better lifestyles as a community.