W r a p w omen r eproduction a nd p olitics
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W.R.A.P W omen R eproduction A nd P olitics. Present by Anita Lam, Carol Tsang and Ann Hagan. Content . Women in Hong Kong Politics – Anita Women ’ s Political Participation in the United States and Hong Kong – Carol Sex Education in Hong Kong - Ann. Women in Hong Kong Politics .

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W r a p w omen r eproduction a nd p olitics


Present by Anita Lam, Carol Tsang and Ann Hagan


  • Women in Hong Kong Politics – Anita

  • Women’s Political Participation in the United States and Hong Kong – Carol

  • Sex Education in Hong Kong - Ann

Women in hong kong politics
Women in Hong Kong Politics

  • Political participation: formal or informal and direct or indirect

  • narrow-based: formal and direct (engagement in political party)

I general view in hk politics 2004
I. General View in HK Politics (2004)

  • Number of women in new principal officials = 2/14

  • Number of women in Legco = 11/60 (noted: Chairperson is a female)

  • Number of women in District Council = 99/527

2004 legislative council election
2004 Legislative Council Election

Female politicians (geographical constituency) received wide support

Eg Ms Audrey Eu and Emily Lau

  • Increase in number and importance of women in political activities

  • Yet, have problems in work, family and sex discrimination

Ii work
II. Work

  • Interviewees: Ms So and Ms Lung

  • Occupation: Full-time District Council members

  • District Council Services: members of different committees

  • Irregular working hours + lots of meetings

     Difficulty in balancing work and family life

Iii family
III. Family

  • Traditional belief: women stay at home and take care of the housework and children

  • Ms So: single, but feels stressful whenever her parents urge her to get married

  • Ms Lung: married, supportive husband and children but guilty for less time for her family

Iv sex discrimination
IV. Sex Discrimination

  • Low awareness of gender equality by the public

  • Unfavorable electoral arrangements

V future
V. Future

  • Fact: Male-dominance in Hong Kong politics

  • Yet, MORE well-educated women will actively join the political activities

    Eg. Voting, creating political groups

  • Brighter future for women

Women s political participation in the united states and hong kong
Women’s political participation in the United States and Hong Kong

  • How they represent themselves and the citizens in the civil society

  • Seven student interviews, interview with one HK female politician, AAF, FPAHK, the Mother’s Choice and two sociology professors

A limited political participation in both us or virginia and hk
A. Limited political participation in both US orVirginia and HK

  • Conservatism in the southern part of Virginia

  • Conservative Republican platform in some states in the US

  • On the whole Americans may not support the women to become a politician

  • Women in the New Territories may have limited representation

  • Education level of women

B politics is a gendered and men s game
B. Politics is a gendered and men’s game

  • Politics is dominated by men but in principles it is not a men’s game

  • Situation in the Boy’s Club

  • Women’s position in politics is strongly affected by historical changes

  • Both societies are changing

C more sacrifices
C. More sacrifices

  • People will vote for men in general in the US if they have little understanding of the issue

  • Women may run the risk of being discriminated if they act in an aggressive and masculine manner

  • Women who are curvaceous and sexy may be considered unprofessional

King mary ann pui wai and janet reno
King Mary Ann Pui-Wai and Janet Reno

D no woman wants to become a politician
D. No woman wants to become a politician

  • How to play the game

  • A restricted career

  • Compromising with her future spouse

  • Enhancing women’s participation in politics by educating themselves about the news and by voting

E women s politics sexuality and sex education
E. Women’s politics, sexuality and sex education

  • American and Hong Kong women face similar difficulties in their political career or participation

  • Women’s political position and their sexual rights

  • Are masculinity and aggressiveness the necessary qualities?

  • Women’s own identities

  • The importance of sex education

Field research
Field Research

  • W&M Students

  • HKU surveys

  • HKU student interview

  • Men, Women and Sex student interviews

  • AAF


  • Mother’s Choice

  • Dr. Anita Chan

  • Dr. Petula Ho

W r a p w omen r eproduction a nd p olitics

Why Sex Education?

  • Low, declining birth rate

  • Importance of Sex Education to Civil Society

  • Questions???







Student surveys
Student Surveys

  • Sex in Hong Kong

  • Local, Private, International School

  • Main Sources

  • Adjectives

    -exciting(3) -embarrassing(3)

    -necessary(3) -serious(2)

    -optimistic -shy(2)

    -interesting -lacking

    -excellent - nervous

    -good -doubtful

    -argumentative -exotic

    -essential -entertaining

    -anticipated -happy

    -educating -funny



Men women and sex
Men, Women, and Sex

  • Comprehensive course on sex, contraception, gender relations, equality, human rights, and sexual orientation

  • Lessons and Methods

  • Why did these students take this class?

  • Changes in opinions

W r a p w omen r eproduction a nd p olitics

Sex Education Organizations

  • Association for the Advancement of Feminism

  • Family Planning Association of HK

    -Definition of Sex Education

    -Frontline programs



  • Mother’s Choice


    -Confronting Myths


W r a p w omen r eproduction a nd p olitics

  • Dr. Anita Chan

  • -Men, Women, and Sex

  • -AAF member

  • -AAF group member of Sex Education Research

  • -Attitude towards sex

  • -Informed youth?

  • -Future for Sex Education

  • Dr. Petula Ho

  • -Negative Sex Education

  • -Why are people not having sex in HK?

  • -What is sex education?

  • -Condom Taboo

  • -Sex roles in society

Professor Interviews


  • Positive Changes, passionate leaders

  • Much more work to do

  • Internet and Media

  • Governmental interest in Sex Education

  • Progress of Civil Society