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The Danube Delta “Fauna Paradise” PowerPoint Presentation
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The Danube Delta “Fauna Paradise”

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The Danube Delta “Fauna Paradise” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Danube Delta “Fauna Paradise”. By Nathalia Gonzalez and Maylis Colin. Location and Directions. Located at the far Eastern corner of Romania’s Tulcea . In the Dobroja region, at the coast of the Black Sea and bordering Ukraine.

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the danube delta fauna paradise

The Danube Delta“Fauna Paradise”

By Nathalia Gonzalez and Maylis Colin

location and directions
Location and Directions
  • Located at the far Eastern corner of Romania’s Tulcea. In the Dobroja region, at the coast of the Black Sea and bordering Ukraine.
  • Take a train, bus, or taxi from Bucharest to Tulcea, which is 300 km and takes at least 4 hours.
  • To get to the Delta from Tulcea, take ferry services or a private motor boat. Popular routes are Tulcea-Sulina, Periprava, or SfantuGheorge. Going from Tulcea to the delta takes at minimum one hour.

45° Northern Latitude

29° Eastern Longitude

physical features and facts
Physical Features and Facts
  • The delta is where Romania’s Danube river splits, after 2,860 km, into 3 branches: Chilia, Sulina, and SfantuGheorge.
  • The Chilia extends for over 72 miles, the Sulina extends for 42 miles, and SfantuGheorgeestends for over 67 miles.
  • It is divided into 12 habitat types including wet meadows, dry meadows, muddy beaches, sand dunes, steep banks, forests, pastures, and more.
The Delta is surrounded by lakes Razelm, Sinoie, Zmeica, Golivita

Over 1000 species of plants, 90 species of fish, and over 312 species of birds.

Only people with a permit can enter the Biosphere Delta Reserve, which can be purchased for 10 Ron per person at hotels or travel agencies.

Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority34 A Portului Str.820243 TulceaRomania

  • Population of the Delta: 15000 people. Mostly blue-eyed and fishermen.

Small touristic villages surround the Danube delta’s branches. Some of these are ChiliaVeche, Periprava, Maliuc, Crisan, Mila 23, SfantuGheorge, Sulina and Uzlina.

The village’s populations are made up of Ukrainians, Russians, Lipovans, Bulgarians, Moldavans, Turks and Gagauz, a friendly people who fish, hunt, raise livestock, and harvest reeds.

climate and proper clothing
Climate and Proper Clothing
  • Continental Climate, influenced by its near sea location. It has increased pleasant humidity due to inland lakes and waterways.
  • Average rainfall: 18 inches yearly. Average temperature in July: 24° degrees Celsius. Always nice and enjoyable weather.
  • When visiting the Danube Delta in the summer bring summer clothes but also a sweater for the colder nights. Bring a change of clothes if you plan to go kayaking/ boating!


  • Restaurant Select is an elegant, eastern European restaurant located in Tulcea, a couple blocks away from the delta. It has a variety of different foods including fish, pizza, and tochituraDobrogeana (fried meat with a spicy sauce).
  • If you are looking for a lower key restaurant, Restaurant Central is the perfect place to go. It has beer, delicious pork and fish.
  • The villages inside the Delta, like Sulina and Maliuc, are very touristic, and locals tend to open their homes for tourists.
  • Hotels in Delta’s villages:

Mahmudia: 4 star hotel, Mon Jardin. Price range: 115-130 Ron

Crisan: Danube Delta Resort. Price range: 110-130 Ron

Maliuc: 2 star hotel, Salcia. Price range: 90-120 Ron

SfantuGheorge: 3 star hotel, Delta Marina . Price range: 115-130 Ron




Minibus: 1,5 Ron per person

Taxi: 10 Ron for 2 km

2 hour boat trip: 5o lei per person

Natural Science Museum:

15 lei per adult


Sulina beach is a great place to go with kids since the water only goes up waist high. It is located 2 km from Sulina and tourists often take a mini bus (1.5 ron).

Tourists can take 2 hour- 6 hour long boat trips around the beautiful delta from private boat operators in SfantuGheorge. Some popular tours include seeing where the Danube enters the Black Sea.

At the heart of Tulcea is the Danube Delta Natural Science Museum. It is very educational and displays over 200 species of rare and interesting aquatic creatures.

letea forest
Letea Forest
  • Letea is a vast forest situated in the Danube Delta.
  • It contains trees more than 500 years old, most of which are covered in a tropical plant named Periploca giving the forest its famous tropical look.
  • Letea contains numerous animal species such as the black bellied fox, boars, falcons and white-tailed eagles, but Letea forest is renowned for its famous wild horses.
  • The horses are among the last wild horses living in large herds on the European continent.
bird watching
Bird Watching

Nature lovers will enjoy exploring the beautiful fauna of the Delta and it’s rare species of birds, fish, and mammals.

You can take a 12 day bird watching tour , hosted by Birding Paltours. They will take you from Bucharest and cross Sinaia, Brasov, Bran, and finally reach Tulcea.

In this trip you will be able to see over 330 different bird species. These include a variety of pelicans, falcons, eagles, and many more.

You will be allowed to roam freely, seeing more than just birds. The delta’s fish are also extraordinary, its largest catfish weighing over 400 kg!

other activities in the delta
Other Activities in the Delta
  • The annual Anominul International Independent film festival is held near SfantuGheorge every Summer. During the day films are projected in the Green Village cinemas with invitation entrance only, but starting from 9:45 p.m. all entrances are free!
  • Murighiol, now a traditional fishing

village is home to the ruins of an

ancient Roman city called Halmyris.

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